Trumpy the Conspiracy Clown Embraces Birtherism and QAnon

Of all the ways that Donald Trump has defiled the office of the presidency, among the most disturbing is his mainstreaming of conspiracy theories and the freak jobs who promote them. He frequently expresses his concurrence with bizarre and fantastical concoctions that range from cannibal child sex trafficking to staged mass murders.

Donald Trump, Pennywise

On Friday Trump held another in a series of reelection campaign events that he thries to pretend are press conferences (which the media really needs to stop covering). And in this episode of the reality TV president’s lie-fest, he was asked directly if he agrees with Republican congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, who openly supports the QAnon conspiracy cult. Trump replied…

“She did very well in the election. She won by a lot. She’s very popular… She had a tremendous victory. And so absolutely. I did congratulate her.”

And there you have it. Trump “absolutely” agrees with QAnon. And to prove it, he reiterated his support for the QAnon candidate. This is an unambiguous embrace of what the FBI warned is a domestic terrorism threat.”

This “press conference” waded into uncharted waters for other reasons as well. Trump was asked a question by Fox News corespondent John Roberts about his purposeful dismantling of the Postal Service. Trump ignored the question and launched into an ad hominem attack on Democrats. Then he called on a “reporter” from the ultra-wingnut Gateway Pundit website. Trump’s press briefing room regularly hosts such fakers, including a “reporter” from One America News Network (OANN). They are not members of the White House Press Corps, and are only there by special invitation of the press secretary.

The press avail lasted a total of nineteen minutes. He spent the first ten minutes dryly reading data from a prepared text, most of which was riddled with provable lies. The question period consumed only nine minutes. This abbreviated affair is further proof that Trump’s fear is overwhelming his obsession for attention.

During yesterday’s session, Trump was asked if he regrets all the lying he’s done to the American people. He didn’t even have the fortitude to deny that he’s a liar. He simply pretended the question wasn’t asked and moved on.

Trump was also asked (by the OANN shill) about a ludicrous allegation that Kamala Harris isn’t eligible to run for vice-president because her parents were immigrants. Trump actually muddied that up into a false assertion that she wasn’t born in the U.S. Of course, Harris was born in Oakland, California, and her parents immigration status (which was legal) has nothing to do with candidacy eligibility.

Trump’s reintroduction of birtherism into the campaign, and his adoption of the criminal QAnon garbage, is evidence of how far he has strayed from any semblance of coherent political discourse. He is so scared of his imminent defeat – and the legal jeopardy that will follow – that he’s bursting at the seams of sanity. And the American people can see it.

What’s worse is that his Republican confederates are either silent or supportive of his dangerous derangement. And as frightening as all of this is, it is still bound to get worse before November third. So buckle your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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2 thoughts on “Trumpy the Conspiracy Clown Embraces Birtherism and QAnon

  1. The silence of his fellow Rethuglicans IS evidence of their ongoing support!
    With their silence, they support the very worst thing to happen to the Oval Office & our USA!
    They remain silent (& currently on yet another vacay with important business left undone for at least the next month!) & will wait to see if Trump’s/GOP’s bullshit tactics succeed in keeping him in office for 4 more yrs. If a miracle of God occurs & Trump is OUT in Jan. 2021, then Rethugs will claim they weren’t hand-in-hand with Trump & didn’t like what he did. If Trump remains by cheating in every way ever thought of, they will continue to betray us & support the tyranny & authoritarianism of Trump Regime.

    Fight back against tyranny!
    Vote them ALL OUT in Nov!!!
    Democracy is NOT a spectator sport! VOTE! It may be your last chance to do so.

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