Trump’s Egomaniacal Plot to Upstage the Democratic Convention

There is nothing that irritates Donald Trump more than when he is not the center of attention. His malignant narcissism kicks in bigly if something in the news cycle is deemed more important than his promulgation of lies, undeserved boasts, infantile insults, or relentless hostility and petulant whining. After all, this is the man-baby who once bragged that he is “the most fabulous whiner.”

Donald Trump, Subway

The Democratic National Convention will begin on Monday, August 17, and run until Thursday August 20. This is the quadrennial event where the Party’s nominee is officially designated and the campaign’s themes are rolled out as the election season gears up for the last lap to Election Day. Ordinarily, both parties suspend their political activities during their opponents’ convention. It’s a courtesy that allows each to present their best case to the American people without belligerent interruptions.

Of course, nothing about the Dystopian Era of Trump is ordinary. And his arrogance and vanity won’t allow him to shut his mouth for a few days to honor the respectful traditions of a functional democracy. Trump is succumbing to his unique brand of snotty conceit with the announcement that he intends to spend his time during the Democratic convention heckling them and otherwise making an ass of himself. USA Today reports that

“President Donald Trump will hit the road next week while Democrats rally around Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris during the Democratic National Convention. […] A week-long series of events will include a visit to the city where Biden was born — Scranton, Pennsylvania — on Thursday, Aug. 20, the same day the former vice president is scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech.”

Trump has a long history of trying to manipulate the media to upstage Democrats or grab attention for himself from whatever else the press deems newsworthy. He has been doing this at least as far back as the Republican presidential primaries in 2016, Trump bowed out of a Fox News debate because he was afraid to face moderator Megyn Kelly. Then he scheduled his own media event at the same time, pretending it was a benefit for veterans. However, he later lied about and failed to disburse the funds he raised until after he was caught by the press.

More recently, Trump tried to upstage the first joint appearance of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by scheduling another of his pointless coronavirus briefings (which the media should not be covering at all). And today Trump attempted to grab the spotlight again by announcing a phony “peace” agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Trump even employs this tactic by saying something outrageous and despicable to deflect the outrageous and despicable thing he said the day before.

If Trump goes through with this cynical and self-serving charade during the Democratic convention, Democrats need to reciprocate during Trump’s Republican convention the following week. They should schedule newsmaking affairs during Trump’s most engaging events. Which should be easy to counter-program considering that the GOP’s speakers are likely to be less than compelling. They haven’t released a list yet, but in 2016 they featured such luminaries as Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, has-been Scott Baio, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz.

If Democrats place Barack Obama’s first public appearance with the Biden/Harris ticket during Trump’s acceptance speech on the 27th, how many people do you think will be watching Trump? We already know what he’s going to say: Democrats are radical leftists who want open borders, crime in the streets, gun confiscation, and Satan worship.

Plus, Democrats will give healthcare to all citizens, pursue racial justice, seek income equality through fair taxation and corporate responsibility, and reverse the perils of climate change. Oh wait, those are all things that the American people favor overwhelmingly. Along with restoring America’s reputation internationally, and taking steps to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

So bring it on, Don. The American people already despise you. Trump has never reached 50% in approval polling, a feat that no other president can claim. He is currently losing to Biden in every national poll, as well as in most polls of the crucial swing states. His desperate antics are not likely to rescue his floundering campaign now. All he has left is cheating and Russia. But those are indeed serious threats and Democrats need to be vigilant and determined to overcome them. While things are looking pretty good for Biden and the Democrats, this is not the time to stand down.

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Egomaniacal Plot to Upstage the Democratic Convention

  1. I’m hoping the media doesn’t give Trump any coverage during the Democratic National Convention. He has nothing new to say — same old lies and distortions every day — so, unless there’s some major catastrophe, don’t cover him. Fox & OANN can get all the “exclusives” during that time period. I’d love to be able to watch TV or go on the internet and not see his ugly mug for a few days. I know that’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream.

    • I know how you feel. Have you ever seen such an attention Hog in all of your life? He makes me literally sick to my stomach. Every single day we have to flip through channels to get away from droning monotone insincere voice.

  2. If it wasn’t for the Faux News Network he wouldn’t even be above 29%, however, he has outdone himself by attacking the US Post Office. The pretendent’s appointee to Secretary of the Postal Service has removed the automatic mail sorters in Iowa to further let the mail be delayed, and the mail is stacking up, and the same thing may happen in more states. This is an attack on the United States itself. Almost all of us depend upon the US Mail for deliveries of some sort whether it be bills, package delivery, receiving medicine, etc. The orange tweeter has even declared the Postal Service a left wing organization and that is so very, very wrong. Everyone needs to rise up and let their Senators and Representatives know how angry they are about this impossible and disastrous situation.

  3. I’ve been saying for years that the best way to drive Trump even further over the edge is to have an all-media news boycott of mentioning him or any of his doings for at least a day; the DNC would be the perfect opportunity. Trump is such an attention whore that being ignored would infuriate him beyond all measures of insanity.

  4. I am 100% behind the idea of Dems reciprocating Trump’s bullshit attention-grabbing ploys during Democratic Convention! I am by nature, very polite person who’d never try to upstage anyone; HOWEVER, I am so puking sick of Trump/GOP childish antics at every turn & having NO CLASS, NO RESPECT & NO CIVILITY whatsoever!
    I’m equally sick of Dems doing nothing to fight back! I am NOT saying to START some shit, as that would be lowering oneself to his infantile acts, but it is high time to STOP doing nothing at all. TIME TO FIGHT BACK! Why make it so easy for him & no repercussions? It seems only 2 choices in the U.S. ~ 1.) The Party of bigoted, rich, selfish, assholes who lie, cheat & steal from the poor with no sense of shame…or…2.) Party of “woosies & weaklings”, who don’t stand up & fight back; who may speak harsh words, or send a stern letter, but then they always back down, give-in, acquiesce (ever so politely) ~ letting the ‘bad nasties’ have things their way. WTF?!!
    It’s 1 thing to lose a battle, but at least show up ready to go down fighting!

    Democratic Party members, repeat after me:
    “I am NOT a doormat! Wipe your feet somewhere else!” (Repeat 10x, or until it becomes a part of you!)

  5. Founder, not flounder.
    Pls try to get this correct.

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