Wannabe Dictator Trump Orders AG Barr to Prosecute Clinton for Following the Rules

It’s always to easy to see when Donald Trump is freaking out over some perceived slight or the unforgivable offense of someone daring to tell the truth about him. If he were a poker player his “tell” would be throwing a tantrum and overturning the table. He has the emotional response mechanism of a four year old, if that.

Donald Trump, Bill Barr

On Monday morning Trump overturned the figurative table in a frantic tweetstorm that was clearly intended to deflect from some of the more serious news stories of the past week. For instance, Bob Woodward’s new book, Rage, exposed Trump for having known just how deadly the coronavirus is, but lying about it to the American people. An article in The Atlantic revealed Trump’s disregard for America’s war dead as “losers” and “suckers.” And his polling versus Joe Biden continues to decline, as does his fundraising.

Consequently, Trump needed a distraction to avoid having to deal with these problems. So he reached back into his bag of golden oldies and pulled out a moldy conspiracy theory regarding cell phones used by Hillary Clinton and others in the Obama administration. The nightmare tale that Trump unfolded suggests that these folks conspired to hide damning evidence of some imaginary crimes by deleting the contents of their phones before returning them to the government inventory. Trump posted eight tweets on this subject. The substance of his commentary consisted of profound remarks like “Action must be taken!,” and “DOJ?,” and this classic that also trivializes a threat to lynch a black NASCAR driver:

Trump has tweeted and spoken about these bogus allegations dozens of times in recent weeks. And he has been helped by Sean Hannity of Fox News, who hosted Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, Friday night to disseminate the same falsehoods (video below).

There is, however, absolutely no credibility to these charges. In fact, Clinton, and every other government employee, are actually required to wipe the contents off of their phones and other electronic devices, or physically destroy them, as a security precaution to prevent confidential information from being exposed. A State Department official explained this directive to Wired Magazine in 2016, saying that…

“‘…department security policies mandate that all electronic devices are cleared of sensitive or classified information prior to reuse or disposal.’ Some devices are wiped and reused, in other words, while others are destroyed as part of the recycling process.”

So Trump’s purported scandal is that Clinton et al are following the rules. Nevertheless, Trump is improperly pressuring his Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr to “take action” against his political foes. And all because of this fictional “crime” that is really just another example of Trump’s flaming ignorance of the government that he pretends to lead. And Barr is likely to follow those orders, just as he has with regard to dropping charges against Michael Flynn, and siccing his “special” prosecutor on Joe Biden. Fortunately, the American people are not falling for it, and Trump is just digging himself into an ever deeper hole.

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One thought on “Wannabe Dictator Trump Orders AG Barr to Prosecute Clinton for Following the Rules

  1. I’m sure that when this topic was 1st raised by Trump, against Hillary in 2016, they explained the reality to Trump, of it being necessary to wipe, or destroy, those phones & why. Guess he forgets alot of these things whenever convenient to do so!?!
    “Hillary’s emails” were also much ado about nothing…but by then damage was done cuz’ some voters rather believe crap spewed from a liar’s mouth than to check it out 1st.
    We actually HAVE A JUSTICE DEPT. RULE to prevent last minute DIRTY TRICKS right before elections. It’s known as the “60 day rule” & is from good ol’ days, when Justice Dept + rest of us, demanded FAIR elections & we didn’t tolerate the ‘phony dirt’ & the cheating (tends to be a GOP thing) that now, people seem to accept as being ‘normal’ politics.
    It AIN’T normal folks!! Elections are serious shit ~ not a “pick-up game” of basketball. Look how many people are DEAD due to results of 2016 election! And yes, I CAN say that… Cuz’ EVEN IF Hillary had handled virus pandemic the same way Trump did ~ no way in hell her Party would’ve been silent, backing HER up! And, GOP makes “federal case” out of FAR LESS when any Dem so much as ‘wears a tan suit’!! So, elections can have deadly consequences. It behooves voters in this political climate to use their critical thinking skills, if they still have any left.
    We are about 6wks from an election in which GOP is “pulling out all the stops” to re-elect a man who NEVER should be anywhere near the pinnacle of power that is the Oval Office. A *resident who threatens that he WON’T leave peacefully if he loses & who suggests that his voters should try to vote twice (a felony)! A man willing to DESTROY our U.S. Postal Service in order to stay in office! A man who calls upon racist, right-wing militia groups to create chaos & violence on his behalf! (Praises them as heroes, which they are NOT!)
    Safe to say, from this & more that we’ve seen Trump willing to do, that he is NOT DONE screwing with this election! No “60 day rule” will stop him, or AG Barr, from doing ANYTHING they can to TAKE this election! Neither of them think ANY rules apply to “them” …& so far, they’ve been right. Have gotten away with many things that would’ve ENDED any other presidency. (And should have!)
    So, “expect the unexpected” folks.
    Vote! Vote smart! Vote early & securely, if you can ~ but just make sure you get out & VOTE!! (Just once, please!)
    Doesn’t 4yrs of normalcy & civility sound good right about now?!? Does to me!

    A helpful hint:
    If a “shocking revelation” about opponent is revealed at the very last minute, no real proof — good chance it’s BS!! If voters didn’t fall for that sh*t from ‘those friendly folks at GOP’, it sure would help.


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