Crybaby Trump Whines that ‘They Are Finding Biden Votes All Over the Place’

The emotional despair that is engulfing Donald Trump is escalating as the likely reality of his loss to Joe Biden becomes clearer. He probably knew on Tuesday morning judging by the unmistakable tone of defeat in his voice during a phone-in interview on Fox News. But that sense of desperation has only gotten worse as election results continue to trickle in.

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As expected, Trump is engaging in a blatant disinformation campaign in an attempt to steal the election. Unfortunately for him, his yowling has no impact on the tabulation of the votes or the outcome of the race. It is just the annoying squeal of a sore loser who has run out of options. Even some of his Republican confederates are repulsed by his authoritarian style hijacking of the election. They include Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, and even Chris Wallace of Fox News.

With each new release of vote counts, it’s more apparent that Biden will not only prevail in the electoral college, but he received more votes than any presidential candidate in history. The remaining votes to be counted are predominantly absentee and mail-in ballots that skew heavily toward Biden. That’s because Democrats encouraged voting by mail while Trump falsely maligned it as rife with fraud. What’s more, the delay in counting is directly attributable to the malfeasance of the Trump administration and their corruption of the Postal Service.

So Trump’s whining is both dishonest and purposefully disruptive since he’s responsible for the delay that he’s complaining about. If you poison the wine, you can’t bitch about it making you sick. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump took to Twitter to plead his baseless and unsupportable case:

That, of course, was last night and more votes have been counted since then. Trump is having trouble understanding that concept. Furthermore, his lead didn’t “magically disappear” and there were no “surprise ballot dumps.” The votes being counted were cast before election day and everyone knew they were going to be processed. But that didn’t stop Trump from griping…

As noted above, it’s obvious why these votes lean toward Biden. They are mail-in ballots that Trump convinced his supporters to avoid. He seems to be the only one who fails to grasp that simple fact. And it’s driving him crazy as he regards it as “destructive,” while the majority of Americans are thrilled and relieved. But Trump continued…

If “they” are “finding Biden votes all over the place,” then what is Trump’s reason for not counting them? His warped view that it’s “bad for our Country” is not a valid legal argument to subvert democracy. And finally (so far)…

Actually, no one is working hard to make Trump’s alleged advantage disappear. They are working hard to count valid votes that just happen to be for Joe Biden. And 500,000 is not a difficult deficit to overcome since there are more than 1.5 million outstand ballots in Pennsylvania from bright blue districts.

Despite the simplicity of the explanations for what is occurring in the aftermath of this election, Trump is intellectually and emotionally incapable of understanding them. And he is focused intently on his own interests and subduing the ferocious fear that is consuming him. He knows that his loss will place him in legal jeopardy and deprive him of the financial windfall he has been extorting from the public till. So expect more of this mindless ranting until well after final counts are announced. The “most fabulous whiner” (as Trump calls himself) plans to live up to that reputation.

NOTE: Two of Trump’s tweets above were flagged by Twitter as “misleading.” These are just the latest out of many that have been so flagged. That says something about Trump’s aversion to the truth. Yet Trump gets to continue tweeting his lies. [UPDATE: By the end of the day Trump had six tweets flagged as “misleading.”]

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7 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump Whines that ‘They Are Finding Biden Votes All Over the Place’

  1. No one wants to buy or drink his Kool-Aid! The orange tweeter is the kiss of death and the media isn’t fake, he is.

  2. As ever, the TyrantLickers get away with their bullpuckey, which Twitter is permitting, but one objection FROM a TyrantLicker is enough to get US banned.

    The Constitution’s right of free speech does NOT just belong to TyrantLickers!!

  3. Will tweet the link ASAFP. Here in Aus, last night, when TrumpetArse addressed the nation at 2.20 US time, we noticed he’d reverted to the same brain-wash he used in 2016. Speaking quietly and in a mature and adult manner. He thought he’d won. He thought it was a landslide for him. And it isn’t. A fiver says this is the first time in his entire life – literally – he’s been told, “No, Donald. You may not have that giant cookie with the label ‘United States of America’ on it.” He had his turn – he misused it as a spoilt brat cries for toys that he immediately breaks. We sincerely hope that Mr Biden’s first act as President is 1. Arrest TrumpetArse and launch an immediate investigation into his tax and other financial affairs. As a bonus, he won’t then be able to leak information to other nations; and 2. Get busy on an amendment to the Constitution that makes it compulsory for a Presidential candidate to undergo complete physical and mental health checks before being permitted to run.

    • Both 1 & 2 are good solid plans Jo, but, sadly, it looks like the Senate will remain firmly in Mitch McConnell’s corrupt hands, thereby allowing him to do to Biden precisely what he did to Obama: block his every move. Hopefully, Biden will have a sympathetic House, but the true power rests with all those weak, greedy, cowardly Republican senators who so willingly obey McConnell’s commands. Biden will certainly appoint a new, honest Attorney General, who will start to reform the Barr-corrupted DoJ, then go after the many criminals within Trumpland, but it will take time. Watch for the Senate to block his nominees for leadership of key govt departments, after he turfs out the Trump lackeys. Biden will even have to wage war with that same Senate to appoint new Supreme Court justices, to counter-balance the packing with rightwingers done by Trump/McConnell. Difficult days ahead for Joe & for a nation longing for relief.

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