America Has Rejected Trump Bigly and He’s Freaking Out

It’s been two days since election day and several states are continuing to count ballots that were properly cast prior to that day. Contrary to the maniacal ravings of a frantic and desperate Donald Trump, there is no voting in progress, just vote counting. Nevertheless, Trump is aggravating his bone spurs by running around like a greased pig and making ludicrous allegations and demands.

Donald Trump Walking the Plank

On Thursday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine to blast out (twice) an all-caps demand to STOP THE COUNT! That’s an interesting position for him to take considering that A) He has no authority to issue such a demand, and B) If he got his way that would mean that Joe Biden has won. Biden’s current tally of electoral votes is sitting at 270 right now. So ironically, Trump needs the count to continue if he has any hope of being reelected.

Regardless of Trump’s bombastic babbling, there is an undeniable truth that he is furiously trying to avoid for the sake of his fragile ego. The American people have spoken and have clearly stated that they want Trump to get the heck out of their White House. More people have voted for Biden than any other presidential candidate in history. The popular vote margin in favor of Biden is already over 3.5 million. So despite the pending status of the outdated and undemocratic Electoral College, the people have – for the second time – rejected Trump in a big way.

That, however, hasn’t stopped Trump from ranting wildly on Twitter. Along with his impotent order to stop counting votes, Trump has declared that…

Once again, that’s not a determination that Trump has any authority to make. This has already been litigated up to the Supreme Court where it was decided that votes sent before election day, but received after, can be still counted. Trump wants to throw out valid ballots because he knows that he’s losing and his only path to victory is to cheat through either suppressing the vote or filing frivolous lawsuits. With regard to the latter, Trump tweeted that…

Consistent with Trump’s history of flagrant and frequent lying, he offers no proof whatsoever for his assertion of voter fraud. His reliance on the media for affirmation is a bizarre dodge considering his long held opinion that they are “the enemy of the people.” But he says that they have “Plenty of proof” of his imaginary fraud. However, if you take his advice and check that out, you won’t find any such evidence. Unless you’re looking at disreputable outfits like Breitbart, the Gateway Pundit, OANN, or Fox News.

Three of Trump’s Thursday tweets (so far) have been flagged by Twitter as “misleading.” That adds to the six tweets from Wednesday that were also flagged. He is basically producing a steady stream of dishonest propaganda in order to salvage the wreckage of his failed campaign.

To be sure, there are disappointments for Democrats who hoped to have won the majority in the Senate (for which there is still a narrow window) and flipped some more state legislatures. But the verdict on Trump is unmistakable. He is broadly disliked and even hated. He has never been a popular president. His approval rating has never hit fifty percent in four years.

Now this election confirms that the American people are sick and tired of his hostility, dishonesty, ignorance, incompetence, and infantile, self-serving behavior. It remains to be seen if the Electoral College results will provide the relief that the people seek. Current returns suggest that it will. But no matter how much he bellows, Trump can’t change the fact that he is unwanted, except by some law enforcement agencies that are investigating his criminal activities.

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be permanently suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. Meanwhile, Trump repeatedly violates Twitters rules and is slapped on the wrist with a “flag.”

The notice received had no reply address and provided no way to appeal. They just bounced bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free. Thanks for your support.

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10 thoughts on “America Has Rejected Trump Bigly and He’s Freaking Out

  1. I have far too often been suspended or at least temporarily banned from Twitter, and it has NEVER identified exactly what was the cause of the suspension. On RARE occasions does it essentially say, “We don’t like this post; remove it and we will let you back on in 48 hours.” But it is far more likely Twitter will just suspend without warning, and any attempts to appeal this suspension will be met with what amounts to “F*ck you.”

    This has been my major complaint with Twitter: Twitter is far too quick to act against YOU, while the Tyrant Worshipers get away with ALL of their bullshyt. Especially, their Beloved God, who breaks Twitter’s rules repeatedly but gets a bye because he’s a “world leader.” Tyrant and his worshipers get a slap on the wrist, true, but it’s the type of slap that Joe Besser would give you.

    And even with such a token response, Tyrant will whine about it, even though those he considers The Enemy (i.e., those who will never worship him) will get far worse. Both from Tyrant AND from Twitter.

    I remember reading about a Twitter user who created an account solely to repeat Tyrant’s tweets verbatim [noting his reasoning for doing so]. And he got suspended within a week. While Tyrant continues to spew his bull. That is NOT fair.

    • It’s weird. On one hand it’s understandable that a world leader would be allowed to keep his account. On the other hand, lies by a world leader would be potentially far more harmful than anything someone like I could cause. So how is Twitter serving the public interest?

    • Is serving the pubic interest one of twitter’s stated goals? System keeps bouncing this comment. Tine t cancel NC incoming?

  2. Is serving the pubic interest one of twitter’s stated goals?

  3. Well, only 4 tries to get this one published. Time to quit the computer maybe????

    • Well, 3 of them posted. I think you just need to be more patient. šŸ˜‰

  4. “Twitter” is for people who are desperate for attention, believing if they do not Tweet, everyone else in the World may worry about their 2 cent opinion.

  5. “Twitter” is now only for predatory Right-wing anti-Americans. It Banned the Site I go to for Corpse News! That can not stand, if it has a FCC License from our Government and is pro-Trumpf.

  6. wish i could. i’m in twitter jail too.

    • My condolences.

      On the bright side, I find I suddenly have a lot more free time.

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