Trump Plans to ‘Wreck Fox News’ For Not Worshiping Him Enough

One of the most persistent patterns of behavior by Donald Trump is his knee-jerk reaction to anyone or anything that fails to show him unflinching adoration at all times. Trump can be relied on to launch a barrage of vicious and vengeful assaults in the wake of what he considers betrayal, even if it’s a trivial and temporary lapse in the observance of reality.

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Trump spent Thursday morning working hard at what he considers to be his most pressing presidential duties: posting hostile and incoherent tweets aimed at the paranoid parade of his perceived enemies. On this particular morning it was Fox News that was the subject of Trump’s ire (and not for the first time). He retweeted more than a dozen messages by random Twitter bots blasting Fox News and insisting that it was either untruthful, corrupt, or dead, and that they would never watch it again.

Following that Trump tweeted his own opinion that focused on Fox’s tumbling ratings and his narcissistic illusions of grandeur:

It’s telling that Trump believes that Fox News is obligated to promote him in a purely positive fashion at all times because he is, in his own mind, their “Golden Goose,” and the sole reason for their success. Never mind that Fox has been at the top of the cable news food chain since 2002, two years before The Apprentice aired, when he was just a failed proprietor of bankrupt casinos trying to sell the rights to his name for other developers to plaster onto their buildings.

Trump is also blaming his election loss on Fox News, citing the differences between how they covered him in 2016 (when they rapturously covered his every public utterance live and uninterrupted) and 2020 (when they employed a bit more discretion by only covering almost every public utterance). Throughout his presidency and the election campaign, Fox News was faithful to their Dear Leader, lavishing him with praise, while lambasting his critics.

Trump was nevertheless perturbed at Fox because they would occasionally interview a Democrat or allow a Democratic commentator to tell the truth about him. He also whined about Fox’s polling that often – and correctly – found him to be losing to Joe Biden. And now his anger at Fox is being channeled into a new media venture. As reported by Axios, “Trump is considering a digital media channel that would stream online.” And his intentions are not limited to the business aspects of this:

“‘He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,’ said a source with detailed knowledge of Trump’s intentions.”

That’s right. Trump is acting out his revenge on the network that put him in the White House. Now Fox is just another one of the former Trump allies that fell out of favor with him and is therefore subject to his bitter wrath. But don’t mistake this for mere spite for perceived wrongs. This is also Trump’s marketing plan. He needs to diminish Fox News if he ever hopes to prevail over them. So he’s launching this scorched earth campaign to soften up the wingnut TV audience and prepare them for Trump’s debut.

What’s more, Trump’s efforts to contest the results of the election are all likely a part of the same marketing plan. By pushing hard on accusations that the election was stolen from him, and the need to fight back, Trump is keeping his fundraising operation humming. And it will not surprise anyone when most of those funds make their way into his new media startup. Similarly, his rallies, past and future, are not just opportunities to lap up the adoration of his cult followers. They are also useful in building contact lists (email and cell phones) that he can use to launch Trump TV.

In the end, all of these efforts are only likely produce the next Trump bankruptcy. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to launch a new network. And Trump doesn’t have either the work ethic or the money to do it. Furthermore, it is unlikely that he could sustain an audience for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is only so much that people can take of him and his trademark belligerence, childish insults, and relentless whining. And as an ex-president – and a loser – he won’t have the draw that the presidency conveys.

However, any project that pits Trump against Fox News is bound to have some entertainment value for America’s liberals and Democrats. It should be fun to see them go after each other in a war that is certain to be harmful to both. So stock up on popcorn and get ready to binge on a bizarre reality show that promises to be even more bizarre than anything Borat could dream up.

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15 thoughts on “Trump Plans to ‘Wreck Fox News’ For Not Worshiping Him Enough

  1. “One of the most persistent patterns of behavior by Donald Trump is his knee-jerk reaction to anyone or anything that fails to show him unflinching adoration at all times.” The only issue I have is that you left out ‘unquestioning’ – goes between ‘unflinching’ and ‘adoration’.
    ‘Struth, if a kid behaved like this the parents would have its daks down and its arse paddled til it really had something to scream about.
    You are still persona non grata on Twitter? Happy to post this if so.

    • Definitely unquestioning. Even worse, they actively back up even Trump’s most ludicrous statements and actions.

      And yeah, I’m still suspended on Twitter. so feel free to post. Post links to this (and other) articles as replies to Trump’s tweets. They get a lot of exposure that way. Thanks.

      • Cheers, have done. As Stephen King, that most respected novelist and HorrorMeister says to Trump’s sheeple, “Stop enabling the King Baby’. How anyone can remotely believe in TrumpyBum is mind-buggering. It must take a real serious amount of mental gymnastics and double-think. The alleged POTUS on social media, blatting about FoxNews ratings are dropping because they aren’t singing Hosannah to him now? I can see a lot wrong with this picture, so what’s eluding his followers?

        • I am disgusted at Twitter’s blatant bullshit bias without reason, nor providing any real explanation to you foe suspension. Seems like 1 more Twittwr attempt to stifle free soeech, while claiming it matters so much to them when it comes to Trump & other RW crazies.
          You must be “nailing it” too closely for someone’s comfort zone. So many people HATE THE TRUTH these days…not good people, just liars & bad, bad men in high places.
          I don’t Twitter, but may start, just so I can then blast them & BOYCOTT THEM for their 2-faced ethics when it comes to our freedom to hear TRUTHS, cleverly written, as by you! Yet, that blathering, bullshit, orange-faced Liar-in chief is able to tweet a presidency FULL OF BS, all day, every day, without a word of truth or reality, to millions of idiots who believe it all & bigfest idiot of all – Twitter – who has the audacity to call themselves unbiased form of our tight to free speech! The 1-way lies & crap atracks of an unhinged president-pretender who dares not speak to public thru press briefings where ge may get confronted about his nevwr-ending lies must not be allowed, by law we must now write for future LIAR & BULLY WH occupants acting as if
          it’s presidential to provide only lies & attacks, without facing those he lies to & actually works for…US.

          • To give Twitter its due, a lot of his posts are flagged as disputed or taken down and Twitterers can view and retweet if they want to reply. But I do believe if an account is being suspended then they should say WHY. And I must say, it’s a great place to sound off and say things to TrumpyBum or anyone else you wouldn’t be able to ever say face to face. And it’s also a bit surprising to see who is cheering for him in the world of celebrity, and who is NOT cheering for him. There’s some fabulous comics and jokes at Trumpy’s expense, very talented stuff. And what he posts is definitely good for a laugh.

            • My main complaint is that Twitter is too quick to act against US, but very hesitant to act against the Tyrant Worshipers. It takes ONE complaint from a Tyrant Worshiper to get US suspended from Twitter, yet we make multiple complaints about the Tyrant Worshipers, and Twitter doesn’t do a thing.

              And when they do, as I’ve said before, it’s a slap on the wrist like Joe Besser would have done. “Go forth and sin no more!” And they promptly do so.

              All Twitter is doing is just put a simple label that most Tyrant Worshipers simply ignore because they still see what they WANT to see. Only TrumpleThinSkin will notice these things — and, even though it means absolutely diddly squat, he will ALWAYS interpret this as a personal attack on HIM and demand his Worshipers abandon Twitter for Parler. And they do.

              Yet another example of Tyrant’s quick, unthinking action when he is NOT met with the undying praise and worship he demands at all times. It is how he ALWAYS reacts.

              Parler Bullshyt & Lies [a play on Buster Keaton’s film Parlor Bedroom & Bath]. That’s all the Tyrant Worshipers want, and that’s all they get. And Twitter is all to happy to just sit back and twiddle its thumbs, figuring they’ve already acted in the public good. Hint: they have NOT.

          • So you’re gonna sign up to Twitter *and then* boycott them? How exactly is that effective in any regard? That’s a first. I cannot think of a single relative metaphor of simile to apply to such a less than flimsy tactic.

            • His tactics are his. Trump has done enough dividing over the last five years, so let’s agree not to perpetuate it here.
              Suggestion to Sunny B. Join Twitter and post links to the latest NewsCorpse items in response to Trump’s twits or wherever you think is a good idea. Mark C does suggest in response to Trump’s twitterings. Good luck!

            • sorry ~ should have put snark symbol on that…being snarky.
              I am pissed at Twitter tho!

  2. Eventually Trump turns on everyone. He expects complete loyalty to him but has no loyalty to anyone. If he does this it will be interesting to see where Hannity the manatee does?

  3. Must be tougg to twiddle their thumbs with ’em so far up their ass…

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