IT’S A CULT! Poll Shows Republicans Trust Trump More Than Their Own Pastor

To those Americans who have not been indoctrinated into the Cult of Donald Trump, His appeal is bewildering. He is neither handsome nor intelligent. He speaks at a third grade level. And his emotional response to criticism is even lower. When he isn’t whining petulantly (a sign of weakness), he’s inciting violence. And he has a mortal fear of facts, as demonstrated by his award winning litany of lies.

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Donald Trump Messiah

That said, Trump’s feeble-minded cult devotees are thoroughly engulfed in his bizarre babblings. They have bought his wild assertions that he won the presidential election by a landslide, despite the absence of even a shred of evidence. His having lost nearly sixty lawsuits – many before Republican-appointed judges – doesn’t diminish their glassy-eyed reverence for Dear Leader. They are totally on board with his downplaying of the Coronavirus pandemic, even after the deaths of more than 330,000 of their fellow citizens, and over two million infected. They believe his every boast of abilities superior to those of recognized experts in the military, medicine, economics, and whatever else happens to wander through his sickly thoughts.

A new poll by NPR/Ipsos reaffirms what many have already acknowledged are cult-like attitudes that permeate Trump’s superfan base. The poll found that “A significant number of Americans believe misinformation […] as well as conspiracy theories like QAnon”:

“Forty percent of respondents said they believe the coronavirus was made in a lab in China even though there is no evidence for this. […]

“And one-third of Americans believe that voter fraud helped Joe Biden win the 2020 election, despite the fact that courts, election officials and the Justice Department have found no evidence of widespread fraud that could have changed the outcome.”

The poll broke down some of the responses by political affiliation. Not surprisingly, Republicans most often were the ones that swallowed the nonsense conspiracy theories. A majority (53%) are opposed to “a smooth transition of power to the Biden administration.” That’s probably because most of them (71%) also believe that “There is a deep state working to undermine President Trump.”

However, when respondents were asked about who in public life they considered most trustworthy, the Republicans revealed just how deeply immersed in the crackpot swamp they really are. Naturally they don’t trust Joe Biden, or Dr. Anthony Fauci, or Rachel Maddow. But the poll shows that they trust Trump (76%) more than they trust their own religious leaders (72%).

The first rule of any cult is that only the Leader is telling you the truth. Everyone else is lying to you and means you harm. That rule has been absorbed by the Trump cultists. That mindset was especially prominent among those who “were Republicans and if they got their news from Fox News or conservative online outlets like Breitbart or the Daily Caller.” Fox News was this year’s recipient of the Misinformer of the Year award from Media Matters. However, Trump himself has had a love/hate relationship with the network for most of the year. Most recently he was nursing some imagined offense when he tweeted that…

It’s likely that Trump was watching Fox News when this video of Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff aired. Ossoff was questioned by Fox’s Peter Doocy when he launched a blistering attack on Republican incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue:

That would have been more than enough to set Trump off. And when Trump is mad at Fox News his followers are going to hear about it. The result is that they are abandoning Fox in droves. Ever since election day, CNN has been regularly beating Fox News in the ratings. Consequently, we are witnessing the irony of right-wing Trump supporters boycotting the network that is actually fueling their political agenda. It’s a glorious spectacle that progressive hope will continue well into the new year.

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8 thoughts on “IT’S A CULT! Poll Shows Republicans Trust Trump More Than Their Own Pastor

  1. Thanks for your daily report. I don’t know why Twitter banned you and allows trump yo tweet his daily electoral fraud statement but they do. I read your column daily nand hope you’ll continue. Happy new year

  2. What the hell sort of pastors do you have over there!? The only comfort I find is that without fail, every notable cult leader, whether political or pseudo religious, as come to an unpleasant end. We can only hope it happens again on January 21. As a matter of interest, I recently spent 9 hours in Twitter Jail for making a simile to lemmings rushing off a cliff in a suicidal fashion – allegedly this was ‘incitement to suicide’. But Twitter refused to acknowledge that a member threatening to come after me and burn my business to the ground was a violation of their rules, even though the rules clearly state this is not allowed. There’s some bloody nutters running that show, so I don’t known if this explains your sudden suspension. Happy New Year – perhaps the world could proclaim New Year’s Day as January 20?

  3. Trump is extremely dangerous to all of us cuz’ of his ‘supernatural’ ability to totally brainwash SO MANY people, who blindly believe his lies & will DO WHATEVER he says!
    Even those who KNOW he’s a liar (& worse!), like Rethugs in Congress, are willing to give up whatever morals they once had & repeat his lies, defend the indefensible ~ they’ll do anything to be Trump’s minions.
    But, what’s REALLY scary is that so many would believe Trump over their own pastors! (Really, people??!) He will be empowered by that, no doubt. Scary!
    “Good vs. Evil” & large group of people say they believe Trump MORE than the person they trust to preach them The Word of God?!?
    Whether or not you believe in the God Who Created All Things; Our Savior Jesus Christ, or any other Deity you choose…or even if you believe in none at all & that this whole world + everything in it, is just some kind of “cosmic accidental occurrence”…in any case, Trump’s extreme “Cult of Idiocity” should scare the hell out of you! It does me.

    • I remember seeing a documentary some years ago in which former member of the Hitler Youth were interviewed. With only one exception (one who believed that Hitler was still alive and was going to return…) they all said the same thing: Hitler made us feel wanted, necessary and as if he was speaking to us personally. It was only the next day when they read his rally speeches in the newspapers that they realised he’d said nothing at all, just a load of big words and gibberish. With any luck, the same thing will happen once TrumpetArse is off the world stage. But I wonder too how his cult-hseep can embrace the blatant lies he tells even when he’s proved to be a liar again and again. The only explanation I can find is that those who voted for him in 2016 now have to validate their choice, even if it means chucking their morals aside.

  4. Trump’s followers, the “Cult of Idiocity”, will never admit that they were played for fools by Trump, the conman. Voting for him in 2016 can be understood as people fed up with a government that is so corrupted by big money/big corporations, does not give a damn about working class in America & in fact, worked against them as they kept working harder & having less to show for it.
    Trump portrayed himself as an outsider, a champion for the poor & disenfranchised, who would “shake things up” in DC. Desperate for the changes we do need, they believed him. Bad mistake! But in 2016, they couldn’t see that. Now, in 2020, they’ve had 4yrs of lies, corruption beyond measure & broken promises by Trump. They have no good excuse for voting for him – & against themselves – AGAIN! Yet, some 70 million of them did. They will never be able to admit just how stupid they were, worshipping the biggest LIAR of all, as he did NOTHING to help them & did everything to help the rich ones, like him. HE IS the reason our economy is tradhed & why most of them are WORSE OFF than 4yrs ago! They fed his oversized ego & he treated them like fools ~ his disdain only apparent to those of us NOT brainwashed by his bullshit.
    Trump has divided this Country in a way that may never be healed! Hell, he made wearing masks during deadly virus pandemic, political & all about HIM!! Talk about stupid! While we have had to make sacrifices cuz’ of the virus, Trump & those in his Admin HAVE NOT (incl. Congress)!
    Trump isn’t done destroying our Country & may yet use his threat of violence. Violence against all of us. He is unlike any president we’ve ever had ~ NO RESTRAINTS! He truly does not care who gets killed. He will leave behind a MESS like no other ~ 1 too large & convoluted to fix in next 4yrs. And, if McConnell stays as Majority Leader in Senate, he WILL make sure that nothing can get done ~ just like has is now & has before now, only worse, since he just gets nastier every year!
    Makes me sick to think that the Rethugs Party may retain Senate & heaven forbid, regain WH in 2024! The party of fascism does NOT just “go away” ~ they regroup & come back with a vengence like no other & if people don’t wisen up, fast….!!?

  5. The more one learns about the mental illness of trump’s cult followers, the more discouraged one becomes about salvaging them. And it is sad to realize that there are several unscrupulous GOP politicians that are poised to take over this cult population when trump dies, as he could at any moment , given his physical condition. These sad sheep will continue to get shorn. Their delusions make them suckers for so many scams. It would appear the only way to salvage them would be to deprogram them one at a time as is done with the victims of religious cult movements.

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