If You Thought Fox News Would Be More Moderate in a Post-Trump World, Think Again!

With less than two weeks until Donald Trump is officially stripped of his presidential duties (which he hasn’t been performing anyway), Fox News is sending their audience of radical evangelical conservatives a clear message that they intend to continue their mission as the preeminent voice of wing-nuttery in America.

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The network that has served as Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda for the last four years is shifting from it’s strictly pro-Trump stance to one that is more broadly anti-Biden and anti-liberal. And as an added feature, Fox News programming appears to be pursuing an even more extremist right-wing ideology that is even farther removed from reality.

On Monday morning’s Fox and Friends, several segments proudly skipped off the rails with utterly fantastical presentations of Bizarro World news alerts. Take this segment with Fox’s “Judge” Jeanine Pirro, for example, where she tried to illustrate the differences between Democrats and Republicans:

“This is the difference between the left when they are in power and the right when they are in power. When the Republicans are in power everything is polite and genteel. And when the Democrats come in they’re gonna strip your First Amendment free speech. They’re gonna suppress you, cancel you, impeach you. They don’t care about the business of the American people.”

“Polite and genteel” Republicans? It’s pretty safe to presume that Pirro’s GOP confederates don’t approve of whatever mind-altering pharmaceutical she’s been gumming. Republicans are notorious for their raging hostility and division, especially during the Trump years. What does Pirro find “polite” about accusations that Democrats will destroy America? And how is it “genteel” to charge that the media is “the enemy of the people”?

Furthermore, Pirro needs to provide some evidence that Democrats have ever stripped anyone of their First Amendment rights. To the contrary, it’s Republicans who are constantly clamoring to shut down free speech. And they started the impeachment thing with Bill Clinton over his private sexual encounters when they couldn’t find actual proof of any illegality related to his presidential duties.

Pirro went on to associate the deplatforming of the ultra-rightist Twitter alternative, Parler. “What we’re seeing,” she alleged, “is a kind of censorship that is akin to a Kristallnacht.” Actually, what we’re seeing is someone who has no idea that Kristallnacht – the Night of Broken Glass – had nothing to do with censorship. It was a violent assault on a Jewish community by Hitler’s thugs. So it was much more akin what Trump’s thugs did last week when they assaulted Congress. And it was disgusting that Pirro would exploit it so shamelessly to advance her ignorance and lies.

To elaborate on Fox’s new obsession with the welfare of insurrectionist speech, they brought in Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor, far-right blowhard, and Parler’s founder. Bongino ranted incoherently about the absence of “free markets” online because…

“Twitter and Facebook are subsidized by the United States government – a law, Section 230 – where they’re allowed to pull down or leave up whatever they want. And they’re immune from lawsuits due to 230.”

Bongino then complains that Parler, which gets the same benefits under the law, was taken down and didn’t get the “trillion dollar” government subsidy. That may be because there was no trillion dollar subsidy for any of these websites. He’s literally making this stuff up as he goes. It’s also clear that he doesn’t know what Section 230 is. If he did he wouldn’t complain about its provisions to indemnify websites (like his) from slander lawsuits based on comments that their users post.

Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade focused on the right’s main argument against impeachment. and it’s a doozy:

To be clear, Kilmeade is proposing terrorism as a valid means of protest. He is telling the terrorists that if they want to force the hand of government, just engage in acts of violence – even murder. Then, when the “country is ready to explode” because “the President said repeatedly that he was robbed,” insist that “good leadership would bring down the temperature.”

In other words, give in to the terrorists, let them off the hook, and comply with their demands for fear of further violence. Which is funny because that just happens to be the terrorist’s strategy. Which should make you wonder whose side Kilmeade is on.

For that matter, we should also wonder whose side Fox News is on. As if we didn’t know. If this is an indication of the direction that Fox is moving for the post-Trump era, then it’s clear that they intend to continue to be a divisive and destructive factor in American media and politics. It’s what they were founded to do. And it will be all the more necessary to remain vigilant and prepared to expose their biases, lies, and nefarious motives going forward.

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5 thoughts on “If You Thought Fox News Would Be More Moderate in a Post-Trump World, Think Again!

  1. Most of the commentators on fox news who were cheering on the liar-in-chief when he was inciting the insurrection are just as guilty as he is and should be charged with sedition. The Fox entertainment company should be fined billions of dollars for the platform it gave to these rabble rousers.

    • Yup, in a just world, Rupert Murdoch & his media empire would be held accountable for damage inflicted upon democracy, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Oh, that wasn’t going to happen. We all knew it.

    From 2000 to 2008, Fux Spews was the Dumya Channel, praising everything he did and condemning anyone who recognized he was an idiot. To not respect “the president” was treason.

    From 2009 to 2016, Fux Spews was the Destroy Obama Network, first proclaiming that they would make Obama a one-term president. Then, they doubled up on treating Obama as the Illegal Muslim President, demanding his impeachment at every opportunity, and proclaiming that everything he did or attempted was unconstitutional, including wearing a tan suit and requesting Grey Poupon on a hamburger (and, of course, especially if it was something the ReichLiars had once supported). To respect THIS president was treason.

    And, of course, from 2017 and forever afterwards, Fux Spews is nothing but the Church of the SubMoron, existing solely to worship Their Beloved God, proclaim his absolute perfection, and do everything to make him Tyrant Eternal, legal or not. Although they have denied it, the FuxPods DEMANDED an insurrection and a government takeover to ensure this. To NOT worship this person as God was not only treason but sacrilegious as well!

    Once Biden takes the helm, Fux Spews will ALSO return to old habits as the Destroy Biden Network. Unless, of course, that gets in the way of their continued worship of Their Beloved God.

    With each presidency, Fux Spews gets worse and more criminal. Nothing a ReichLiar does is EVER a crime in their eyes, and everything a non-Tyrant Worshiper does is automatically evil, criminal, treasonous, and unconstitutional. The idea of Fux Spews as a “news” media is not laughable; it is simply an utter falsehood — something they once again proved by removing the “news” program and replacing it with an “opinion” program just in time for a new president — one they will never recognize as such. Fux Spews cannot be treated as a legitimate news network; it is propaganda, pure and simple, and worse, it is a media dedicated to destroying this country.

    We MUST acknowledge this: Fux Spews is a terrorist organization — nothing more, nothing less — and it must be treated as such. Fux Spews MUST be taken OFF THE AIR ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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