Crybaby Trump ‘Can’t Say Anything’ Due to Twitter Takedown, Whines Flack on Fox News

Donald Trump has maintained a virtual radio silence ever since his marauding horde of seditionists assaulted Congress on January 6th. It’s safe to assume he is pouting in his pantry with bags of Cheetos and watching reruns of his favorite parts of the riots as his cult disciples vandalized the Capitol and beat up law enforcement officers.

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Donald Trump

The timeline of events now clearly shows that Trump waited hours before posting his disingenuous video asking his Troll Troops to go home and telling them that he loves them as they were ransacking America’s seat of democracy. We also know that he refused to deploy the National Guard to protect members of Congress and his own Vice-President, Mike Pence.

In defense of his deliberate negligence, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley was dispatched to Fox News to explain why Trump failed so miserably to react in a responsible manner that might have saved as many as five lives. Gidley blamed the media, telling Fox’s media correspondent Howard Kurtz that…

“The media are trying to have it both ways. On one hand he should be censored by ‘Big Tech’ and not be allowed to talk. He also shouldn’t say anything because it’s divisive. And then when he doesn’t say anything, and can’t say anything, because the platforms have removed him, they say ‘Where’s the President? Why aren’t we hearing from him?’ The whole thing’s disingenuous.”

First of all, it isn’t up to the media whether “Big Tech” suspends Trump’s posting privileges when he repeatedly violates their terms of service by advocating violence and disseminating harmful lies. It’s Trump’s responsibility to follow the rules, which he was warned about more than a hundred times. Secondly, Gidley’s complaint that Trump might be regarded as divisive is also within Trump’s sole control. In fact, he intends to be divisive.

However, the most preposterous point that Gidley proffered was the one where he claimed that Trump “can’t say anything” because Twitter suspended his account. Someone really needs to tell Gidley – and Trump – that the White House has a massive press operation that is specifically designed to put messages out to the public. They can even use more than 140 characters. What’s more, Trump has a right-wing media menu of outlets like Fox News, One America News Network (OANN), and Newsmax, to spread whatever falsehoods are clawing to get loose from their diseased craniums.

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It’s notable that Gidley was asserting these accusatory grievances to the millions of viewers on Fox News as he was whining about having no outlet. So he knows that that channel for communications is available. Trump, however, hasn’t even made one of his self-serving phone-in interviews with the bootlickers on Fox and Friends to defend himself. it’s also notable that Kurtz didn’t bother to refute Gidley’s ludicrous claims as to Trump’s alleged inability to communicate with the public.

If the media is asking “Where’s the President,” it’s because Trump himself has decided to go into hiding in the final days of his failed term because he has no discernable excuse for the damage caused by his incompetence and malfeasance. And it’s clear that his spokesman isn’t any better able to make excuses for him either. And the same goes for Trump’s Fox News apologists. This is what the end looks like for a narcissistic sociopath with the emotional maturity of a six year old.

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4 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump ‘Can’t Say Anything’ Due to Twitter Takedown, Whines Flack on Fox News

  1. Twitter should have dropped the orange tweeter as soon as der leader started propagating the lie that he won in a landslide. Even then it would have been too little and too late.

  2. Fox News, One America News Network (OANN), and Newsmax are disloyal, FULL of s*it and MUST be shutdown. Every cable company that carries these lying, traitorous propaganda channels, must LOSE them now. The ENTIRE sinclair broadcasting company must cease to EXIST also. They are part of the problem as well.

  3. About a week ago, I read in online news somewhere ~ cannot recall where, or find it now ~ that FauxNews has to renew their ability with FCC to use ‘airwaves’ & broadcast on their channel. Also, that public input is allowed & considered by FCC in making their decision. That’s all it said. I want to know more ~ like when that is & how to be heard before their license is renewed.
    If that’s true, wouldn’t it be great to start a petition, get tons of signers & put forth solid argument why FCC should deny Fox News Channel the ability to continue using our airwaves (which networks get to use for free) to amplify & broadcast lies & propaganda, while calling it “news”. When called to testify before – think it was Congress – Fox claimed it was not real news, but “entertainment” & that their viewers knew that, did not expect it to be factual news at all. I call “Bullshit!” on that! Just 1 more Fox lie.
    I don’t do “social media” thing, but if could get petition on Facebook, might get a whole lot more signatures?!
    Even if we couldn’t stop their license renewal, per se, might be able to at least force them to have a disclaimer visible on screen at all times. Like, ticker tape running along the bottom, or something.
    If anyone knows any more info on the license renewal, please let me know. (If ok with you, MarkNC?)

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