SRSLY? Fox News Host Praises Trump’s Work Ethic Because ‘He Watches Every Show’

On the last full day of Donald Trump’s disastrous misadventures as the “president” of the States he tried so mightily to disunite, his “Friends” at Fox News went the extra mile to suck up to him in the most nauseating manner.

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Trump in Bed, Eating, Sad

It’s one thing to defend his innumerable failures, or to attack his righteous critics, but what Ainsley Earhardt said on Tuesday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends sunk to a new low, which is a pretty remarkable feat for the “Curvy Couch” potatoes. In a segment wherein Earhardt sought to pay tribute to Trump’s alleged work ethic, she said that…

“They’ll criticize President Trump but no one can argue, he is a worker. He doesn’t drink alcohol, he stays up late at night, he watches every show, he’s working — he got to work immediately. And now Joe Biden is saying he’s gonna get to work on immigration on the first day in office. Some are criticizing him, like Sen. Cotton, for focusing on this issue instead of the pandemic.”

Where to begin with this lunatic rhapsody? How about the fact that Trump is the most notoriously lazy White House occupant in modern times. He has accomplished almost nothing in four years. He didn’t build a wall that Mexico paid for. He never delivered the healthcare plan he promised every two weeks. He forgot that every week was infrastructure week. The only significant legislation that he had a hand in passing was to give the wealthy undeserved tax cuts, and shifting the burden to average Americans. And worst of all, he did nothing about the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has taken the lives of 400,000 Americans.

Earhardt may be impressed that Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. But she didn’t bother to mention his dependency on pharmaceuticals like Adderall. She also thinks his insomnia is something to be praised. Who cares if he’s up all night if all he is doing is tweeting out insults, lies, and other assorted nonsense?

Worst of all is Earhardt’s asinine appreciation for the fact that Trump “watches every show.” REALLY? What exactly does she think is praiseworthy about that? Trump is reported to watch as much as eight hours of television every day. And most of that is Fox News or some other Trump-fluffing outlet that satisfies his elephantine ego. Someone needs to break it to Ainsley that that is not working.

Notice that Earhardt doesn’t cite a single issue with which Trump’s supposedly hard work produced any success. There’s a good reason for that. However, she does mention criticism from wingnut Republican Sen. Tom Cotton. But even that is flagrantly false. While Biden does plan to send Congress a comprehensive immigration bill – an important goal that has stumped three previous administrations – it is not an issue that Biden has focused on to the exclusion of everything else.

In particular, Biden has stated several times that the COVID-19 pandemic is his top priority. He has already developed a plan for combatting the virus, for accelerating the vaccine distribution, and for providing economic stimulus and relief to the long-suffering American people who Trump ignored and fatally misled for so many months.

In short, Earhardt’s commentary was pitifully wrong in every respect. Which is surely why she remains a regular on the network that has no use for facts, logic, compassion, or fairness or balance either. She is right at home with confederates like Tucker Carlson, who is striving to incite more violence. And she is comfortable on a network that would promote other shameless propagandists like herself. It’s what Fox News was founded to do.

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  1. Love the article. Maybe that’s the problem he doesn’t drink! A glass of wine every night might have helped his perspective. Also chronic insomnia can greatly affect yout judgment.

  2. Keeping in mind, of course, that Angsty Airhead would argue the complete opposite if, say, Barack Obama solely watched MSNBC…..

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