Cue Trump Meltdown: Biden’s Inauguration Drew Millions More Viewers than Trump’s

UH-OH. Someone better check in on Donald Trump. If he gets wind of this news he’s likely to suffer what doctors call an MSHE (Massive Spontaneous Head Explosion).

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Donald Trump TV Set

The preliminary Nielsen Ratings for Joe Biden’s inaugural swearing in ceremony significantly surpassed those of Trump’s. And that’s despite the challenges facing this inaugural. With the constraints put on it by the COVID-19 pandemic that prohibits large gatherings of groups, and the security issues created by Trump’s Seditionist Brigades, Biden still managed to crush Trump in the contest that matters to him more than anything else: TV ratings. Variety reports that…

“The inauguration of President Joe Biden won significantly more viewers than President Donald Trump’s 2017 ceremony, per early Nielsen figures.

“Approximately 39.87 million people watched the half-hour swearing-in ceremony over the nation’s six major TV-news outlets, according to Nielsen, compared with an average of 30.6 million viewers for the 2017 event.”

UPDATE: To make matters worse from Trump’s perspective, CNN, the network he repeatedly maligned as “fake news,” drew the biggest audience. Fox News came in dead last, declining a whopping 77% from their 2017 inauguration coverage.

Trump should actually be used to this by now. And not just because he lost to Biden by more than seven million votes in the 2020 presidential election. He previously lost to Biden in the ratings for their party convention acceptance speeches:

“President Trump’s Thursday night convention speech making the case for his reelection was lower-rated than his challenger Joe Biden’s speech one week ago, according to overnight Nielsen ratings.

“About 23.8 million viewers watched coverage of Trump’s RNC address across thirteen cable and broadcast networks, down from 24.6 million viewers who watched Biden’s DNC address on twelve of those same networks.”

And Trump also lost to Biden during the campaign when they had dueling town halls:

“Biden drew 12.7 million total viewers on the Disney-owned network, while Trump drew 10.4 million in the same 9-10 p.m. time slot on NBC. Across the entire runtime, the Biden town hall averaged 12.3 million viewers. In terms of the fast national 18-49 demographic, Biden is comfortably on top with a 2.6 rating to Trump’s 1.7.”

This will probably hurt Trump nearly as much as losing the election. After all, the old reality TV game show host has always regarded television ratings as the real polls.” And yet, somehow he always manages to come up short there as well.

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