Fox News Trump-Fluffer Accuses Biden of Plotting the ‘Take Down of America’

Joe Biden has only been president for one month. In that short span of time he has accomplished much, including drafting a COVID relief bill (that Republicans oppose); undoing Donald Trump’s efforts to sabotage Obamacare; rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and the World Health Organization; introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill; all while battling on behalf of working people to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour.

Jeanine Pirro Fox News

Meanwhile, Fox News is working overtime to malign Biden’s achievements by inventing controversies that strain credulity. They are so bereft of legitimate criticisms that they are attacking the romance in Jill and Joe Biden’s marriage, and the grooming of their dogs. That’s a state of desperation that is truly transcendent.

Among the most prominent scandal mongers is Fox’s “Judge” Jeanine Pirro. On Saturday night she delivered an opening monologue that chastised Biden for an array of offenses that exist only in her perverted mind. She contrived nightmarish scenarios of “a daily caravan of 3,000 untested, unvaccinated illegals … being released into our towns, cities, and villages.” That’s a flagrant lie. Any immigrants granted entry into the U.S. have been tested affirmed negative. Pirro also whined that “Joe Biden says we won’t be in the clear on COVID until Christmas. And he wants us double mask. I don’t know about you, but I can’t breathe with one mask.” Her diatribe went on, saying that…

“It has been one month since Joe Biden has assumed the role of commander-in-chief. In that one month we have gone from President Trump’s policy of “America First” to Biden’s new policy, “America Last.”

Notice that Pirro places the prefix of “President” before Trump’s name, but not Biden’s. This is her way of perpetuating the Big Lie that Biden stole the election and that Trump is still president. Then she introduces what she thinks is the clever bastardization of Trump’s slogan “America First,” which he stole from early 1900’s American fascists. She continued…

“The end of an empire occurs when the leader of a country decides to make his country last. When he believes his country is not so great, And when his actions and policies make it clear he intends to make his country last. After a magnificent run of over 200 years with America the world’s number one superpower, we are left with a leader who believes in globalism, open borders, world equity in vaccines, even before all Americans are vaccinated.”

Pirro apparently doesn’t regard the storming of Congress by violent, anti-democratic hordes to be indicative of the end of an empire. But she does believe in rattling off a bunch of policies (globalism, open borders, etc.) that Biden has never supported. And she still isn’t through…

“We are watching in real time the take down of America, attributable to Joe Biden’s “America Last” policy.”

Once again, a forced invasion of the Capitol by murderous cretins proudly bearing flags representing the Confederacy and the Trump Cult is a far more literal “take down of America” than Biden’s agenda advancing the rights and welfare of working people.

Pirro utterly failed to make any case for her accusations. It was simply a spittle-inflected barrage of invectives and purposeful lies. And it was emblematic of what Fox News does every day to disparage the majority of the American people who value the progressive ideals embodied in the Constitution.

Last November the American people made it clear that they favor inclusion over prejudice, unity over division, and freedom over authoritarianism. And nothing that Pirro and Fox News says or does will change that.

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  1. Just posted that on Madam’s Twitter with the question: ‘Did you learn how to tell lies from Trumpy or does it just come natural?’

  2. These liars at FOX take the rest of the world for fools when they are the fools.

  3. Pure projection on the part of one of the most disgusting anti-American anti-democracy shills polluting our airwaves along with the cast of neo-fascists on Fox!

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