PRIORITIES: While Texas Freezes, Lindsey Graham Stumps for Trump’s Useless Border Wall

The Republican Party long ago distinguished itself as a haven for cravenly selfish elitists whose primary purpose is to lower taxes on the rich, eliminate regulations that save lives, suppress minorities, and advance the agenda of extremist evangelicals. This week the GOP had some outstanding opportunities to affirm their commitment to that mission.

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Without question, the biggest story of the week was the devastating winter storm that bombarded Texas and much of the eastern United States. What we learned from that ongoing catastrophe was that Republicans were more interested in politicizing the tragedy than in doing anything constructive to help their suffering constituents.

For instance, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott rushed to Fox News to deflect blame for the failures of his administration to out of state Democrats and the “Green New Deal,” which has not been enacted into law anywhere, especially Texas. Meanwhile, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz jetted off to the sunny climes of Cancun, Mexico, with his family, rather than stay at home and do his job during troubled times. Humiliated by such a callous abandonment of his duty to his state, he frantically returned and immediately got to work making excuses on Fox News, where he blamed his minor children for his own poor decisions.

On Saturday, the GOP’s Senior Trump-fluffing Senator, Lindsey Graham demonstrated the same lack of human decency. After spending time with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Lindsey boarded a plane for the southern border where he could raise an issue that is topmost on the minds almost nobody: Trump’s idiotic, useless, and vain border wall. Graham’s cross-country jaunt to serve as Trump’s mouthpiece resulted in a propaganda video wherein he asserted that…

“The Biden Administration apparently has decided to stop plugging this hole here. As a result the Border Patrol is now gonna try to have a camera and people sitting up on that hill to watch them as they flow in. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put this section of the wall together? What good comes from allowing this hole to continue to exist? This wall is here for a purpose. To keep people from coming into our country illegally,”

For the record, what Graham is referring to is a thirty foot space along a double-tracked portion of the wall on a border that is 2,000 miles long. The other track at this point is complete, so if the wall is capable of preventing entry (it isn’t), it would already be doing that. Also, notice all of “them” who are flowing into the country in this video. Frightening, isn’t it?

This is what Graham dropped everything to do. Does it help the people of Texas who are freezing and dying? Does it further efforts to combat the coronavirus? Does it even address the issue of immigration, for which Joe Biden and the Democrats just introduced a comprehensive bill that Graham could be working on? Of course not. It’s ironic that, while Graham is obsessed with a wall (that Mexico was supposed to pay for) to prevent people from Mexico getting into the U.S., Ted Cruz couldn’t get out of the U.S. and into Mexico fast enough.

This is so emblematic of the Republican Party. They have a perverse set of priorities that seem to be perpetually at odds with what the American people actually want and need. And when they aren’t trying to distract the public with politically partisan culture war demagoguery, they are lashing out with vicious attacks that have no basis in fact or reality. Take for example this crackpottery by Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly who, unable to substantively criticize President Biden, he goes after one of his dogs:

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6 thoughts on “PRIORITIES: While Texas Freezes, Lindsey Graham Stumps for Trump’s Useless Border Wall

  1. Good on ya, Brian Williams, for finding that lovely FDR clip. The disgusting anchor on NewsMax, who “loves dogs”, is beneath contempt.

  2. Given the choice between Newsmax’s Greg Kelly & Biden’s dog, I’d choose to spend time with that wonderful dog, over Greg Kelly ~ hands down! The dog would be more entertaining & personable, for sure! (Bet the dog smells better too!)
    But, if Greg Kelly wants to do a dog story so bad, he sure missed the boat, going with that one…
    Bigger dog story & more important than Mr. Kelly’s drivel is the 1 coming out of TX :
    While Ted Cruz took his family to the warm beaches of Cancun, Mexico cuz’ it was too cold at home for his sorry butt… it seems he forgot & left someone at home to suffer in the freezing cold — No heat. No lights. No water!
    That SOB left his poor dog home in house that was just 12°!! (No typo ~ a freezing cold 12°!) Folks assume that Security was prob’ly left in charge of the dog. Assume nothing! But even if so ~ that sux! 12° damn it! And dog’s left behind, alone & sad & freezing cold! In the dark. No water anywhere for miles!
    I used to despise you, Ted Cruz, but now I officially hate you! Did Ted at least leave the dog a couple blankets, or think its fur coat was good enuff? Hopefully, if someone was there to care for the dog, I hope HIS heart is bigger than flaxseed-sized one Ted has! I also hope the dog peed & pooped all over your lovely home, especially on your bed & pillow, Ted. You deserve it!
    Blame your daughters & leave the dog in 12° house to freeze all alone…”what a great guy”. Shmuckin’ asshole!

  3. Have posted this on Lindsey Graham’s Twitter….

    • 🙂 Great place for it. Thanks.

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