FFS: Trump-Fluffing Video ‘Brags’ that He Doesn’t Take No for an Answer

The cretinous sycophants that surround Donald Trump have never been mistaken for Mensa members. They are a uniformly dimwitted Confederacy of Dunces, with an emphasis on “Confederate.” Their loyalty to an egomaniacal, pathological liar is the hallmark of the Trump era. And their cultish devotion to Dear Leader supersedes whatever passes for reason in their cartoon brains.

Donald Trump

One thing that can be said for the flock of Trump-fluffers is that have a profound capacity for persistence in the face of humiliation. No matter how embarrassing his behavior – or their own – they stand up to the ridicule with a seemingly endless supply of shamelessness. Which is convenient considering how often and how massively they lean toward the asinine.

For example, on Thursday Dan Scavino, Trump’s former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications (a fancy title for a tweet wrangler), posted a video on Twitter intended to sing the praises of his beloved ex-boss (video below). It’s a pathetic paean to an imaginary superhero and the object of a bizarre infatuation. Unfortunately, the intended adoration got swept aside due the availability of an interpretation that was far more accurate than the one Scavino had in mind.

The video began with the words “There’s a certain kind of person who doesn’t take no for an answer.” And that’s right where most people would stop. That’s because there’s a perverse truth in those words that surely wasn’t what Scavino meant, but was impossible to dismiss once having heard it.

Indeed Trump does not take no for answer. Just ask any of the women who have accused him of sexual harassment and assault. Trump himself admitted that he doesn’t quit his unwanted advances in the infamous Access Hollywood recording where he proudly boasted about grabbing woman by their private parts.

But that’s not all. Trump also refused to take no for an answer when he clearly lost the presidential election. He insisted that victory was “stolen” from him. His Big Lie eventually resulted in the deadly Capitol riots on January 6th.

Trump also refused to take no for an answer when told that Mexico wouldn’t pay for his border wall, or when he insisted on keeping his tax returns secret, or when he wanted to lock up Hillary Clinton, or when he tried to repeal Obamacare, or when he sought to avoid being impeached – twice.

Trump’s tendency to refuse negative answers is not the character asset Scavino thinks it is. To the contrary, it is a flaw that marks Trump as an intractable narcissist whose psychoses make him an imminent danger if in any position of power. America, and the world, is better off for his having been ousted from the White House. And like or it not, Trump is going to be hearing the word “no” with much greater frequency going forward as his political and legal fortunes spiral ever downward.

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FYI: Scavino deleted his tweet. Ya think he got shamed into it? I found this on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “FFS: Trump-Fluffing Video ‘Brags’ that He Doesn’t Take No for an Answer

  1. “…To the contrary, it is a flaw that marks Trump as an intractable narcissist whose psychoses make him an imminent danger if in any position of power.”
    And that, right there, says it all! The rest of the world already knows it ~ foreign leaders, friend or foe, figured it out real quick & appalled that U.S. voters would elect this person, backed away in disgust. Over 1/2 the American voters realized that such a person cannot be our leader, since he is incapable of putting anything before his own selfish desires & cares nothing about what’s good for America & its people. Over 1/2 million dead & many more with lasting health problems & yet we can see Trump pretends it has nothing to do with him, ignoring it totally, as if it never happened.
    His behavior since leaving White House just confirms all the worst about such a mentally deranged person as Trump. And yet, Rethugs continue to kiss his ass, repeat his traitorous Big Lie & are willing to support him in yet another attempt to totally destroy this Country & American democracy. That…is something I will never comprehend!

    • Have to agree with this fabulous summation. In fact it’s even worse than he won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer – he manages to somehow twist ‘No’ into ‘YES’ and then back the ‘Yes’ with a bag of lies to prove that yes, indeed, it did happen just the way he said it would….NOT. I too have been puzzling as to why this sycophantic mob of Republicans would kiss his famously big arse. He’s ugly, rude, abusive, dishonest – yet they still run to him…? WTF?! He can’t possibly have something on them all for blackmail. They must know by know he hasn’t got any money and he is going down for his crimes. The only thing I can think of is that he might just somehow squirm out of it all and moreover – he’ll be back to run again….in 2024….and like any bully, he said ominously, ‘I’ll remember…’ On the upside, I think a lot of his cult are a little less than enchanted when he didn’t come galloping to the rescue to bail out those arrested after January 6. And I would venture there’s a percentage who voted for the party and not the man – and who probably wouldn’t vote for the party if he does rise from the dead in time for 2024.

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