Fox News is ‘Over the 500,000 Dead’ from COVID, Demands More Trump Praise

Just when you thought you couldn’t be more nauseated by the callous insensitivity of cretinous Fox News Trump-fluffers, another one bursts through the basement floor to find a new and more disgusting low. They appear to be on an unholy mission to dissociate entirely from humanity. They can stop now. They’ve arrived.

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On Friday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes eagerly leapt into a segment aimed at disparaging the speech that President Joe Biden gave on Thursday night. He was addressing the nation’s current state with regard to the COVID pandemic. That speech was widely lauded for achieving a difficult balance between mourning the past and hope for the future.

Except, of course, on Fox News where it was predictably maligned by the usual suspects, including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin who called it “the most disgusting, propagandistic speech that a demagogue, even a politician, has ever given.” Hyperbole much?

Throughout the speech Fox News displayed messages begging their viewers to stay tuned for “live reactions from Tucker Carlson.”

However, the Fox regulars are going to have to try harder to exceed the heinous heartlessness of Fox “Friend” Brian Kilmeade. Here is what he had to say the morning after Biden’s compassionate consolation:

“We don’t need to go over the 500,000 dead, we had that moment. Let’s talk about the future moving forward. Every time he has a chance to praise the previous administration, he not only doesn’t praise, he kicks them in the groin.”

REALLY? Kilmeade thinks the nation should just “move forward” after having having lost more than half a million souls. Tens of millions of families are grieving. But in Kilmeade’s diseased brain their “moment” is over and that’s all they get. As if the pain has subsided and the prospect of dining out and getting haircuts will provide all the solace that’s needed now. WTF is wrong with him? And, by the way, his co-hosts who said nothing, and his bosses, Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, who allow this sort of garbage air every day.

What’s more, Kilmeade thinks that concern for our deceased brethren should be replaced by accolades to Donald Trump, the single person most responsible for the hundreds of thousands of fatalities, many of which were avoidable, but for his negligence, incompetence, and deliberate malfeasance. Kilmeade thinks it was Biden’s obligation to pay tribute to a remorseless Trump in a speech aimed at consoling a somber and fearful nation.

Kilmeade doesn’t give a damn about the casualties of the coronavirus, but he’s damn perturbed about a figurative kick in the groin to Trump, which actually didn’t exist in Biden’s speech at all. In fact, Kilmeade was so vexed by the Biden address that he made up numerous “offenses” and other reasons to ignore reality and attack those who are actually contributing to the healing. For instance, after disparaging Biden’s sincere attempts to unify a broken nation, he went after Dr. Anthony Fauci in an unhinged tirade that was replete with lies and purposefully distorted misrepresentations of Dr. Fauci’s comments over the past year:

“Can we stop praising Anthony Fauci, saying he is world renown? Everyone might know him, but I don’t know how many people should be listening to him. […] He has been wrong every step of the way.”

SERIOUSLY? And Trump was right? Trump, who said the coronavirus was no worse than the common flu? Trump, who politicized the pandemic that he claimed would magically disappear in a matter of days? Trump, who peddled quack cures like bleach and hydroxychloroquine and advocated “herd mentality” (sic)? Trump, who took no responsibility for the devastation he caused, and still doesn’t? Trump, who admitted that he downplayed the severity of the pandemic?

Yeah, that Trump. That’s who Fox News thinks should be celebrated in lieu of “wasting” more time consoling the aggrieved and honoring their memories. It’s just the latest loathsome commentary on a network dedicated to worshiping their cult leader. But if you expect this to be the rock bottom, you don’t know Fox News.

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10 thoughts on “Fox News is ‘Over the 500,000 Dead’ from COVID, Demands More Trump Praise

  1. Well, of course the trump butt-kissers at Faux Noose think we should “move on” from our half-million dead fellow Americans. Just as we should “move on” from the terrorist attack on the Capitol on January 6. Really, if the real “Move On” organization still exists, they should sue Faux. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to move on from the scourge that was trump.

  2. FauxNotNews lies begin with its name & never, ever stops from there on. They really need to have their broadcasting license revoked & we must have some minimal standards – as we do for advertising – for what can call itself a news channel in the USA!
    So, FauxSpews finally covered 1 of Biden’s speeches to the American Public, eh? Then, of course, proceeded to lie its ugly ass off about what was said/meant. Figures!
    For the Trump & far-right wingnuts lies & propaganda network, who proudly supports the demagoguery poster boy & wants to make him dick-tator for life, to not know meaning of those words is rather weird. But then, they know their viewers won’t know & won’t look it up ~ won’t even think for themselves, so guess Faux’s own stupidity of same will remain safely hidden from their viewers. Sad tho, that such ignorant assholes would be allowed their own shows on ANY network. Can be liars & wrong w/o being totally stupid assholes ~ some GOP members do it all the time.
    It does Biden no good at all to try to be civil & even kind, to Trump &/or GOP. He went out of his way not to trash Trump, when would be so EZ to do so & be perfectly truthful in doing so. Too bad Trump & his shitheads like *ucker Carlson & pals will never have the class & civility that Biden does. Biden is too nice to sworn enemies of the American People; people hellbent on destroying our freedom & democracy. But then, Biden is properly presidential & everything that Trump & his ilk can never, ever be. The assholery shown day in & day out on FauxNotNews is an embarrassment to those who still use their brains for more than a hat rack. Biden’s positivity is salt rubbed in the wound of assholes who lie for a living. The rest of Dems are not President & better get off their lazy asses & start shouting from rooftops the FACT that not a single Rethug voted for the people in need to get any of this rescue/relief pkg! Keep saying it, loud & often! It’s the truth! People who hate Biden so much, should return the checks they receive & ask their GOP Rethugs to help them out instead. See how much their reps really care about them!?!
    Next in Congress had better be to end the current lazy-ass version of fillibuster, where they don’t actually fillibuster, but just say, “I object” & go home, having screwed up everything with 2 words. That is not a real fillibuster! So get rid of the damn thing & allow a simple majority vote to pass agenda proposals ~ as it is meant to be! There is no way that Dem agenda will be getting 60 votes — not with this Rethug climate, where their entire agenda is simply to make Biden/Dems fail & take over majority in 2022! Let’s not be stupid by holding onto a phony fillibuster that will stop the real work from getting done!

  3. Have posted this on Kilmeade’s Twitter feed – just when I really thought there could not be anyone uglier or nastier than trumpetarse…

    • Nauseating though he is, Kilmeade’s just a puppet spouting the bile from above, ie. from the Murdochs.
      This is fascist TV.

      • That’s true. The Murdoch’s are responsible for all the BS on Fox.

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