Jen Psaki Schools Newsmax Shill on the History of Systemic Racism in America

There really needs to be more stringent criteria for who is granted press credentials in the White House Briefing Room. Without some standard for experience and professionalism you wind up making Press Secretary Jen Psaki waste time with questions that are nothing more than pre-scripted, fact-averse hit pieces.

Jen Psaki

Friday morning provided a perfect example of this “gotcha-ism” when Psaki was confronted by the new White House correspondent for Newsmax, Emerald Robinson. She recently joined Newsmax after her stint at One America News Network (OANN). So her journalism pedigree is pitifully lacking in journalistic integrity. Robinson sought to corner Psaki with a loaded question that totally warped reality:

“The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield, talking on Wednesday said that essentially white supremacy is woven into our founding documents and principles. The statement is getting widely criticized as essentially parroting Chinese Communist Party talking point. So is the President going to remove her from her position as the representative before that body?”

The first thing you might notice is that Robinson is painfully ignorant about American history and the nation’s founding documents. Most Americans know that the this country’s originating “principles” permitted slavery and that the Constitution counted African slaves as three-fifths of person. There was also a little thing called the “Civil War” that addressed racial issues in America. And even today’s headlines are filled with examples of the systemic racism that persists.

In addition to those glaring omissions, Robinson also revealed her rookie reporting skills by trying to give her question more credibility by asserting that the Ambassador’s comments were “widely criticized.” By whom? Her bosses at Newsmax? The Republicans she shills for? Capitol insurrections out on bail?

What’s more, it is patently absurd to associate the remarks by Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield with the Chinese Communist Party. Just because a foreign adversary says something similar to an American diplomat doesn’t mean it isn’t true. If a Chinese diplomat criticized America’s early racial bigotry, they would have been stating something that is unarguably true. In fact, it would still be true if they said it today. Psaki had a quick retort that should have put the matter to rest:

“Is POTUS going to remove an African-American woman with decades of experience in the foreign service who’s widely respected around the world from her position as Ambassador to the U.N.? He’s not. He is proud to have her in that position. She is not only qualified, he believes she is exactly the right person in that role in this moment in time.

“I have not seen her comments. I will say that there is no question that there has been a history of institutional racism in this country, and that doesn’t require the U.N. Ambassador to confirm that.”

Unfortunately, Robinson wasn’t satisfied and persisted with her ludicrous line of questions to ask “does the President think our founding documents are racist?” Psaki declined to dignify the inquiry further, saying simply that “most people recognize the history of systemic racism in our country.” And if Robinson needs any additional evidence of American racism, all she has to do is watch her network and note the rampant racism that emanates from its programs every hour of every day.

Early on the Biden administration expressed its intent to manage press relations in a manner that would be starkly different from the hostile work environment fostered by Donald Trump. There would be no more barking at reporters and insulting them as “enemies of the people.” Biden “promised not to allow outlets to use the briefings to spread baseless conspiracies,” and vowed that “Organizations or individuals who traffic in conspiracy theories, propaganda and lies to spread disinformation will not be tolerated.”

It’s time to make good on those promises. There is no way that Newsmax should be entitled to a White House press pass. They don’t conduct responsible, honest journalism. And they don’t aspire to professional standards of ethics. They are unabashed purveyors of propaganda who seek only to malign their ideological foes and advance the ultra-rightists for whom they work. And by the way, all of that applies equally as well to Fox News.

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9 thoughts on “Jen Psaki Schools Newsmax Shill on the History of Systemic Racism in America

  1. Why does Newsmax not OANN have press passes? That’s my question.

  2. “Newsmax” is actually an extension of the former occupant and Loser of the United States White House, the lap puppy of Vladimir Putin. Just like it’s “Russian Television” programs on air inside the United States. It is the same as “fox” news just a bunch of rabble rousers out to be “Special”. It’s doubtful any of their “Reporters” can even spell Journalism, as they spout tripe for attention. It seems as if the Billionaires who own these Propaganda media Corporations enjoy screwing with the United States for entertainment among them. Rupert Murdoch was Banned from Britain for this diarrhea of Propaganda to incite for Profit. He is just another of those “vicious Immigrants” who’ve come into our Nation to spread his White Racist agenda. He should be forced to wear his “Hooded White Robes” in Public to show his true soul. Ronald Reagan tore up the “Fairness Doctrine” our FCC enforced to prevent the very BS “fox news” drips daily, without responsibility for it’s hatred platform. Just a perspective from one of the very disgusted Americans.

    • “Bring back the Fairness Doctrine!”

      (And Voting Rights Act as well!)
      The right-wing Conservatives seem to have a habit of canceling landmark legislation that’s working well & doing just what it’s meant to do. Then, of course, all hell breaks loose as they take advantage of that. Why can’t it then be reinstated, since they’ve proven it’s needed & why it’s needed!?

      • Truly we Americans can have it reinstated, since the Majority of Congress and our Senate are now of a Democratic Mindset. The Fairness Doctrine worked well to prevent the crawling into a sewer of “fox feces” for Profit. Propaganda to incite continually, is known to bring about Fascism that is not conducive to improving America. Fascism always ends in Wars. History as in WWII, should not be ignored-again.

        • I agree, whole-heartedly!
          Things sure have changed since WW2…back then, we were fighting as/with “the good guys”, helping to END the fascist regime of Hitler & his horrific atrocities. Are we now to become fascist regime that the whole world hates? If Rethugs have it their way, the answer is “yes”. That is not political statement ~ it’s based on their words & actions, escalating over past 20yrs. More recently becoming not-so-hidden agenda of the far-right & supported by Rethugs currently holding office & their cohorts in media & beyond. They want the USA to be run by “Single Party ruling class” & have shown they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want! It may look like a democracy for a bit to keep the masses from rebeling, but when the MINORITY Party is in power & has total control, despite being a minority, you have Single Party Rule. Doesn’t matter what they call it, that is NOT democracy! The 2 major Parties fight only for themselves, not for ‘We The People’. Both are controlled by big money donors & 1 of them speaks with 1 voice to support “election fraud” LIES, the attempt to overturn our election by violent mob & are still 100% supportive of the assh*le tyrant behind it all!
          2nd Party “walks the walk”, but is too meek (or ??) to take bold action needed to save us ~ to fight against rascist, fascist Rethugs determined to divide us & rule over the USA! A small faction of Dems in Congress are trying to fight for us, but we need a strong, viable 3rd Party to break up duopoly holding all the power.
          Without Voting Rights Act, there won’t be democracy, except for empty word. (Remember, Hitler too, was elected ~ twice! How did that end up?!) We need HR1 & secure elections. The fact that Rethugs are 100% AGAINST that & working hard to curtail U.S. voters’ right to vote, is a warning to all of us!
          What shall we do about it? Ideas?

  3. Uh, WHY was newsmax(i) ALLOWED in at all? They are FULL of s*it, absolutely disloyal and have NO business existing. They are lying crocks of s*it and must be shut DOWN. They are worthless.

  4. All these phony “correspondents” have graduated from the Soundbite School of Bullshit Journalism. As long as they can phrase their “questions” as rightwingding opinions or blatant attacks on Democrats , they know they’ll get aired on their propaganda networks that evening. Job done. The cogent, reasoned answers from the wonderful Jen Psaki never get in the way because they’re never broadcast. In Congress, the same modus operandi is used by Repugnican luminaries such as the loathsome Gymbag Jordan.

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