UH-OH: Former Trump Communications Director Blasts GOP as ‘Morally Reprehensible’

Among the many failures that Donald Trump presided over was the ethical wasteland that characterized so much of his administration. Trump has amassed a record for lying that will never be approached by future presidents. And in four years he has had an unprecedented number associates indicted, convicted, or otherwise fall under legal scrutiny. Most recently it’s his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

With his humiliating loss for reelection to President Joe Biden, Trump sought to pad his own disgraceful resume with a frenzy of delusional allegations about the election being “stolen” from him. Those wholly unsupported assertions led to riots in Washington, D.C. by his insurrectionist cult followers. And to its everlasting shame, the pitifully compliant Republican Party fell in line, for the most part, backing up Trump’s reckless alternative reality.

There are, however, some rare exceptions. Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have courageously called out Trump’s dishonest defamation of democracy. And now another truth-teller has come forward. Alyssa Farah was Trump’s White House Communications Director. She resigned shortly after the January 6th insurrection. And on Monday morning she was interviewed by Mehdi Hasan on the NBC streaming network, Peacock (video below):

Hasan: What has happened to your party. Your party has gotten more extreme, not less.
Farah: The GOP is careening down what I would say is both a strategically unwise path, but also a morally reprehensible one. Just to be completely candid with you.

Liz Chaney did the right thing. We shouldn’t be commending people for simply telling the facts. Facts matter. We need to tell the truth. She did the right thing. But that shouldn’t be brave or heroic. That should just be what our leaders do.

But unfortunately, here’s the problem the GOP is facing: This isn’t going away. Voters have not forgotten about January 6th. The Republican Party has a number of problems. We need addition, not subtraction, to be able to win back the principles that we actually care about. But right now there’s this decision that we care more about loyalty to the former president. Care more about trying to gloss over what happened with the election and then January 6th.

And my unsolicited advice to my fellow Republicans would be: the truth tends to come to the top. It’s better to address it now, to come to grips with what went wrong and accept it. Because we’re gonna be dealing with this going into the midterms. We’re gonna be dealing with it going into 2024.

Farah hit the nail on it’s head with phrase “morally reprehensible.” That could apply to almost everything Trump did in office. Recall his caging of children and separating them from their parents. And his overt racism and acceptance of support from racist hate groups. And his infantile insults directed at critics in politics and the press. And especially his negligent mishandling of the COVID pandemic. As for Farah’s remarks about Trump’s demands for loyalty, that could be observed in Lindsey Graham’s reverential devotion to Trump, despite the abuse he’s taken.

Farah does not fit the profile of a typical never-Trumper. She is the daughter of Joseph Farah, the founder and publisher of the rabidly right-wing conspiracy rag, World Net Daily. She wrote for WND for a couple of years, then went on to work for Laura Ingraham’s radio show and congressional Republicans Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan. She also served as press secretary to Vice-President Mike Pence before being promoted to the White House press office.

It is difficult to reconcile the penitence of people like Farah who were perfectly happy to tolerate the atrocities of the Trump presidency. But if progressives are going to make the argument that Republicans and Trumpists were wrong, then we have to be able to accept it when our arguments succeed. And just because we can appreciate when a hardcore right-winger sees the light, it doesn’t mean they are forgiven for all past sins. It just means that their contribution to bringing out the truth is welcome.

When a committed conservative Republicans like Farah and Cheney are willing to talk openly about Trump’s despicable personality flaws, it might be fair to assume that a corner has been turned. Perhaps the field is safe for other Republicans to speak honestly about Trump. Of course, that will only make Trump even more enraged and unhinged. But the more of that that the American people see, the better our chances of getting past this aberration in our political lives. Time will tell if Farah is just a harmless leak, or the harbinger of the dam being about to burst.

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One thought on “UH-OH: Former Trump Communications Director Blasts GOP as ‘Morally Reprehensible’

  1. Farah’s right. If Rethugs were to own up to their own lies about 2020 election, come clean now on “everything Jan. 6th” & get real about the shit that IS Trumpenstein, they likely would redeem themselves in time for elections (if no more stupid lies & obstructionist shit).
    But, as for me, I think they’d quickly reboard the train to their long-term goal of total domination & authority over USA & taking of freedoms. All this would just be a ‘blip on radar’ & too soon forgotten by their voters/everyone).

    I think I’d rather see them all ‘go down in flames’, as should happen to such traitors as are willing to sell their soul to the devil named Trump. Besides, better for democracy if that Party of lying assholes go the way of the Whigs, from whence they came.

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