McCarthy Won’t Deny that Republicans Were Communicating with Capitol Rioters

It’s been more than four months since Donald Trump’s Insurrectionist Brigades stormed Capitol Hill in an attempt to prevent members of Congress from completing their constitutionally mandated duty to certify of the 2020 presidential election. It was a deadly and profoundly anti-democratic assault on the rights of the American people.

Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy

The StormTrumpers were incited by the ex-president, along with his accomplices from the ranks of the Republican congressional caucus and the right-wing media. And in the months that have transpired since the atrocities of January 6th, none of those conspirators have been held accountable.

A bipartisan, independent commission was proposed to study what happened and to develop practices to avoid any similar events in the future. However, Republican leaders in Congress have have come out against it. It is isn’t hard to imagine why they would want to avoid such a study. What is already known through public remarks and accounts by witnesses is highly incriminating to GOP members of Congress and Trump. And that explains the nervous reaction by House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy when questioned about the matter on Thursday:

Question: Do you think it’s a conflict of interest for members to be voting on a Commission that they might have to potentially be witnesses for and provide information on?
McCarthy: No, because who knows what they’re gonna do on the Commission. So no, I don’t think so.
Question: Can you be absolutely certain that none of your members were in any communication with any of the people who stormed Capitol Hill?
McCarthy: Thank you for the question. Everybody have a nice day.

First of all, McCarthy’s lack of concern about any conflicts of interest completely ignores the question. For one thing, he knows exactly what the Commission will do. It’s purpose has been clearly defined. And it’s impossible not to notice the glaring conflicts of interest by people like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Sen. Josh Hawley who promoted the protests and cheered on the protesters. Not to mention Leader McCarthy himself who admitted that he spoke to Trump while the riots were in progress. His testimony would be mandatory for the Commission to complete its mission.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that when McCarthy was asked whether he could “be absolutely certain that none of your members were in any communication with any of the people who stormed Capitol Hill,” he chose to terminate the press conference and slink away. Had he answered he would have had to include himself, his fellow Republicans, and Trump, all of whom had such communications.

Consequently, the bill that passed in the House to create the Commission is almost certain to fail in the Senate. Trump has dictated that he is opposed to it, and his minions – McCarthy and Sen. GOP leader, Mitch McConnell) are nothing if not obedient.

However, there may be a silver lining to the failure of the bill. Afterward, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would be free to create a Select Committee to do what the Commission would have done. And she wouldn’t have to compromise with Republicans on the ground rules. She could have a majority of Democrats on the Committee, and control the procedures such as the issuing subpoenas.

So in the end, the Republican intransigence at the behest of Trump will only come back to bite him in the behind. But not to worry, he has plenty of GOP flunkies who will kiss it and make it better.

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2 thoughts on “McCarthy Won’t Deny that Republicans Were Communicating with Capitol Rioters

  1. Many members of Trump’s GOP have been involved to 1 dgree or another ~ before, during & certainly after, the attempted overturning of valid 2020 election.
    147 of them voted to overturn the election results (Presidential part), thereby putting their man Trump, back on the throne. And that’s just the more passive part of GOP’s complicity! It only gets worse. Unlike Mueller investigation, not alot of secrecy, or doubt about who did what – much of basic stuff has come out already & despite denials from lying traitors within our own gov’t, proof & testimony abounds. People are convicted, even put to death, with less evidence than there is here. Everyday. Seeing this evidence put before the public in a manner that can’t be avoided would be good, fitting, healing, appropriate & may be the only way to restore some sanity to the “cult”. Pounding truths home night after night, exposing the true attempted fraud & attempt to overthrow our elected gov’t, by 1 of the 2 major Parties, on behalf of Trump would be quite the spectacle. There’d be nowhere for GOP scumbags to hide; their lies nakedly exposed for all the world to see! That is what SHOULD happen now & end result ~ the banishment of the GOP to annals of history, forever tainted & the dirty ones in it never able to redeem themselves.
    (Just as they’d do, if it were Dems who’d done it.)
    Of course there’s a major conflict of interest in having Rethugs on the Commission! The guilty party cannot be their own prosecution, judge, jury! We saw what chaos & stupidity they brought to Ukraine investigation & this is far worse! The only Rethugs that could serve would be Liz Cheney & handful of others. Loyalty to Party & Trump, joining in the big lie & current acts to limit who can even vote — show vast majority of Party is guilty as sin, just differing degrees. The LAST THING the obstructionist Party of liars & traitors will do is allow truth to come out. But that is the only thing that will cleanse us & let us start anew. Wiser than before.
    They perpetrators should’ve been expelled from Congress immediately! Empty seats. No obstruction. No agenda AGAINST the American People & our democracy. That should have happened, but the other Party, as usual, not up to the task. So the bullshit goes on & the traitors felt empowered to go further.
    Enuff already! Gain back the world’s respect by doing what we all know must be done. We cannot just allow it to be as if they did nothing! That’s bullshit!
    If WE don’t fight like hell, WE won’t have a Country anymore! Don’t just investigate — convict & remove them from gov’t! They can’t serve ever again. In other countries, they’d be put to death for insurrectionist acts!

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