Hannity’s Infantile Anti-Biden Tweet Draws a Scorching Backlash Against Trump

No one has ever accused Sean Hannity of being an intellectual giant. And for good reason. He is notoriously uninformed and illogical. His greatest asset as a television pundit is his ability to lie without shame and an inexhaustible supply of arrogance.

Donald Trump Sean Hannity

On Monday evening Hannity thought he was struck with a brilliant inspiration for a tweet to attack President Biden. It elaborated on a theme that Hannity has been trying to popularize for months, with no success whatsoever. Despite his repeated failures, Hannity’s contention that Biden is mentally deficient is contradicted every time Biden speaks publicly. And the American people (according to a Fox News poll!) have already concluded that it’s Donald Trump who is too mentally unsound to serve.

Undaunted, Hannity tweeted this pathetic bit of childishness…

Seriously? This is the level of political discourse provided by the host of a program that Fox News presents with pride every night in primetime? And ironically this comes from someone who has his own peculiar bedtime rituals. Hannity was known to have nighty-night calls with Trump every night after his show.

In all fairness, it isn’t actually any worse than the rest of Fox’s lineup (i.e. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends). But the one redeeming factor is that this sort of idiocy is so easy to rebut. And Twitter was ready and willing to take on that duty:

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  1. Loving that video of Sean Shammity with big pacifier! (Or does he call his a “binky”?)

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