WTF? Trump Regrets Not Banning Facebook and Twitter When He Was President

America really dodged a bullet (perhaps literally) when we voted Donald Trump off the island. Since his defeat to Joe Biden, Trump has proved how dangerous his sociopathic authoritarianism is. And he is apparently still not satisfied with his delusional “Big Lie” rhetoric that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him. Never mind that it incited a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill. Trump wants more.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

In a statement released Tuesday, Trump revealed a significant escalation of his tyrannical aspirations. The statement was released via email to his obedient disciples because he has been suspended from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, for disseminating harmful lies and disinformation. This exile from social media is having a deleterious effect on his mental stability (such as it is). There is no question that he is becoming ever more paranoid and extreme. His statement reads…

“Congratulations to the country of Nigeria, who just banned Twitter because they banned their President. More COUNTRIES should ban Twitter and Facebook for not allowing free and open speech – all voices should be heard. In the meantime, competitors will emerge and take hold. Who are they to dictate good and evil if they themselves are evil? Perhaps I should have done it while I was President. But Zuckerberg kept calling me and coming to the White House for dinner telling me how great I was. 2024?

Seriously? Trump is lauding the censorious actions of a national leader for “canceling” Twitter and prodding other nations to follow suit? And he thinks that silencing everyone on Twitter is supportive of “free and open speech”? These are the ravings of a mad and desperate loser who still can’t comprehend that his suspension was his own fault. Had he complied with the same community standards that every other Twitter user abides by, he would still be tweeting.

Trump goes on to criticize those who he says are evil while dictating good and evil to others. But he is so self-unaware that he doesn’t recognize his own glaringly evil behavior. So naturally, he demonstrates that in the next sentence saying with regard to illegally shutting down Facebook and Twitter that, “Perhaps I should have done it while I was President.”

Setting aside the fact that he didn’t have any authority to ban any of the social media services he despises, his desire to to do so is chilling. After all, Trump is still threatening to run for reelection as president in 2024. The damage that he could do if reelected could make the damage he did in the previous four years pale by comparison. His totalitarian tendencies mirror those of fascist dictators from the past.

Trump’s lament that he didn’t clamp down on social media when he thought he had the chance should be enough evidence to convince sane Americans that he must never hold any political power in this country ever again. He is telling us that he intends to brutally abuse it.

It’s disturbing that so many Republicans continue to support him despite his noxious desire to rule as an unchallenged monarch. But it is up to the rest of us to make sure that neither he, nor his wannabe successors, ever have the opportunity to implement his doctrine of oppression.

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6 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Regrets Not Banning Facebook and Twitter When He Was President

  1. Do not forget that the wanna be dictator for life said that he said he should have banned Facebook and Twitter (free speech.) It should rank right alongside, “No, I don’t take any responsibility.”

  2. So, TrumpetArse, whinging that he doesn’t have the right to free speech, wants to close down two avenues of free speech. ‘Scuse me while I uncross my eyes….Gawd, if we ever needed proof he was barking effing mad….

    • I think Stelter’s “source” may have ulterior motives. Hannity may want to have an escape path. But there is no evidence on his program that he Trump have had any falling out. Hannity is still as devoted as ever, if not more so.

      • According to Business Australia today, Hannity’s moved to Florida to be near him…GROSS!!! May have been in the article about him crashing someone’s memorial service at Mar-A-Gargle.

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