Fox News Host On Civil Rights Movement: ‘We’ve Seen the Enemy and It’s White People’

Fox News suffered a profound loss when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump for the presidency. And despite the messianic beliefs held by Trump and his cult disciples that he actually won and that his political resurrection is imminent, he remains an embarrassingly irrelevant and pathetic apostle of pity and lies.

Fox News Racist

This leaves Fox News in the desperate position of having to manufacture controversies that might satiate the voracious appetites of their scandal-starved audience. They’ve already run through preposterous stories involving Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. they’ve tried to dampen Biden’s broad based popularity with nonsense like whether or not he wears a face mask, or blaming him for a sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A, or mocking the romance in his marriage. All to no avail.

Among the contrivances at Fox News has been a relentless assault on the academic study of Critical Race Theory, which is defined as an “attempt to understand how victims of systemic racism are affected by cultural perceptions of race.” Not that anyone on Fox News could define it – or cares. They are just exploiting it to trigger the racist tendencies of their viewers. And that mission led to a segment on Wednesday’s episode of Fox and Friends where co-host Brian Kilmeade launched into a rancid rant against the Civil Rights movement (video below). He began by demanding credit for white folks having made some progress with their bigotry:

“They’re not acknowledging any improvement in our culture, and the gains made, and how we are more equal, even despite our faults, than any other country.”

Congratulations Brian, You and yours aren’t shackling Black people and forcing them to work for nothing anymore. That’s hardly something to brag about when there is still a significant amount of prejudice in America with regard to education, jobs, and housing. And there’s also that little matter of how Black men and women – and children – keep getting killed by police officers. But don’t let me interrupt. Please continue:

“The other thing is, they’re not only trying to raise up minorities and trying to make sure the playing field is even, they’re trying to take down the white culture. And this generation of Americans wondered why aren’t we all Americans? Why are we all being marginalized on a daily basis on our gender, our sexuality, and the color of our skin? And it’s not even subtle. It is actually out there. It is written in black and white.”

Just as we always thought. It’s white people who are the victims of culture take-downs and marginalization. It’s a good thing that we have Fox News and Kilmeade to remind us of this. But he still wasn’t finished:

“This is the big difference between other civil rights movements in our past. One, the first big one was a war. The second big one we saw in the streets, especially in the South. And this one we’re seeing in the classroom. And we’ve seen the enemy and it’s white people.”

WTHF? Kilmeade is now asserting that today’s Civil Rights movement has declared war on white people. That’s because he sees the struggle for equality as a fight to deprive the white population of the privilege that they believe is their divine right. Any progress toward leveling the playing field means taking away from whites the advantages that have been accustomed to for generations.

What’s especially nauseating about this is that Kilmeade isn’t the least bit shy about saying all of this out loud on his nationally broadcast television program. And his co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt nod along in complete agreement.

That’s how far down the Mariana Trench of racism that Fox News has descended. And Trump has made it acceptable to unapologetically parade prejudice around in Right-Wing World. But given the realities of demographics, they will soon be toppled from their hilltop. Deep down they know that, and that’s why they’re so afraid.

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One thought on “Fox News Host On Civil Rights Movement: ‘We’ve Seen the Enemy and It’s White People’

  1. “…we are more equal, even despite our faults, than any other country.”
    1st of all ~ No. We are not “more equal” than “any other Country”. That is just not correct. That’s just what we were taught in school, “American History” class. And the overt racism that’s become so common that it’s practiced openly by Law Enforcement all over this Country, is but 1 sign of how UNtrue his comment really is!
    “…why aren’t we all Americans? Why are we all being marginalized on a daily basis on our gender, our sexuality, and the color of our skin?”
    Great questions, Kilmeade! I’m sure many of us would like to know the answer to that. That certainly isn’t a “liberal thing”, so you’d have to ask that of your pals in the “white-wing” Party of Rethugs. Why ARE we judging people based on such stupid things as those you mention?! Such superficial things are meant to keep us all separated, to encourage disdain & hatred of anyone who’s different ~ as if 1 group of people is somehow better than any other. But that is not true – not based on such superficial crap as that! Ignorant people judge others & marginalize them based on such criteria as that. So, again I ask you, Brian Kilmeade & FauxSnooz ~ “Why?”

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