SRSLY? Fox News Whines About Biden Criticizing the GOP and Trump’s ‘Phony Populism’

From its inception twenty-five years ago, Fox News has been a relentlessly biased, anti-Democratic, propaganda purveyor working diligently on behalf of the Republican Party and, more recently, the Trump cult. They abandoned any pretense to either fairness or balance. Their CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, even admitted publicly that he considered the network’s job to be opposing the Biden administration.

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In light of that, it’s remarkably hypocritical for Fox News to complain now that President Biden made a few mildly critical remarks about Republicans and Trump. But, of course, that’s precisely what they did. An article on the Fox website blared the headline: “Biden slams Republicans while on foreign soil in break with political norms.” The article noted that Biden referenced the Republican opposition to a congressional probe of Trump’s January 6th Capitol Hill insurrection. It’s opening paragraphs read…

“Biden blasted Trump’s ‘phony populism’ in response to a reporter’s question about what Biden has said to allies who may be wary of trusting the U.S. post-Trump. Republicans and Democrats have long observed a tradition that ‘politics stops at the water’s edge.'”

For the record, what Biden said was…

“It is a shock and surprise that what’s happened in terms of the consequence of President Trump’s phony populism has happened. It is disappointing that so many of my Republican colleagues in the Senate, who I know know better, have been reluctant to take on, for example, an investigation because they’re worried about being primaried […optimistically adding that…] There’s going to be a coalescing of a lot of Republicans, particularly younger Republicans, who are coming up in the party.”

For Fox News to get heated up over Biden engaging in a bit of political rhetoric while overseas is profoundly hypocritical. First of all, he was responding to a reporter’s question, so it wasn’t his idea to bring it up. But more to the point, Fox News does the very same thing all the time. Just this week Sean Hannity viciously disparaged Biden in rants belittling him as “sippy cup Joe.” Even worse, he praised Vladimir Putin as being superior to Biden saying that “I fear that Vladimir will eat Joe’s lunch.” Then he repeated his frequent insult that “Joe Biden is frail, weak, and a cognitive mess.” And all of this just days before Biden was to meet with Putin in a crucial summit.

Apparently the maxim that “politics end at the water’s edge” only applies to Democrats. On Monday on Fox’s The Five, Jesse Watters said that Biden “seems confused” and that he “doesn’t see him doing well with Putin.” and when Trump was canoodling with Kim Jung Un he tweeted that he “smiled when [Kim] called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse.”

Trump’s behavior is downright treasonous. Just last week, as Biden was preparing to meet with the Russian dictator, Trump insulted the U.S. and flattered his BFF Putin. He posted a statement that explicitly said that he trusts Putin more than his fellow Americans. But on Fox News Biden is the villain because he expressed some disappointment in the GOP, but also some hope. And Fox gets all huffy when people don’t take them seriously as news network?

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One thought on “SRSLY? Fox News Whines About Biden Criticizing the GOP and Trump’s ‘Phony Populism’

  1. If the Fake news company gave even a little bit of a damn, they would turn their backs on the ex-wanna be orange dictator and pick a serious new wanna be repuglican presidential hopeful. Their supporting the ex-White House resident is only hurting them and making them vastly less credible.

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