PSAKI BOMB: Jen Psaki Scorches Jim Jordan for Gaslighting on Gas Prices

Nothing brightens the dawn of a new day more than the glare on the horizon of new Psaki Bomb, courtesy of President Biden’s illuminating press secretary, Jen Psaki. On a regular basis she enfeebles the hapless White House correspondent from Fox News, Peter Doocy.

Psaki Lightening

However, on Monday morning the Republican Shrieker of the House, Jim Jordan, arose to hammer out a typically dishonest tweet aimed at disparaging Biden and deceiving the public. Unfortunately for Jimmy, Ms. Psaki was awake and aware of his twitter trolling. She replied in the manner that has distinguished her as both brilliant and more than a little snarky:

Indeed. Everyone who is the least bit informed about the economy knows that gas prices were artificially low last year due to that deadly pandemic thingy that caused folks to stay home. With demand down significantly, the gas companies reduced their prices. Now that the nation is reopening for business, people are moving about again, which increases both the demand and the cost of fuel.

Somebody needs to explain these simple concepts to Mr. Jordan. And Ms. Psaki is the perfect teacher. She helpfully included information about the sharply reduced unemployment rate. That’s another result of the Biden administration’s phenomenally successful COVID vaccine program that has enable people to return to the work and leisure activities they enjoyed prior to the pandemic.

Earlier in the day, Psaki was interviewed on CBS This Morning where she reiterated the Biden administration’s opposition to raising gas taxes:

“We need a few more details about the deal and about the proposal, including specifics about how to pay for it. An idea that’s been floating around there, that certainly the President would not support, is a gas tax which would raise taxes on people making less than $400,000.00 a year. We’re just not gonna stand for that. And we’re not gonna accept that.”

When will these right-wing cretins get it that they can’t use tactics that would work on jealous airheads like Kayleigh McEnany on Jen Psaki? The more they try, the more they humiliate themselves. Which, while it makes them look stupid, at least it’s entertaining for the rest of us.

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2 thoughts on “PSAKI BOMB: Jen Psaki Scorches Jim Jordan for Gaslighting on Gas Prices

  1. Unfortunately trying to teach Jim Jorden, Peter Doocy and a host of others is a futile effort for they assuredly will be back with their infantile comments or questions.

  2. Kudos to Pres. Biden for standing his ground, on behalf of “the 99%”, who can’t afford more taxes, or huge yachts for that matter ~ both of which the 1%ers, even the 5%ers can easily afford! And kudos again, for Jen Psaki ~ what a breath of fresh air she is! Plus, 10x smarter than anything we’ve seen in DC the past 4yrs!
    Since Jimmy Jordan likely “searches” his name… (I didn’t know that was even a “thing” they do) …Shame on Jimmy Jordan & rest of the Rethugs selling their souls to the orange-faced devil with the most terrible golf swing! “Shame on them!”

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