Lying Trump Shill Kayleigh McEnany Whines About Jen Psaki Getting Better Press

For his entire public life Donald Trump was more concerned with image than achievement. It’s why his name is the most prominent feature of any of his business ventures, most of which failed. Consequently, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Trump administration always valued facade over substance. Their core mission was advancing pseudo-populist rhetoric, while achieving nothing of note.

Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump

The same is true for the Trump White House refugees in their post-presidency careers. That includes Trump’s former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, now a co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News. On Friday the program featured a segment on a subject that is uppermost in the minds of pretty much no one in America. It was reported that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz would be taking pictures for a possible magazine profile of President Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki.

This news was apparently too much for McEnany to handle. So when the subject arose on Outnumbered, she launched into a green-eyed rant of jealousy directed at her White House successor, lamenting what she regarded as more negative PR during her term as Trump’s fourth press flack:

“Instead of the glowing profiles, there were hit pieces repeatedly, time and time again. It’s just so sad that you have a fawning press corps like this, a fawning media sycophantically covering members of the Biden administration. They asked Jen Psaki yesterday about Joe Biden’s cat. I mean, it’s incredible the kinds of questions that they ask. […] We need investigative journalism. We don’t need fawning coverage. It doesn’t do the American people any justice.”

How true. It is indeed sad how the media – particularly Fox News, the most watched cable news network – fawns sycophantically over Trump and his cronies. They may not have asked him about his pets (Trump never had any), but they also never asked him about his failure to contain the COVID pandemic, his overt racism, sexism, and xenophobia, his personal taxes and financial corruption, his harmful policies on the economy and jobs, his antagonistic foreign relations agenda, his camaraderie with criminals, his sexual harassment and assaults, or his “Big Lie” about the 2020 presidential election being stolen.

McEnany’s whining about her own press coverage fails to take into consideration her reputation for flagrantly lying to, and like her boss, viciously insulting the press. She once told reporters that, because of Trump, the coronavirus would never come to the United States. She defended Trump’s references to “very fine people on both sides” during a protest by racists that erupted into violence. She even worked on the Trump reelection campaign while she was press secretary.

If McEnany isn’t satisfied with the coverage she got from the media she has only herself to blame. She worked for a hostile, narcissistic, pathological liar, and she supported him unflinchingly. And she isn’t doing herself any favors by whining about it on Fox News where, by the way, she is still working for a blatantly dishonest purveyor of propaganda.

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