CNN’s Jim Acosta Comforts the Fox News Deplorables: The Circus is Hiring Clowns

The Trump Cult is preparing to greet Dear Leader this evening at his first rally since he was evicted from the White House by a significant majority of the American people. Donald Trump’s devotees are all atwitter (in more ways than one) in anticipation of witnessing another tediously repetitive harangue about the “fake” news, the “crooked” Democrats and, as always, how horribly he’s been mistreated by everyone.

Donald Trump, Pennywise

How Trump’s disciples tolerate his relentless whining is a mystery. But not only do they tolerate it, they admire it. Their cognitive processes are so defective that they soak up his fear and self pity and disgorge it as some twisted form of courage. They are primed for an extravaganza that promises to fulfill their most ardent wet dreams.

However, what Trump delivers is the type of “entertainment” one would expect to behold from under the Big Top. It’s all pomp and circus stance, complete with a soundtrack by the Village People.

CNN’s Jim Acosta made the same observation in a commentary that addressed some of the recent rhetorical aberrations of Fox News cretins Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. They both attacked the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, for having defended the military’s commitment to diversity and equity. Carlson, a coward who never served, called Milley “stupid” and “a pig.” Ingraham proposed defunding the Pentagon, leaving America defenseless.

“The Trump circus is back on tour again,” Acosta began. And “the former president is certain to roll out a clown car full of lies to the outrage of supporters.” Acosta then built up to a climax that roasted Carlson and Ingraham in epic fashion (video below):

“Pvt. Ingraham, Pvt. Carlson, what is your major malfunction? The General seems to have touched a nerve. Here is what is so threatening about Trumpism. It’s not just the ‘Big Lies.’ It’s about pitting one set of Americans against another. Over the election, over Critical Race Theory, or whatever the next unserious outrage theory that comes out of Fox News or Mar-a-Lago.

“If we stop fighting each other, and start embracing the truth, these guys over here, they’re gonna run out of things to talk about. And maybe even run out of money too. But hey, they could run off and join the circus. I hear they’re hiring clowns.”

The problem with Acosta’s assessment isn’t that he’s wrong. It’s that “fighting each other” isn’t merely collateral residue of Fox’s media strategy. It’s the preplanned intention. They are determined to create as much division and irrational hatred as possible. And they are having some limited success. A recent poll shows that 30% of Republicans believe that Trump is likely to be reinstated to the presidency this year, a constitutional impossibility. That’s far from a majority, but still a disturbing minority of acutely disturbed cultists.

Hopefully, Trump’s disciples will abandon their delusions in much the same way that children learn that the circus is a fantasy world created to provide some comedy and excitement to a comparatively staid existence. But expecting Trump’s already adult cult followers to grow up may be too much to hope for. Especially while he’s still peddling his shitshow as the “The greatest Witch Hunt in US history.”

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