HUH? On Fox News Trump Asks ‘Imagine If There Was Coronavirus When I Was President’

For most of his time in the White House Donald Trump’s mental acuity was questioned. And for good reason. Despite his own hysterical references to himself as a stable genius,” Trump also believed that stealth fighters are actually invisible, that windmills cause cancer, that we should nuke hurricanes, that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID. It’s not exactly a record of cognitive fitness.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

In his post-presidency, Trump has not fared any better. And on Saturday night he displayed a deficiency of cerebral functioning that should trigger alarm among his medical caregivers. Trump called into Fox News for a tongue-bathing “interview” by the ultra-bombastic Dan Bongino, a pundit whose experience consists of having been an NYPD officer, a three time loser for Congress, and a big mouth with which to shout down anyone who disagrees with him.

During the doting discussion Bongino sought Trump’s views on COVID mask mandates. “You didn’t have as much information when you got in office,” Bongino softballed. “It was a new virus, obviously. Where do you stand on these mandates?” Setting aside the fact that Trump knew very well the deadly severity of the coronavirus early on, he nevertheless replied with an incoherent jumble of nonsense:

“Could you imagine if I were president right now and we had this massive attack from the coronavirus – you know, now they like to call it, they have new names and they have other new names – but it’s exactly what we had, we had the same thing. If that were me, they would say ‘what a horrible thing, what a horrible job.’ I don’t ever hear that. And these are numbers in some cases that are equivalent to what it was, but we don’t hear that.”

Does Trump really think that people need to “imagine” what it would have been like if there were pandemic while he was in office? The obituaries of more than 600,000 Americans might serve as a grim reminder. And the people did say “what a horrible job.” Then they voted him out of office by a seven million vote margin that, in his reality-averse stupor, he still refuses to acknowledge.

However, Trump actually contradicted himself in the same comment. He began by suggesting that it required imagination to conceive of a viral pandemic during his term. Then follows that by conceding that it was “exactly what we had.” So which was it? And leave out the babbling about different names.

Of course, neither Trump nor Bongino recognize that the current wave of COVID is the result of the new Delta variant. Nor do they acknowledge that the horrendous surge is mainly among the unvaccinated, whose resistance has largely been driven by Trump and Fox News. If they wanted to mitigate the harm, they could, but they obviously don’t want to.

This is the reprehensible level of discourse exhibited by Trump and his fluffers on Fox News. And yet, Trump is still regarded as the de facto leader of the Republican Party. Which tells you everything you need to know about the GOP, Fox News and Trump.

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9 thoughts on “HUH? On Fox News Trump Asks ‘Imagine If There Was Coronavirus When I Was President’

  1. And his supporters will STILL support him?

    It makes no sense to me.

  2. President Obama left a 59 page handbook on procedure on hew to deal with a pandemic. The orange grumpy lump totally ignored it and probably used it for toilet paper.

    • I still miss President Obama.

      It is weird that his competence is so alluring when considered in juxtaposition to the guy who came after..

    • No, he couldn’t have done that – there wouldn’t have been enough for that fat arse.

  3. I took ENORMOUS pleasure in depositing this on Liz Harrington’s Twitter this morning…with the comment, ‘Mad as a box of frogs…’

  4. If that were me, they would say ‘what a horrible thing, what a horrible job.’ I don’t ever hear that.

    Of course not, Tyrant. You never hear what you don’t want to hear. And I’m not surprised that you seem convinced that there was no pandemic during your criminal reign. We all know that is exactly what your fellow worshipers will be saying tomorrow: that there was no pandemic during Their Beloved God’s Tyrancy, so obviously everything we suffer now must be President Biden’s fault.

    How do we know? Because every Seditionist Traitor accused Barack Obama of presiding over a terrorist attack on the US (the invented “caravan” of Muslims) and we had NEVER experienced any terrorist attack before. Oh REALLY?

    Fux Spews never learned from the past before – why should we expect a change now?

    • Note the wording: ‘I don’t hear that’ which is not the same as ‘No-one ever said that’ – neat way of getting around it, eh? Have been reading Wolffe’s ‘Fire and the Fury’ and ’tis true – if it doesn’t fit with his world view/his reality/ etc, then it doesn’t exist. What amazes me about Rethuglians is how they can double-think themselves into anything. If they were pieces of string they’d be in Gordian knots by now. Take Marjorie Taylor-Greene (please…take her – anywhere – just somewhere…) yelling she doesn’t want to wear masks, but ‘children have to be protected’ – after losing her position for harassing the survivor of a horrendous school shooting by saying it was a ‘staged event’? I get headaches just trying to work that one out, never mind the rest of them. As for all his bleatie-sheepie cult, I’d say you’re right – by tomorrow, they’ll have talked themselves into there was absolutely NO such thing as COVID during TrumpetArse’s presidency.
      Interesting that there’d ‘never’ been a terrorist attack….so was 9/11 a fake news story?
      I still haven’t got over his constant pronouncement that Barack Obama was NOT a US citizen because he was born in Hawaii – how can ANYONE be so bloody stupid?

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