On Fox News Tucker Carlson Drops His Sickest White Supremacy Conspiracy Theory Yet

The past few months have seen Tucker Carlson of Fox News deliver an eclectic array of noxious commentaries. The variety and extremism of his tirades seem more like the rantings of the schizophrenic on the street corner yelling at passing cars than the host of a program on an alleged “news” network. Among the heinous harangues are Carlson’s paranoid claims that the NSA is spying on him, his adoring embrace of foreign fascists, his bizarre accusation that the FBI orchestrated Trump’s January 6th insurrection, and his twisted belief that public health experts are hiding the “fact” that vaccines don’t work.

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On Wednesday morning Carlson visited with the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends to one up himself on the crazy scale. It didn’t take long for him achieve that goal. The topic of the discussion was immigration, which on Fox News means hateful presentations of invading hordes of brown people intent on committing senseless acts of murder and rape for cheap thrills. And for Carlson it also offers another opportunity to peddle the overtly racist “White Replacement Theory” that he picked up from his study of 20th century Nazis. He vented viciously to his Fox friends that…

“What’s happening at the border is not a crisis. A crisis is a flood in Bangladesh. It’s an act of god. This is an intentional act. This is the administration bringing felons, violent criminals, into our country on purpose. Why would you do something like that? Only to destroy it. There’s no other explanation for this. It’s not an act of compassion. It’s an act of hostility against the United States in order to change it forever. I think this is the greatest scandal of my lifetime, what’s happening on the border right now.”

So Carlson wants us to believe that he thinks Democrats are intentionally importing violent felons for the sole purpose of destroying America. He doesn’t bother to explain why Democrats would want to do that, or how it would benefit them. It’s just his opinion that they are the equivalent of comic book super villains who have no motive other than laying waste to civilization to prove that they can. That’s the sort of small-brain thesis that a seven year old would be embarrassed to claim.

For the record, Carlson doesn’t have a shred of evidence to support any of his rancid rhetoric. There are no caravans of migrating felons marching northward. But he is parroting the psychotic ramblings of Donald Trump who has repeatedly and baselessly charged that “Other countries are emptying their jails into our country.”

After getting an “Absolutely!” affirmation from co-host Steve Doocy, Carlson went on to reveal what he thinks the end game is for the evil Democrats. “The strategy,” Carlson snarls, “is to change the demographics of the country.” That’s the heart of the “White Replacement Theory” that he has been hawking on his program for months. His belief is that Democrats will gain an electoral advantage through this, saying that “Democrats are bringing them here purely to vote for them.” Carlson seems to think that these imaginary migrant felons get immediate citizenship and voting rights as soon as they cross the border. And of course, they will all register and vote as Democrats.

In case anyone missed the main point Carlson was trying to make, he conveniently spelled it out for us, warning that “we should not be bullied into silence as they take OUR country away.” The emphasis on “OUR” was entirely Carlson’s. It was his not-so-subtle nod to the white-wingers like himself who he believes are the rightful masters of America. And while it’s disgusting enough that Carlson would hold that opinion, it’s downright nauseating that he would shamelessly say it out loud on national television. But then again, this is Fox News.

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6 thoughts on “On Fox News Tucker Carlson Drops His Sickest White Supremacy Conspiracy Theory Yet

  1. (Tucker Carlson, on Immigration?)
    “It’s an act of hostility against the United States in order to change it forever. I think this is the greatest scandal of my lifetime… ”

    Really? Because, those exact words would indeed be accurate, IF he were talking about the multiple attempts by Trump to fraudulently overturn the 2020 election – including violent attack on the Capitol by hoardes of people he brought to DC, riled up in anger & then set loose upon the Capitol & Congress within, as they were meeting to make official Biden’s Presidency.
    “Act of hostility against the US” ? …& the fact it was all put together by U.S. President who refuses to accept that he lost re-election ~ now that, really should be biggest scandal of a lifetime!

  2. Native Americans will tell you the immigrants from England acted with hostility against first-world nations and tribes in order to change it forever. Probably the greatest scandal of all time.

    Just sayin

  3. Democrats will gain the electoral advantage thanks to the efforts of DeSantis and Abbott.

    • Sigh… Probably only hope Dem leaders have at this point.

  4. Abbott & DeSantis are their own worst enemy!
    The voters in their States (who manage to survive this pandemic) need to remember all this crap + the arrogance & damage done by their so-called leaders!
    “Send ’em packing!”
    Bring in someone with real leadership skills & with talent bigger than their ego!

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