Fearful Trump Pressures Fox News to Spread His ‘Big Lie’ Despite Billion Dollar Lawsuits

Desperation is setting in as Donald Trump comes to realize that his whining and tantrums are not getting through to anyone but his glassy-eyed cult disciples. Having been banished from much of social media, Trump resorts to releasing statements via email that are dutifully tweeted by his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (who is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban).

Donald Trump, Fox News

For the past several months Trump has had to rely on the low-rated, glorified video blogs of Newsmax and One America News Network. Apparently they are not achieving the results Trump hoped for with regard to building his insurrection crusade and stuffing his pockets with cash of those he’s defrauded. Meanwhile, his alternative social media efforts have been predictably disappointing.

Trump doesn’t even have Fox News to lean on anymore, as the network has refrained from their prior practice of airing everything he did or said without interruption. And it certainly doesn’t help that Trump has been bashing the Fox News Ministry of Propaganda relentlessly.

Now Trump may be having second thoughts about his seething hostility toward Fox News. On Wednesday morning he released a statement that was virtually drenched with desperation and regret at having renounced his Fox friends. He wrote that…

“Fox doesn’t understand that it is missing a rating bonanza by not covering the 2020 Election Fraud, the Crime of the Century, which is being exposed throughout many states on a daily basis. They are also doing a disservice to our Country. People have turned them off!”

Let’s be clear: What Trump is really saying is that Fox News should be helping him to disseminate his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. But For Trump to criticize Fox News on the basis of ratings is laughable. Even though they have recently suffered massive declines over the past year (as have most television networks), they are still the top rated cable news network. And if running with the “Big Lie” would be such a “rating bonanza,” then why are Newsmax and OAN in the dumpster?

What’s more, Trump’s assertion that there is evidence of his preposterous claims of fraud “being exposed throughout many states on a daily basis,” is simply delusional. The only thing that is being exposed more on a daily basis is Trump’s treasonous efforts to stage a coup.

Trump may discover that Fox News is not going to be as resolutely supportive of his crackpottery, particularly with regard to voter fraud. They are currently being sued for $1.6 billion dollars by Dominion voting Systems for making unfounded allegations of tampering with the the election data. The lawyers at Fox News are so sensitive to their legal liabilities that they edited one of their own programs (Dan Bongino Unfiltered) to remove potentially defamatory content before posting it online.

Consequently, it seems unlikely that Fox is going to accede to Trump’s threats and start supporting the “Big Lie” narrative. They have too much at stake and know that the legal case against them is strong. So Trump is going to have to live with the miniscule coverage he’s getting from Newsmax and OAN (who, as of this week, are also being sued). And the thought of that is filling him with dread, because he knows that won’t be sufficient to spread his ludicrous propaganda. But he apparently doesn’t know that his feeble threats are not going to get him what he wants. His influence is waning as he spirals ever downward into insignificance.

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2 thoughts on “Fearful Trump Pressures Fox News to Spread His ‘Big Lie’ Despite Billion Dollar Lawsuits

  1. The best cure for this is for the State of New York or the US Government is to put the grumpy lump in a universal set of orange coveralls for many, many years.

    • Amen to that! So WTH is taking so long? They all waiting for Trump to die of old age, or what?! Wheels of Justice need not move this slowly, unless they plan to do nothing in the end, while making some folks think they’re hard at work on holding Trump accountable for some of his stinky shit. How much dam* proof do they need? And why ain’t he squirming?!? Maybe cuz’, like with Gaetz, it’s “life goes on” & they seem pretty smug that nothing will come of any charges against them, so “no worries”.
      Those who were involved in the violence at Capitol on 1/6 have been going to court, being sentenced, yet we hear basically nothing about any of it? 1 quick statement of outcome in 10 words or less?! That’s it?? That’s how much it matters to media & others? Not newsworthy? Why the hell not?!
      And why aren’t they being used to testify about how they came to be there & why they thought they were there, on whose command, etc?! If the coverage of those eho were there rates zero media attention, as if not happening, thrn what does that say about any chance of holding the people behind the whole thing accountable?! I guess Rethugs are right… No big thing, forget it & was all just “love & kisses”, eh?!?
      Try that shit in any other country & fail – they execute ya’! For good reason! Surely the people in power know that there is more to come & 1 look at what sane Rethugs have done since tells you they have no regrets, or reason to lay low! Zero!
      Shit is pissin’ me off!

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