Rachel Maddow Fractures Fox News For Hawking a Horse Dewormer as a COVID Cure

Apparently it wasn’t bad enough that Fox News contributed to tens of thousands of deaths, and even more severe illnesses, by downplaying the severity of the coronavirus as a flu or a hoax. And apparently they weren’t satisfied with the suffering they’ve caused by convincing their glassy-eyed viewers that vaccines either aren’t necessary, or don’t work, or are constraints on their freedom imposed by autocrats intent on enslaving them.

Fox News, Cov-Aid

Fox’s efforts have led to what can now be accurately designated the Pandemic of Fox News.” Their primetime purveyors of pandemic bullpucky are clearly determined to propagate even more pain.

To that end Fox News began prescribing another phony cure for the plague that they’ve been reluctant to admit exists. Despite the potential for having a positive impact on their audience, Fox continues to prove that they just don’t care. Previously they tried hype hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug for which there is no evidence of efficacy treating COVID, other than the grossly misinformed word of Donald Trump. But now they’ve moved on to Ivermectin, a horse dewormer.

Yes, you read that right. And you aren’t the only one to be stunned by the sheer idiocy of this media quackery. When MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow heard about it she launched into a righteous condemnation of both the reckless advice and the Fox News advisors (video below):

“The Mississippi State Department of Health confirming today that ‘At least 70% of the recent calls to poison control in Mississippi have been related to livestock or animal formulations of Ivermectin, purchased at livestock supply centers.

“Why are people taking livestock formulations of Ivermectin Mississippi? That’s a horse dewormer. Literally, people won’t take the vaccine because they’re super suspicious of that, but they’re taking horse deworming medication that they’re buying at a feed store? For COVID? Why, on top of everything else Mississippi has to deal with right now, why are they dealing with this? I don’t know, but I have a guess.”

Whereupon Maddow plays clips of the three Fox News primetime hosts peddling Ivermectin to their viewers:

Laura Ingraham: We know that our FDA has in many ways failed us by not allowing for the use of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, both of which are used around the world to reduce COVID hospitalizations and death.
Sean Hannity: I pelted them with questions about COVID-19 and the vaccine and therapeutics hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin … as well as other proactive treatments and practices that are already helping COVID -19 patients all across the country.
Tucker Carlson: On June 5th [Bret] Weinstein discussed the benefits of a drug called Ivermectin, which can and is used around the world to treat and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Maddow then points out that there has only been one “significant” study connecting Ivermectin to COVID, but that it was withdrawn “because the data in it was apparently faked and the introduction to it was apparently plagiarized.” To date, no one on Fox News has withdrawn their advocacy of the drug. As Maddow noted in her closing…

“Nevertheless, Fox News is busy saying, ‘Don’t take the vaccine, but do take this horse deworming medication, trust us, it is proven.’ You could trust them or you could trust the FDA that says ‘Do not take Ivermectin for COVID.’ Or the NIH that says ‘Do not take Ivermectin for COVID.’ Or the WHO that says ‘Do not take Ivermectin for COVID.’ Even the company that makes the drug that says ‘My god, seriously people. Do not take Ivermectin for COVID.'”

You might think that that would finally be enough for Fox News to step back and retract their potentially lethal “reporting.” If so, you just know Fox News.

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13 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Fractures Fox News For Hawking a Horse Dewormer as a COVID Cure

  1. MCM – i used to like you and your website. very informative but this time you’ve got your head up your ass. Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine w/zinc have proven to be extremely effective against all Covid stages of infections. try doing a little homework before discounting honest studies that stopped Covid infections in its tracks. You might start by studying the successes in India. you sound like MSM parroting the Big Pharma lie. Are you?

    • What right wing blogs are you reading so that you won’t have to be exposed to what actual news and science people say? And what is a nutter like you doing here anyway?

  2. Sure, I have not a care in the world to say that every person thinking of using these sham cures pays for their snake oil in spades.

  3. Dear Tyrant Worshipers: How can you refuse to accept proven vaccines when you are quite willing to inject poisons and horse piss into your system just because Your Lord God knows how to pronounce the word? We’re waiting.

  4. The people using this stuff are a self-leveling faction. They kill themselves off and their surviving family can give the credit the FAUX. Seems like a win-win for the rest of us. I guess the hospitals will have ugh room and staff to treat them, swell as the Covid victims. They can only hope………

    • …credit to FAUX….. hospitals will have enough room…….as well as Covid victims…… IF AUTOCORRECT would just correct…….I would not blame my typing ability…….

  5. One would think that Republicans and the Republican media wouldn’t be so quick to try to kill off their constituencies. Of course they may have no idea what they are doing but…..still.

    • How can they not have any idea they are wiping out their supporters? It beggars the imagination, but there we are….the madness of the end of human life on earth has begun……

      • There have been cults like this before. But none have had Fox News and social media to prop them up.

  6. You can make a rational argument to study whether properly dosed usage of Ivermectin can help in the Covid fight. So, I’m unwilling to make fun of Ivermectin, since it is available in pill form to be used to deal with parasitic infections in humans. The main problem with Ivermectin and HydroxyChloroquine is that there is no scientific research to support its approval by the FDA or any other national or international agency for use on Covid.

    So, even suggesting that the human version is somehow effective when the research says otherwise (I’m talking to you Joe Rogan) is misinformation. For those interested, here’s the link to the FDA’s analysis of the studies conducted on Ivermectin’s efficacy re Covid: https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/tables/table-2c/

    • And isn’t it interesting that the anti-vaxxers reject vaccines because they don’t believe the abundance of science that supports them? But they’ll take Ivermectin even though the there is no science supporting it whatsoever.

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