Trump Exploits the Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan to Whine About Losing the 2020 Election

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Republicans wasted no time engaging in rank politicization of the loss of life and wantonly blaming President Biden. This despite the overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump bears the most responsibility due to his having negotiated a “surrender agreement” with the Taliban (according to his own National Security Advisor), and his lethal failure to plan for the withdrawal.

Donald Trump, Snake Tongue

For his part, Trump is behaving predictably as he frantically absolves himself of any responsibility, baselessly castigates his critics, and incoherently rambles from subject to subject in an effort to land on something that he thinks casts him in a favorable light.

Trump’s most recent babbling in this regard took an especially rancid turn as he conflated the casualties in Afghanistan with his “Big Lie” rhetoric about the 2020 presidential election having been “stolen” from him. In a tweeted statement by his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), Trump ranted that…

“If the Democrats could fight wars as well as they execute Election Fraud, we would have obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World, and would have nothing to worry about!”

Really? First of all, Trump is sort of complimenting Democrats with his admission that they outsmarted him by decisively defeating him the 2020 election. Although outsmarting Trump isn’t a particularly high bar to get over. But worse, Trump is noxiously exploiting a human tragedy in order to continue propagating the same proven lies about election fraud that led to the deadly January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C.

What’s more, Trump is accusing Biden and the Democrats of failing to “win” the war in Afghanistan after being in office for only seven months. If that’s a failure on Biden’s part, what does it mean that Trump had four years during which he could have “obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World,” but failed to either achieve victory or to complete a withdrawal?

On at least three occasions in the past two days Trump has made made similarly repulsive remarks. He told radio right-winger Hugh Hewitt that Democrats “used COVID in order to cheat, cause they cheat fantastically. If they could fight wars like they cheat in election, we would have had that war won in one day.” And he released a pure propaganda video on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program wherein he exalted himself saying that “This tragedy should never have taken place. It should never have happened. and it would not have happened if I were your president.”

Trump’s assertions that the world would have been a peaceful utopia had the American people reelected him is an absurdity borne out by actual facts. Not only were 80 service members killed in Afghanistan on Trump’s watch (most of which he callously ignored), but there were multiple attacks on military bases in the United States, resulting in 12 fatalities. Trump has also conveniently forgotten the terrorist attack by ISIS in New York City that killed eight civilians.

By using the deaths of American soldiers to regurgitate his election fraud conspiracy theories, Trump is affirming his unfitness for any office of public service. He is disqualifying himself from inclusion in civil society. And he is putting his well known narcissism, indecency, and inhumanity on public display. But then again, what else would you expect from Trump and his Republican Party?

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