WHUT? Fox News Fact Checks Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Live During His 9/11 Photo-Op

On the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Donald Trump “honored” the occasion by appearing as the featured commentator for an exhibition fight between a couple of geezers at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. He also released a video that barely mentioned 9/11, but instead insulted both America and President Biden as foolish and inept.

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However, that didn’t satisfy Trump’s obsession with attacking Biden and glorifying himself. He spent a few minutes at a New York police station with a carefully selected group of bootlickers. While there, Trump complained that Biden had visited the three sites where planes crashed on 9/11 but didn’t speak. Perhaps because Biden preferred to make the day about paying tribute to the victims and the heroes, rather than deflecting attention to himself.

Trump, on the other hand, visited none of those sites. And when he spoke it had little to do with 9/11. He spent most of his chat with the NYPD exalting himself and maligning Biden. At the end he slipped in a “thank you” for their efforts on 9/11. But he spent far more time criticizing Biden on the exit from Afghanistan, which Trump failed to accomplish in four years, and the “rigged” election that he is still – nine months later – lying about it to anyone who will listen.

What made this episode of Trump’s whining notable, was that coverage of his remarks on Fox News were abruptly cut off by anchor Arthel Neville. As Trump launched into his “Big Lie” rant he was fact checked live. Neville broke in to say that…

“[Trump] did not miss any opportunities to air grievances including claiming that the election was rigged, which it was not. It has been proven in court multiple times.”

That’s a measure of honesty that is rarely seen on Fox News. And certainly not by any of their primetime Trump-fluffers who continue to worshipfully patronize his delusions. And Neville was not alone this week. On Thursday’s edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Fox’s Chris Wallace was asked about interviewing Republicans who still refuse to accept that Biden was elected fair and square. Wallace said that…

“There are plenty of people who were the leaders in Congress of challenging [the election] that I just have not had on the show ever since then. And I have purposefully not had them on, frankly, because I don’t want to hear their crap.”

These moments of rational reporting on Fox News are welcome, but they should not be regarded as any indication of a change in their core mission to slander Democrats and spread right-wing propaganda. Those are still the foundations of Fox’s editorial objectives. Sean Hannity will still kiss Trump’s – let’s say ring. Tucker Carlson will still advance the agenda of America’s racist White Nationalists. And notwithstanding these brief blips of sanity, Fox News will still work tirelessly to disinform the American people, just as it has for twenty-five years.

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2 thoughts on “WHUT? Fox News Fact Checks Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Live During His 9/11 Photo-Op

  1. “…with a carefully selected group of bootlickers. While there, Trump complained that Biden had visited the three sites where planes crashed on 9/11 but didn’t speak.”

    In sharp contrast to the big-mouth lying babboon spouting shit as always & filming it (to send VPR copies to MSM), at NYPD station, having visited NONE of the crash sites. REAL Presidents were there tho, paying their respects. That’s what REAL leaders & Presidents do on a solemn Day of Remembrance such as 9/11.
    Which is why Trump spent the day ‘remembering himself” & doing commentary for ‘has-beens’ boxing match, selling that voice to listeners for $50 bucks a pop! I heard fight only went 1 round!? (Maybe God doesn’t want us to hear Trump’s voice anymore, either?)

    I will gladly pay Mr. Trump $50…hell, I could even go up to $100… for him to STFU for a month! Not to hear that bile-inducing voice for 1 whole month… Double it if not seeing his royal ugliness for the whole month also! $200tl. That”d clean out my bank acct, but well worth it, to me!!
    Not a peep. Not a sighting. Not once for a whole month!

    Ahhhhh… Now that’s a good investment, in peace & tranquility. I really miss the pre-Trumpshit days, don’t you?!?
    Wonder how long it takes for effects of mass hypnosis on Trump’s zombie cult to start to wear off??

  2. I wonder how many people paid $50. to hear Trump comment on a bad boxing exhibition. I guess there really is one born every minute.

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