Trump Attacks Biden and ‘Incompetent Generals’ In ‘Disgraceful’ Anti-American Rant

Among Donald Trump’s most dishonest political facades is his utterly disingenuous pandering to patriotism. He will flaccidly fling clichés like “America First” while acting out in ways that demonstrate his hostility to this nation and its people.

Donald Trump, Police

For instance, Trump recently took the side of the traitorous South in the Civil War, he shunned tributes to the victims and heroes on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, and he continues to peddle his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him.

On Friday Trump proved once again how low his opinion of America is in a tweet (posted in violation of his Twitter ban) criticizing the tragic accidental killing of Afghan civilians by an errant drone bomb. It was truly a horrific blunder that tears at the hearts of all decent people. But true to form, Trump couldn’t restrain himself from politicizing this tragedy:

“How disgraceful that so many people have been killed because of our incompetent Generals. The Biden Administration wanted to show that they were tough guys after they surrendered to the Taliban, which left many soldiers injured or dead and left Americans and the best Military equipment in the World behind. Our Country has never been so embarrassed or humiliated.”

It’s important to note that Trump only knows about this because the U.S. military, under President Biden’s leadership, took full responsibility for what happened. That’s something Trump has never done. But Trump’s reaction is repugnant on many levels.

First of all, the generals who Trump is insulting as “incompetent” were also on duty throughout his administration. So wouldn’t that make him equally as liable? Secondly, it was Trump who negotiated the “surrender agreement” (in the words of his own National Security advisor) with the Taliban. Thirdly, the equipment that was left behind was not abandoned. It was intended for use by Afghan troops who, unfortunately, failed to step up.

More to the point, if Trump thinks that the loss of ten civilian lives in this incident is “disgraceful,” what must he think about the fact that civilian deaths occurred with much greater frequency during his term? In fact, As reported at the time, the increase in civilian fatalities was due directly to Trump’s incompetent decisions:

“Civilian deaths skyrocketed in Afghanistan under President Donald Trump, whose administration relaxed the rules of engagement for airstrikes in 2017. […] Airstrikes killed 700 civilians in Afghanistan in 2019 alone, more than any other year since the early days of the war in 2002.”

Trump even tried to hide his murderous malfeasance by revoking a policy set by President Obama that required U.S. intelligence officials to publish the number of civilians killed in drone strikes. And as for Trump’s childish dig about the Biden administration wanting “to show that they were tough guys,” it was Trump who recklessly dropped “the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) – nicknamed the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ – in April 2017 […] the first combat deployment of that weapon in any war zone.”

Trump’s animosity toward the military is well documented, going back to his five phony deferments from service during the Vietnam war. And then there was his disparagement of Sen. John McCain for having been been captured and spending six years as a prisoner of war. More recently, as president Trump demeaned America’s fallen soldiers, referring to them as “suckers” and “losers.” It’s a record of shamelessness for which one could truly say that “Our Country has never been so embarrassed or humiliated.”

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3 thoughts on “Trump Attacks Biden and ‘Incompetent Generals’ In ‘Disgraceful’ Anti-American Rant

  1. “Hell no!” We gotta’ fix that…
    (Fix#1) …”How disgraceful that so many people have been killed because of our incompetent” EX-President, Trump! During his 4yr term he relaxed rules for drone usage & hundreds of innocent civilians were killed each year as a result. This never should’ve happened & I apologize for Mr. Trump’s bad decision & that he has no remorse.”
    (Fix#2)…Let the record show that it was Donald Trump who privately made a “surrender agreement” with the Taliban & made a “deal” without the U.S. & Afghan People receiving anything in return, nor even the courtesy of Afghan Gov’t being involved in their discussion & decision, affecting the lives of Afghani citizens! DJ Trump has poor negotiation skills & no respect for those whose lives & country would be forever changed. Such a arrogant, thoughtless man! He is a humiliation & embarrassment to the U. S. Seems he simply “folded” his hand w/o consulting Afghan Gov’t, or our allies before agreeing to surrender. Trump “does not work/play well with others”. Very poor diplomatic & communication skills, amongst other things…& for all these things, I can only offer my most humble apology, as a U.S. citizen. We shall endeavor to learn from this & do better in the future.

  2. (Dang! Guess I won’t be invited to Mar-a-lago now!?!)

  3. When I first heard that, the first thing I figured was that this hypocritical traitorous imbecile who had to invent bone spurs to avoid service in time of war once again insulted his OWN generals.

    When will this cretin be arrested for TREASON?!!

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