Lying Liar Trump Brags About His ‘Successful’ Political Endorsements on Fox News

The evidence of Donald Trump’s malignant narcissism has been well documented over the past five years. No matter what else is going on in the world, Trump manages to see it only in terms of how it relates to him. It’s a psychotic malady that has had horrific consequences, including hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths to due the COVID pandemic.

Trump Lies

Trump’s derangement has not subsided at all in the year since he was evicted from the White House. If anything, it’s gotten more severe. And he exhibited another symptom of it Fox News Saturday night during an interview with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Jeanne Pirro. During a discussion about his place in the political landscape, Trump had the following exchange with Pirro:

Trump: If I endorse somebody they win. I think I’m 148 and 2. That’s a pretty good number.
Pirro: You endorsed Youngkin?
Trump: I did Endorse Youngkin. And I hope it’s not gonna be three.

It’s always a mystery as to where Trump gets the information he regurgitates. Well, perhaps “mystery” isn’t the right word. More often than not he simply makes it up as he goes along. So, unsurprisingly, Trump is flagrantly lying about his endorsement scorecard.

The truth is that he has had a decidedly unimpressive record of endorsing winning candidates. He is likely including every Republican primary endorsement in his phony stats. Those would be irrelevant because only Republicans would be voting, and we know that he has a cult-like influence over them. Furthermore, he has a habit of making endorsements only in races where Republicans are already favored to win. Even so, it’s not a record that he can brag about. According to Ballotpedia:

In 2020…
Trump’s Senate endorsement tally was 18 and 5
In the House it was 116 to 33
For governor it was 4 to 1 (The 4 wins were in ND, MT, WV, MO)

In 2018…
Trump’s Senate endorsement tally was 10 and 10
In the House it was 29 to 20
For governor it was 10 to 9

So just for those two election cycles Trump’s record was 187 to 78. That’s a long ways from 148 to 2. And it is weighted in his favor by his selection of races in red districts and states where the Republican was already heavily favored to win. And it should not be forgotten that his single term in office saw Democrats take the majority in the House and the Senate, and win the presidency by a decisive margin.

That is not a record that any rational politician would boast about. But the operative word there is “rational.” Trump is anything but that. He is a rare form of pathological liar who after a lifetime has never developed any skill at it. But what’s worse is that are people who fall for his obvious bullpucky. They may be a small minority, but they are still an embarrassment to our species.

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2 thoughts on “Lying Liar Trump Brags About His ‘Successful’ Political Endorsements on Fox News

  1. Re: Trump:
    “He is a rare form of pathological liar who after a lifetime has never developed any skill at it. ”

    Sure hasn’t! He’s worse than child who lies; they at least try to remember their lies, not wanting to be caught & punished.
    Trump doesn’t care about that sh*t at all ~ he knows that his followers aren’t too smart, said he prefers it that way & they don’t care if he lies. They believe everything he tells ’em. They’ve given up thinking about anything, preferring to let Trump do that for them. Their job is to cheer him on & just repeat whatever Trump says.
    1 other thing has made it so he’s gotten away with being such a sloppy liar… Being richer than shit, of course, but also, Trump has always demanded that everyone who works for him, or does business with him sign NDAs, preventing them from saying any. thing. about him at all.
    A misuse of the document? Of course. But then, that goes w/o saying with Trump!

  2. Well, technically speaking, the Lord God Moronikus is telling the truth. But only because he abandons those who lose, and he pretends that he never supports losers.

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