Fox News Whacko Warning to America: ‘You’re Gonna End Up with Mom and Pop at Gitmo’

As the political landscape in America becomes ever more mired in the hatred and division of Donald Trump’s demagoguery, Fox News is creeping ever farther out onto the limb of ludicrous lies and malicious mania. This week for instance, Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, is debuting his crocumentary that glorifies the January 6th insurrection as an act of patriotism.

Fox News, Titanic

On Monday morning Fox News took another step into the bizarro world beyond. Host Harris Faulkner interviewed Arizona’s Republican Attorney General and Senate candidate, Mark Brnovich. The subject was the completely manufactured controversy over school curriculum and the hostilities of right-wing agitators at school board meetings.

Brnovich sought to present some well coordinated disinformation about efforts by the Department of Justice to respond to the threats of violence aimed at school board members and teachers made by many of the wingnut attendees of these meetings. Attorney General Merrick Garland specifically directed his initiative to those who were overtly intimidating and violating the law. But the Fox News narrative twisted it into something else entirely, falsely alleging that it infringed on free speech. Which led to this exchange between Faulkner and Brnovich:

Brnovich: Joe Biden and Merrick Garland essentially want to weaponize, or continue to weaponize the Department of Justice. And just because parents are exercising their constitutional rights to speak out against critical race theory, or even vaccine mandates, does not make them domestic terrorists. And if we allow the Biden administration to continue this, god forbid, you’re gonna end up with mom and pop at Gitmo. Think about how outrageous that is.
Faulkner: That is outrageous. Could that really happen?
Brnovich: We are living in a time where we all need to make sure that we are protecting our constitutional rights on every single level. From the local school board level, to state, and especially on the federal level.
Faulkner: That’s interesting, because you say one leads to the other. That sounds like a slippery slope, which is how you got there.

“Mom and pop at Gitmo?” Really? Brnovich appears to be suffering from an acute case of delusional paranoia. This is a remark that is solely intended to stir irrational fears in the minds of Fox’s already terrified viewers. Garland was not calling parents who were expressing their views “domestic terrorists.” He was addressing only those who actually engaged in acts of violence and intimidation. Brnovich knows that. And so does Faulkner, whose servile response was to agree with Brnovich and ask incredulously if incarcerating innocent parents at Guantanamo Bay could really happen. They know this is pure bullpucky because Garland said in plain terms that he was addressing…

“…a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools. […] The obligation of the Justice Department is to protect the American people against violence and threats of violence and that particularly includes public officials.”

These are the depths to which Fox News is sinking. They have no coherent case to make for their ultra-conservative agenda, so they are winging it with preposterous allegations of shipping parents off to island prisons. What’s more, they can’t rely on Trump anymore since he’s out of office and exiled from social media. Plus, he spends more time attacking Fox News than promoting it, as he did last week. These are (hopefully) the last dying breaths of a propaganda machine that is wallowing in desperation.

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  1. And once again, America’s most prominent homegrown terrorist organization (run by an Australian terrorist) promotes an act of terrorism.

    Which NO ONE will do a damn thing to end once and for all. Freedom of speech does NOT include constant incitement of murder!!!

  2. A pox on all their houses. If they burn in the next 48, it’s simply justice for the rest of us.

    Revenge would be every member of the household of every FAUX employee comes down with chicken pox and they scratch their own way to ugly mugs–and off the PUBLIc airways. Venomous snakes in the grass.

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