Fox News Blames Jewish Philanthropists for Gun Violence in 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities

Last week anti-Semitism rose to the top of the news cycle after Donald Trump dined with Ye (aka Kanye West) and the infamous Holocaust denying, white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, at Mar-a-Lago. Trump claims that he doesn’t know who Fuentes is, but several days later he still hasn’t renounced the repulsive bigotry of Fuentes and Ye.

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Fox News, Guns Logo

Trump is almost certainly lying when he says that he doesn’t know who Fuentes is. But if true it would be even worse. It would mean that the leading figure in the Republican Party is pitifully ignorant about the most prominent hate monger in America. Well, the most prominent other than Fox News hosts…

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It didn’t take long for the seething prejudices of Trump and his dinner guests to surface again on Fox News. Monday morning’s episode of “Outnumbered” twisted a segment on crime into an attack on Jewish billionaires who donate money to politicians and initiatives that seek to reduce gun violence in America, a goal that is popular among the majority of Americans.

The discussion was triggered by comments that Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy made on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. He noted that states with stronger gun laws have much less gun crime than the so-called “2nd Amendment sanctuary cities” that take pride in letting gun violence proliferate. Then he elaborated asking…

“Do we want to continue to supply funding to law enforcement in counties that refuse to implement state and federal gun laws? Red flag laws are wildly popular.”

Good question. Why should the federal government subsidize cities that refuse to enforce laws that are already on the books? Particularly when there is so much evidence that such laws are effective and that, when they are ignored, gun violence increases. However, that rational observation was lost on the hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered. They used the subject to launch into the following foul exchange…

Harris Faulkner: “I think about that George Soros cash that has poured in and how many people have been damaged and hurt in those neighborhoods where they need the most protection. Of course the soft-on-crime is not going to go away, those liberal DAs. He poured a ton of cash through his entities in there.”
Mercedes Schlapp: Soros, Bloomberg, I mean there’s such a large number of these leftist groups that focused on gun control.”

Once again, these hacks are impervious to the facts about gun violence and crime. But what’s worse is that they went out of their way to put all of the blame for the imaginary crime waves on Jewish philanthropists. That isn’t accidental.

Fox News is carrying out its mission to advance the putrid rhetoric of hate that is integral to the Republican agenda. They are brazenly insulting the good intentions and generosity of Jewish Americans who care about their country and its citizens. So it’s no wonder that they don’t bother to call out the anti-Semitism of Trump and his malicious Mar-a-Lago goon squad. They are too busy reinforcing it. And when they aren’t embracing the vile biases of the GOP, they are promoting their spokespersons. For instance…

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Fox News Covers Positive GDP Report as a Dystopian Debacle By Democrats in ‘Dire Straits’

Nothing is more predictable than Fox News spinning a positive news story as a catastrophic calamity if they can find a way to blame it on President Biden or the Democrats. In fact, Fox News actually favors America failing during Democratic administrations so they can use it as a political cudgel.

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Fox News, Joe Biden, Fake News

On Thursday morning Harris Faulkner, a Fox News host that they pretend is a “straight news” journalist, reported on the announcement that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) unexpectedly rose more than anticipated for the third quarter of 2022. The 2.6% growth was welcomed by President Biden who said in a statement that…

“For months, doomsayers have been arguing that the US economy is in a recession and Congressional Republicans have been rooting for a downturn. But today we got further evidence that our economic recovery is continuing to power forward.”

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Despite the unambiguously good news, Faulkner sought to portray it as evidence of an economic apocalypse. She began by regurgitating conservative media “concerns for the liberal political party that President Joe Biden just spent too much time talking about abortion last week.” It is unlikely that the majority of Americans who favor reproductive choice think too much time was spent on the issue.

Faulkner then segued to her criticism of Democrats for supposedly switching gears and “trying to go all in on the economy.” Of course, she can only assert that by ignoring the fact that Democrats have been viscerally engaged in economic issues for months, but that Republicans have been obstructing them at every turn. The GOP voted almost in lock-step against Democratic initiatives to lower drug prices, reduce child poverty, extend unemployment benefits, raise the minimum wage, prohibit gas price gouging, limit the cost of insulin, go after rich tax cheats, expand baby formula production, make the wealthy pay their fair share, and more.

But Faulkner wasn’t finished. She also complained that inflation and interest rates were “robbing people of any chance to realize the American Dream.” Never mind that her party and network stood in the way of resolving those matters. And she had the audacity to say that Democrats were “finally now trying to convince voters that they care about the economy.” Again, she simply wasn’t paying attention. Or more accurately, she was lying.

But Faulkner still wasn’t finished. She also said that the new GDP numbers were “not much for [Democrats] to work with,” and that they were just a “slight uptick in the third quarter.” That allegedly slight uptick actually wiped out the negative numbers posted in the previous two quarters combined.

But Faulkner still wasn’t finished. She concluded with remarks that didn’t even make sense…

“If Democrats truly believe that Americans would not understand or care about this, then why are they suddenly trying to convince the voters that the economy is all the Republicans fault? They are in dire straits, Democrats are, with voters. And they know it.”

Huh? She prefaces that comment with a bizarre assertion that Democrats “believe that Americans would not understand or care” about the economy. Where she gets that from is a complete mystery. But her inference from that non sequitur somehow leads to Democrats faulting Republicans for the economy. Well, considering the GOP’s deliberate efforts to prevent any solutions, Democrats would be quite right in assigning that blame.

That would be bad enough if it stopped there. But Republicans are openly promising to sabotage the economy in order to improve their electoral prospects in the midterms and in 2024. Thay have said so explicitly. Funny, Faulkner never mentioned any of that.

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Fox News Host Criticizes Democrats for Having the Audacity to Oppose … Fascism?

It’s been two weeks since President Biden delivered his historic Soul of America speech, wherein he alerted the nation to the growing threat of authoritarian forces deeply embedded in Donald Trump’s MAGA crusade. The speech addressed the stark choice that the country faces between being “a nation of hope and unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division, and of darkness?”

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Donald Trump

In the intervening weeks, Fox News has remained fiercely fixated on what they have falsely characterized as Biden’s hostility to half the nation. Never mind that Biden explicitly said that he was not referring to all Republicans, or even to all Trump supporters. The dishonest narrative that Fox News was intent on promulgating was more important than the truth.

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That same seething obsession was evident on Monday’s episode of Fox and Friends. in a response to remarks by her guest, far right radio talker Jason Rantz, co-host Harris Faulkner latched onto the fake Fox factoid that Biden had insulted the MAGA cultists saying that…

“If they’re anti-semi-fascist, which is how they see more than half the country now – because Democrats are looking up and saying ‘Look we we just want lower prices. Where’s that $1.99 gas.’ – Are they pro-Antifa?”

There is so much wrong in that sound-fright that it requires some delving into. First of all, Faulkner is still lying that Biden was referring to “half the country,” when he was clearly referring only to MAGA extremists, like the insurrectionists who stormed Congress on January 6th. And even if Biden was referring to every Republican voter, it still wouldn’t be anywhere near 50% the country. There are 350 million people in the U.S. Only 71 million voted for Trump. Which is about 21% of the country, as well as seven million fewer than voted for Biden. Granted, 21% is still way more than we should tolerate, but it’s way less than than what Faulkner and every liar on Fox News has been regurgitating.

What’s more, Faulkner is not a particularly reliable source for what “Democrats are saying.” However, her whining about gas prices appears to be stuck several weeks in the past. Gas prices have dropped for 13 weeks in a row. And the only reason it was two bucks during Trump’s term was because of the COVID-19 pandemic that he so terribly mismanaged. Does she really want to go back to those days when no one was driving or leaving the house because thousands were dying every day?

More to the point, Faulkner’s complaint that Democrats are “pro Antifa” isn’t the beat-down that she thinks it is. Setting aside the fact that there is no such Democratic entity, being anti-fascist is a broadly popular position in this country. There are many others who likewise consider themselves anti-fascist. They’re called patriotic Americans. But if Faulkner and Fox News want to brag about being pro-fascist, we might as well let them. After all, their Dear Leader Trump doesn’t even bother to disguise it anymore.

SEMI-FASCIST? Trump Wants the FBI to ‘Raid’ the House of Joe Biden – AKA the White House

Trump Endorses the Fascist Wannabe Dictator Viktor Orbán of Hungary Because – Of Course He Does

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Joe Manchin Calls Out Fox News Host for Lying About Biden Raising Taxes on the Middle Class

Sen. Joe Manchin has become the Democrat that Democrats love to hate. He has obstructed legislation that his party and his President have worked on for months. Legislation that would benefit most of the American people, as well as the Party’s political prospects for the upcoming midterm elections.

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Fox News Lies

While the concerns of mainstream Democrats is understandable, some of the attacks on Manchin have been shortsighted. After all if he were not a Democrat, then Mitch McConnell would be majority leader and every Senate committee would be chaired by a Republican member of the Trump cult. And it would be difficult to elect any other Democratic senator from the blood-red state of West Virginia.

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On Tuesday morning Manchin was interviewed by Harris Faulkner on Fox News (video below). And he illustrated just why Democrats are fortunate to have him on their side, despite the intra-party troubles he causes. Those troubles should not be downplayed. They are serious. But he is still better than the alternative, which would be more of the GOP (Greedy One Percent).

Faulkner sought to open a discussion on whether the “Inflation Reduction Act” proposed by President Biden and the Democrats raises taxes on middle class Americans. She played a video clip of Fox’s Peter Doocy asking White house Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the Joint Committee on Taxation saying that it does raise such taxes. Manchin shot that down by revealing a fact that Fox News hoped to suppress…

Faulkner: We gotta know the bottom line on taxes.
Manchin: Let me tell you the bottom line on that Harris. You want to know the bottom line – the Joint Committee on Taxation? That opinion was only written by my friends on the Republican side. It was not done by the whole Joint Committee. So that is unfair.

The interview went south for Fox News from there…

Manchin: Let’s be accurate what we’re doing here. The bottom line is how in the world can you be raising taxes when all we’re saying is the wealthiest corporations in America – 55 of them pay zero to help this great country of ours.
Faulkner: So how does this change that.
Manchin: It’s a minimum 15%. The tax rate was at 35% before 2017. Then it went to 21%. That was a tremendous savings. But that’s not good enough, I guess. All We’re saying is a 15% minimum. Everyone I know in West Virginia, and most people around the country, is paying a 21% corporate or greater. So why can’t the greatest billion dollars of revenue a year, why can’t they pay at least 15% for this great country? […]
Faulkner: But $400,000 was supposed to be the cut off. But I’m reading – and I am reading Senator – that it’s below that now.
Manchin: Who is paying any taxes that doesn’t have a corporation that has revenue of over a billion dollars a year? Not one person.

Faulkner nevertheless persisted with her wholly dishonest line of questioning…

Faulkner: I’m saying that Americans, $400,000 and below are now going to be taxed. Their taxes are gonna go up.
Manchin: That’s a lie. A pure outright lie.
Faulkner: So their taxes are not gonna go up.
Manchin: Not at all. And you know one thing? How about the people that are gonna be saving on their Medicare who are paying $288 billion higher prices than they should? They didn’t even assume that in the evaluation.

After being called a liar to her face, Faulkner still badgered Manchin with charges by McConnell and other Republicans that taxes would go up. Manchin hurled back that they were “totally absolutely wrong.” He told Faulkner that the questions she was asking, and the facts she has, are “completely wrong.” Then he refused to participate in her efforts to turn the debate on the bill into a political brawl saying that “This is not a political piece of legislation. This is an American legislation.”

Then Manchin pointedly asked Faulkner if she was “scared that we’re going to do something good that will help our country?” Which she took personally and got all huffy, yammering about the bible and her father who served. But Manchin’s remark was spot on, as Republicans – and their Fox News mouthpieces – are indeed afraid of anything passing that helps the nation because they would rather that people suffer than risk letting Biden and the Democrats get credit for achieving positive goals. Manchin closed the interview saying that…

“This is not about whether you like the President or whether you like Democrats. Do you like America? Do you want us to succeed as a country? Do you want to fight inflation? This bill does it.”

This interview shows how desperately Fox News wants to keep anything that benefits the American people from coming to pass. And they will load up their questions with lies and frantically seek to divert in order to halt progress or help people. They will also viciously flip on Manchin, their favorite Democrat, who yesterday they considered a brilliant, nonpartisan representative of the people.

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No matter what you think of Joe Manchin, he came through in this interview and exposed the dishonesty and callous disregard for the welfare of the nation by Fox News. And we always need more of that.

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Democratic Truth-Teller on Fox News Righteously Rails on Republicans as the ‘Party of Hate’

If there is one thing that Fox News is good at, it’s managing their platform to make certain that only the most categorically conservative, ultra-MAGA propaganda actually makes it on the air. They do this by front-loading their bookings with reliably right-wing guests and cutting off the commentaries of their occasional lefties.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

However, every now and then they let their guard down and some inconvenient truths slip through their anti-reality radar. This rare occurrence took place on Thursday morning’s episode of the “Faulkner Focus” during a segment in which some recent political remarks by Elon Musk were discussed. Musk has been in the news lately as a result of his bid to acquire Twitter, which is rapidly going downhill.

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In addition to making profoundly idiotic comments that put his Twitter bid and other businesses at risk, Musk thought this would be a good time to expose his political ignorance, dishonesty, and biases. So he tweeted that…

“In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican.”

Comparing that comment to reality, we find that Musk actually donated heavily to Republicans. And notice the dates on these donations – January 4-8, 2021 – just before and after Donald Trump’s insurrection at the Capitol.

What’s more, Musk’s assertion that the Democrats “have become the party of division & hate” is utterly without foundation, and contrasts with all the available facts. Democrats are still the party that gave us healthcare, provides food and other necessities for the poor and middle class, protects the environment, fights for women and minorities, and defends democracy in the U.S. and around the world.

It is those principles that were featured in the brief remarks of Kristal Knight, a Democratic pundit who appeared on “The Faulkner Focus” on Fox News Thursday (video below). Responding to the wingnuts on the program, Knight said that…

“I think it’s very interesting that Elon Musk thinks that the Democratic Party is the party of hate when the Republican Party produced a failed insurrection on January 6th. This is also the party that supported the ‘Big Lie.’ We also see that Gregg Locke down in Tennessee has been preaching anti-Democratic rhetoric in the name of religion because he doesn’t like Democrats. We also have to remember the ‘great replacement’ theory, that has been spewed on this network alone – and the Buffalo shooter referenced it – these are all remnants of the Republican Party. That’s the party of hate.

So in about one minute Knight nailed some of the most flagrant flaws of the Republican Party. She even managed to slip in the fact that Fox News – via their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson – has been America’s most prominent proponent of the “white replacement theory” that incited the mass shooting in Buffalo.

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It’s unusual, and somewhat astonishing, that Knight managed to get through her commentary without being interrupted and cut off. Host Harris Faulkner and her other guest, conservative Charlie Hurt, must have been napping on the job, But they still wound up dismissing Knight’s criticisms and even condemned her for politicizing a massacre that was unambiguously political in its motivation and execution. Which is what they always do when they have no substantive response to the unvarnished truth – especially about themselves.

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Fox News Whacko Warning to America: ‘You’re Gonna End Up with Mom and Pop at Gitmo’

As the political landscape in America becomes ever more mired in the hatred and division of Donald Trump’s demagoguery, Fox News is creeping ever farther out onto the limb of ludicrous lies and malicious mania. This week for instance, Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, is debuting his crocumentary that glorifies the January 6th insurrection as an act of patriotism.

Fox News, Titanic

On Monday morning Fox News took another step into the bizarro world beyond. Host Harris Faulkner interviewed Arizona’s Republican Attorney General and Senate candidate, Mark Brnovich. The subject was the completely manufactured controversy over school curriculum and the hostilities of right-wing agitators at school board meetings.

Brnovich sought to present some well coordinated disinformation about efforts by the Department of Justice to respond to the threats of violence aimed at school board members and teachers made by many of the wingnut attendees of these meetings. Attorney General Merrick Garland specifically directed his initiative to those who were overtly intimidating and violating the law. But the Fox News narrative twisted it into something else entirely, falsely alleging that it infringed on free speech. Which led to this exchange between Faulkner and Brnovich:

Brnovich: Joe Biden and Merrick Garland essentially want to weaponize, or continue to weaponize the Department of Justice. And just because parents are exercising their constitutional rights to speak out against critical race theory, or even vaccine mandates, does not make them domestic terrorists. And if we allow the Biden administration to continue this, god forbid, you’re gonna end up with mom and pop at Gitmo. Think about how outrageous that is.
Faulkner: That is outrageous. Could that really happen?
Brnovich: We are living in a time where we all need to make sure that we are protecting our constitutional rights on every single level. From the local school board level, to state, and especially on the federal level.
Faulkner: That’s interesting, because you say one leads to the other. That sounds like a slippery slope, which is how you got there.

“Mom and pop at Gitmo?” Really? Brnovich appears to be suffering from an acute case of delusional paranoia. This is a remark that is solely intended to stir irrational fears in the minds of Fox’s already terrified viewers. Garland was not calling parents who were expressing their views “domestic terrorists.” He was addressing only those who actually engaged in acts of violence and intimidation. Brnovich knows that. And so does Faulkner, whose servile response was to agree with Brnovich and ask incredulously if incarcerating innocent parents at Guantanamo Bay could really happen. They know this is pure bullpucky because Garland said in plain terms that he was addressing…

“…a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools. […] The obligation of the Justice Department is to protect the American people against violence and threats of violence and that particularly includes public officials.”

These are the depths to which Fox News is sinking. They have no coherent case to make for their ultra-conservative agenda, so they are winging it with preposterous allegations of shipping parents off to island prisons. What’s more, they can’t rely on Trump anymore since he’s out of office and exiled from social media. Plus, he spends more time attacking Fox News than promoting it, as he did last week. These are (hopefully) the last dying breaths of a propaganda machine that is wallowing in desperation.

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HOLY SHHH! Fox News Links Mass Shootings to the COVID Vaccine

Wednesday morning the nation awakened to yet another mass shooting. We can expect the usual NRA apologists to begin sending out their “thoughts and prayers,” while doing their best to obstruct any constructive reforms. But we could not possibly have expected that Fox News would feature an “expert” law enforcement analyst speculating that mass shootings were somehow linked to the COVID-19 vaccine. Could we?

Fox News, Guns Logo

Never mind that Fox News and the Republican Party have laid out an agenda that calls for less voting and more guns. And set aside that their proposed solution to the epidemic of mass shootings is to initiate “Idiot Control.”

In the course of breaking news coverage of yet another active shooter incident, this one in San Jose, California, Fox’s Harris Faulkner invited retired NYPD detective Pat Brosnan to provide his analysis fo the situation. Brosnan began with a bizarre commentary on the “Summer of Love of 2020” (presumably a facetious reference to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations), but then launched into this bit of brain-damaged commentary (video below):

“Crimes are no longer illegal. There’s no longer an enforcement of lots of laws. And there’s an empowerment of these active shooters.”

Say what? Needless to say, those deranged observations were not supported by any coherent discussion of how, precisely, crimes ceased to be illegal or active shooters have been “empowered.” But Brosnan was just getting started:

“Once COVID starts to lift, these cowardly shooters will come out exactly in tandem with the number of vaccinations. You can be sure they probably got vaccinated. They were just scared to come out. And they’re coming back, and you can see the numbers don’t lie. The shootings are up dramatically. Skyrocketing, actually, on active shootings throughout the United States as we’ve come through this pandemic. It’s really terrifying stuff.”

Brosnan was speaking out of a bodily orifice that is significantly below his mouth. His speculation about shooters having been vaccinated is pure fantasy and utterly insane. There’s a vague insinuation in there that the vaccine is turning otherwise ordinary people into mass murderers. The reality, of course, is that it’s the unvaccinated who are more likely to cause deaths by furthering the transmission of the coronavirus and its variants.

What’s more, there is no evidence whatsoever of mass shootings in the United States occurring “in tandem with vaccinations.” If anything, it was the administration of Donald Trump that produced a spike in gun violence. And Brosnan wants you believe that shooters were too “scared to come out,” but not too scared to grab a gun and shoot people with the certain knowledge that the police will show up and shoot back. If there was a decline in mass shootings in the past year, it wasn’t because the shooters were too scared to come out. It was because their potential victims were.

This is another example of Fox News trying desperately to muddle the discourse on an issue that their right-wing, ammosexual, GOP patrons are too scared to face honestly. They have no rational arguments to support their gun worship, or to deal with the fact that the vast majority of the American people support the reforms proposed by Democrats. So they fling rhetorical feces in an effort to numb the minds of their dimwitted viewers. Which really shouldn’t take much effort at all. And as always, now will not be the right time to talk about reform.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles times is now reporting that the gunman “set his own house on fire before he drove to a Valley Transportation Authority union meeting and began shooting.” Also, “Sources said the suspect is believed to have killed himself after the mass shooting.” So he really fits the profile of someone who was concerned about getting vaccinated to keep from catching a deadly virus, huh?

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Fox News Mucks Up: Falsely Says DHS Secretary Resigned During Trump Interview

The devotion that Fox News has demonstrated for Donald Trump over the years has apparently not waned in the least in the two months since his ouster from the White House. On Monday morning the former reality TV game show host made his third post-prezidunce appearance on his former propaganda network and Ministry of Disinformation.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Lies

True to form, the interview was a lovefest wherein Fox and Friends co-host Harris Faulkner prefaced every question with gushing praise while feeding Trump a prompt for his canned responses. However, on this particular occasion, no one could have anticipated the magnitude of the foul-up that was about to ensue. It went a little something like this:

Faulkner: This just happened now and I want to double check this with our producers. The DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has resigned, Mr. President.
Trump: I’m not surprised. Good. That’s a big victory for our country.
Faulkner: Hold on. Let me stop. Let me stop. Let me listen to my team one more time. Forgive me … That has not happened. I apologize.
Trump: Okay, cross out that victory.

Faulkner then proceeded to her next question for Trump reiterating that he (and the notorious, ever-present, unnamed “others”) called for Mayorkas to resign and considers him incompetent. Which might be the perfect description of Faulkner’s work as a “journalist.” It is truly mind-boggling how she could have paused her show to get breaking news from her producers, but screwed it up so atrociously. And then, after being forced to make an embarrassing apology (rarely seen on Fox News), her attempt to recover included an insulting characterization of the man she just falsely dismissed.

For the record, prior to being appointed by President Biden to be Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas had decades of public service in the Justice Department, Immigration Services, and as a deputy secretary at DHS. That’s the man that Trump and Fox News regard as “incompetent.”

Throughout this interview, Faulkner gave Trump opportunities to rant in his customary incoherent fashion. He played all his “greatest hits,” including his Big Lie that “We won the election as far as I’m concerned.” Then he leapt into this smorgasbord of babble:

“When China looks at ‘woke’ and see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss. In the meantime they’re building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways. They laugh at us and they think we’re so – frankly, they think our country is stupid. When they look at this – when our competitors look at what’s going on in our country, taking down the statues to great heroes and so many other things. I do it because I want to do what’s right and they are destroying our country.

First of all, Trump’s complaint that China might disapprovingly look at the U.S. and see its preoccupation with Dr. Seuss is a direct slam on Fox News, who over-hyped that non-story for days (along with Mr. Potato Head gendering, imaginary immigrant caravans, and Grammy porn) because they found Biden too “boring.”

More to the point, Trump’s self-serving observation that our international foes are laughing at our stupidity is wholly attributable to Trump himself. The world knows who “America’s Most Wanked” is, and isn’t Joe Biden, whom they know and respect. If there’s one message regarding Trump that most Americans wish they could convey to the world it’s “Forgive me, that has not happened.”

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Kayleigh McEnany Tells Fox News She Was SHOCKED By the Violence – that Trump Incited

On Tuesday morning the newest member of the Fox News family made her debut on the conservative propaganda network. Former Donald Trump Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, sat for an interview with Fox’s Harris Faulkner. The segment was as jam-packed with the lies and worshipful adoration that was typical of her many prior appearances on Fox News and her infrequent, always hostile, White House press briefings.

Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump

McEnany’s interview aired while FBI Director Christopher Wray was testifying before the Senate about the January 6th Capitol riots. CNN and MSNBC were airing the hearing. Fox News apparently considered McEnany’s interview more newsworthy. Although the riots were a featured part of the interview:

“I think at the beginning of the day before everyone went to the rally, everyone was expecting peace. […] And then as those events transpired, it was disbelief, shock, somber, sad, horrified by the violence. and it was a very hard, difficult day in the White House, there was no doubt. It was a, I should say, widespread feeling, synonymous feeling, completely. A feeling that everyone felt just completely condemning the actions of that day.”

If McEnany was “shocked” by the tragic events that resulted in five deaths and numerous injuries, she must have been in a self-induced coma. The FBI had issued warnings of anticipated hostilities prior to Trump’s inflammatory cult rally. According to the Washington Post

“A day before rioters stormed Congress, an FBI office in Virginia issued an explicit warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence and ‘war.'” […]

“[T]he alarming Jan. 5 intelligence document was shared ‘with all our law enforcement partners’ through the joint terrorism task force, which includes the U.S. Capitol Police, the U.S. Park Police, D.C. police, and other federal and local agencies.”

What’s more, McEnany’s assertion that there were “synonamous” [sic] feelings of disbelief and horror doesn’t align with the reality as described at the time by former Trump aides who said that “Trump enjoyed watching the events unfold. He was ‘loving watching the Capitol mob.'” Trump himself, in reluctant remarks made hours after the riots began, told the rioters that “We love you,” and that “You’re very special.” The interview continued with Faulkner asking McEnany whether she thought Trump bore any responsibility. Guess what she said:

“No, no I don’t. […] What those rioters did, you know the left says he’s responsible, he’s incited this – or even other Republicans – What I would say to them, well these rioters, if they were so inspired by what the President was saying – they left the speech early because reportedly they showed up at the Capitol before the end of his speech – and then they did the exact opposite of what he said. He said march peacefully and patriotically, and they did the opposite.”

Of course, McEnany is highlighting a few incidental seconds in Trump’s speech at the rally. She’s leaving out months of Trump’s incendiary rhetoric as well as his exhortation at the rally that “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

McEneny went on to describe some people she met months earlier during the campaign who were nice to her, as if that excused the actions of the Trump Insurrectionists. She insisted that the violence was done by people who “do not represent our movement,” despite Trump’s loving embrace of them. She also lied about the focus in the White House being on maintaining peace, contrary to reports by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy who, in a desperate and profanity-laced phone call, begged Trump for more security, but was told by Trump that the rioters cared more about the election results than McCarthy did.

For the record, McEnany is contradicting Trump, who now says that he requested 10,000 National Guard troops prior to the rally. That, of course, is also a lie. If he had done so, they would have been there. And let’s not forget that McEnany is just as guilty of propagating the Big Lie about the election being “stolen” as Trump is. She also swore that the coronavirus would never come to the United States. Now she’s following her Trump administration colleague, Larry Kudlow, into the Fox News bubble where they can lie with impunity and get paid big bucks for it. Never mind the harm it does politically, and even physically, as we learned on January 6th.

The one truthful statement that McEnany made in this interview was that Trump “changed the Republican Party forever.” Curiously, she portrayed that in a positive light, despite his having presided over the loss of the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and being the lowest rated president in history. He even failed to impress the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Cult (CPAC), where he drew support for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination from only 55% of the attendees. And if that’s the best he can do in a made-for-Trump crowd, he’s looking at losing again in 2024, if he’s dumb enough to run (which he is).

UPDATE: McEnany has already been promoted to co-host of Fox’s Outnumbered>

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Fox News Covers for QAnon Crackpot with Leading, Softball Questions for GOP Whip

The nauseating tale of the Republican’s QAnon congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, just keeps descending into an ever-deepening abyss of muck. But it’s not bad enough that we have a GOP representative who believes that 9/11 was an inside job; that the mass murder of children was staged; and that Democrats are sex-trafficking baby-eaters, We also have a national “news” network that backs her up.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gun

This week Tucker Carlson devoted a segment of his White Nationalist Power Hour on Fox to defending Greene. And on Wednesday morning Fox continued the Greene-boosting campaign with an interview of GOP Whip, Steve Scalise (video below). Host Harris Faulkner led off the segment with a shamelessly leading question that mangled reality:

“Democrats are preparing to debate a resolution stripping congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments because of past statements in support of conspiracy theories. You are proposing the House instead strip congresswoman Ilhan Omar from her committees over past statements that both Republicans and Democrats have deemed anti-Semitic.”

First of all, Democrats are not seeking to strip Greene of her committee assignments merely because she believes some insane, nonsensical, conspiracy theories. Although that would be sufficient reason by itself. The bigger problem is that Greene has also advocated assassinating members of Congress, including Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi. How could anyone not regard that as good cause to not only bump Greene from committees, but to expel her from Congress?

Faulkner went on to provide Scalise with an answer to her question by making an absurd connection between Greene’s homicidal raving and some awkward remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar. Never mind that Omar clarified her original, benign intent, while Greene stubbornly stands by her inflammatory madness that included inciting Trump’s deadly Capitol insurrection. The answer was to evade criticism of Greene by pointing fingers at Omar.

Faulkner failed to mention that both Democrats and Republicans also deemed Greene’s comments offensive. In fact, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell said that her “loony lies and conspiracy theories are a cancer for the Republican Party and our country.” And Scalise took the bait:

“The Democrats actually have the authority to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees, but we’re talking about statements that were made before she was even a candidate for Congress. And that, I think, has some bearing here.”

How does Greene having made her remarks before being elected to Congress have any bearing? Does Scalise really think it’s okay to threaten to murder members of Congress so long as your aren’t a member yourself at the time of the threat? That would mean if someone threatened to murder him today, then later get elected to Congress, he’d be cool with that.

Scalise went on to draw fatuous equivalencies between Greene and what he called “a whole plethora of folks” (Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Ayanna Pressley), who he said “made offensive or dangerous statements,” and that “We’re really trying to say ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.'” But none of that “plethora” ever advocated violence or spread crazy lies about satanic cult-worshipping Republicans.

It’s interesting to note that Scalise’s argument doesn’t actually defend Greene. He’s just saying – falsely – that Omar is just as bad. But even so, Scalise still won’t vote to remove Greene from her committee assignments, even though his “goose and gander” rhetoric seems to suggest that it’s warranted.

As for Fox News, they have whined incessantly about the fuss being made over Greene, a freshman back-bencher in congress. They apparently have forgotten about how they obsessed over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democratic newcomers like Omar. They literally called AOC the face of the Democratic Party. Even worse, they demanded that Omar “go back to her country” (she is an American citizen).

In the meantime, Fox News has hardly mentioned Greene in the past month. Which is further proof that this whole charade is just another attempt by Fox News to muddy the waters and allow a cretinous slimeball to get away with her toxic hate speech. It’s the Fox Way.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.