Lara Logan of Fox News Compares Dr. Fauci to Sadistic Nazi War Criminal Josef Mengele

There has been a steep downturn at the Bullshit Factory of Fox News with regard to the COVID pandemic that the network is avidly supporting. If one didn’t know better, it would appear that the coronavirus is one of their top sponsors. Every program features segments that aim to boost its spread throughout the nation and the world. it could accurately be called the Fox News Pandemic.

Fox News, Vaccine

Unfortunately, he pro-COVID campaign at Fox News is having some success. In fact, the virus is now most prevalent in red states and counties where Fox News is dominant and their anti-vaccine propaganda has been absorbed. And studies show that most of the pandemic misinformation is believed by viewers of Fox News and other ultra-rightist, Trump-fluffing networks.

So naturally Fox News is upping the ante with dishonest and nauseating attacks on America’s most respected epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci. It’s a coordinated campaign that includes Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz who called for Dr. Fauci’s arrest and prosecution.

On Monday Fox’s Lara Logan sunk to even deeper depths of cretinism. She unleashed a tirade against the the advocacy of vaccines, for which she says “there’s no justification” because It’s “a disease that ultimately is very treatable” and “has death rates that compare very much to seasonal flu.” Apparently she hasn’t heard about the nearly 800,000 Americans who have died, or the millions who have suffered, some with persistent, disabling symptoms. And she is still clinging to the long ago debunked falsehood that COVID is no worse than the flu.

But if you think that those flagrant lies were bad, you aint heard nothin’ yet. Logan went on to malign Dr. Fauci in the most loathsome manner imaginable:

“What you see on Dr. Fauci – this is what people say to me – that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Josef Mengele. The Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the 2nd World War and in the concentration camps.”

Seriously? Logan is equating the monstrous crimes of a sadistic war criminal who conducted inhumane experiments on Jewish concentration camp prisoners – including children – to Dr. Fauci’s scientifically grounded advice to get vaccinated. Mengele tortured and murdered innocent people. Dr. Fauci is working to save the lives of the vaccine recipients and all those they may encounter. But to Lara Logan and Fox News, those are the same thing. And her hosts on Fox News nodded approvingly at her rancid rhetoric.

Logan went on to complain that common sense measures to mitigate the harm from the coronavirus were exacting too harsh a toll on civil liberties and the economy. The truth is that the deranged thinking of people like her and her Fox News confederates are responsible for that. They are prolonging the harm that the pandemic will cause by resisting efforts to defeat it.

Logan closed her rant by asserting that the Omicron variant is some sort of phony plot contrived for political gain by Democrats. And this wasn’t the first time that Fox News has peddled that paranoid bullpucky. It is part and parcel of their editorial mission to disgorge deliberate fallacies in order to advance their political goals.

Ironically, that makes the practices of Logan and Fox News more comparable to horrors of Mengele. They are actually subjecting their viewers to deadly experiments for partisan gain. The difference is that Mengele’s victims were forced into their horrendous circumstances. Fox News viewers are willfully placing themselves in the path of great harm and participating in their own potential demise.

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4 thoughts on “Lara Logan of Fox News Compares Dr. Fauci to Sadistic Nazi War Criminal Josef Mengele

  1. So, Lara Logan compares Dr. Fauci to Mengele, and FuKKKer Ret@rdson compares him to Mussolini. Wow, so quick with the Nazi references, huh, Terrorists?

    But they will call us traitors when we compare Their Beloved God to Mussolini. I was going to compare him to Hermann Goering, but Goering had a taste for art and a somewhat functioning brain, so that doesn’t work.

    Hmm. The Lord God Moronikus = Mussolini. So, let’s just see here,

    Fat head? Check.
    Convinced of virtual godhood? Check.
    Thinks he looks like Clark Gable? Check.
    Convinced throwing in with a dictator was a good career move? Check.
    Was hung by his former subjects …. well, there’s plenty of time for that…..

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