Jen Psaki’s Scathing, Point By Point Repudiation of Joe Manchin’s Betrayal on the Build Back Better Bill

On Sunday morning Sen. Joe Manchin made a fairly resolute statement of opposition to President Biden’s Build Back Better bill. While it left a tiny opening for some further negotiations, it has been received with a resounding thud by Democrats and the majority of the American people who voted for just this sort of change.

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Manchin’s remarks on Fox News (video below) included some wiggle room wherein his opposition was described as “Where I’m at right now.” Which implies that he could be somewhere else in the future. He also said that “This is a no on ‘this’ legislation.” Which implies that a different version of the bill might be acceptable. These are admittedly small cracks in what has been his consistent resistance to legislation that is broadly popular among his colleagues in Congress, and even his own constituents in West Virginia.

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It is inexplicable how Manchin could continue to obstruct this bill to the detriment of his state, his party, and his country. However, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a response to Manchin’s latest defiant stand against the welfare of the American people. And she wasn’t mincing words. The statement began by noting that…

“Senator Manchin’s comments this morning on FOX are at odds with his discussions this week with the President, with White House staff, and with his own public utterances. […] Senator Manchin promised to continue conversations in the days ahead, and to work with us to reach that common ground. If his comments on FOX and written statement indicate an end to that effort, they represent a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position, and a breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate.”

Okay, Psaki did mince her words a little bit, Had she been less diplomatic she might have accurately accused Manchin of dishonesty and betrayal. However, her statement then went on to dismantle Manchin’s expressed concerns point by point. Some of the highlights include…

  • “The Build Back Better Act will have virtually no impact on inflation in the short term, and, in the long run, the policies it includes will ease inflationary pressures.”
  • “Build Back Better lowers costs that families pay. It will reduce what families pay for child care. It will reduce what they pay for prescription drugs. It will lower health care premiums. And it puts a tax cut in the pockets of families with kids.”
  • “The plan is fully paid for, is the most fiscally responsible major bill that Congress has considered in years, and reduces the deficit in the long run.”
  • “Build Back Better will produce a job-creating clean energy future for this country—including West Virginia.”
  • “Manchin will have to explain to those families paying $1,000 a month for insulin why they need to keep paying that, instead of $35 for that vital medicine.”
  • “He will have to explain to the nearly two million women who would get the affordable day care they need to return to work why he opposes a plan to get them the help they need.”
  • “Maybe Senator Manchin can explain to the millions of children who have been lifted out of poverty, in part due to the Child Tax Credit, why he wants to end a program that is helping achieve this milestone.”

Hopefully there is some chance that Manchin can still be swayed. If not, Democrats will have to pour more of there energy into passing the voting rights bills, and to electing more Democrats next year. Biden is walking a decidedly unstable tightrope. The last thing Democrats need is to shove Manchin into the eager arms the Republican Party, which would saddle us with Mitch McConnell as majority leader.

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It’s a sad state of affairs when a Democrat is the barrier to other Democrats achieving the goals that they ran and won on just one year ago. But we must not forget that 48 of the 50 Democrats in the Senate support this bill. Zero of the 50 Republicans support it. It is the GOP that is the problem, not Democrats. And the solution is not to bash the Democratic Party and complain that they suck. The solution is to elect more and better Democrats.

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4 thoughts on “Jen Psaki’s Scathing, Point By Point Repudiation of Joe Manchin’s Betrayal on the Build Back Better Bill

  1. This is so f$$$ing disappointing but totally expected. He reneged on his agreement. When the separated the 2 bills he gave his word he would support it at a later time. His “word” means nothing! Next up he will kill voting rights bill to preserve his precious filibuster.

    • And how perfectly scummy that he announced it on Fox. Looks to me like he’s already in the lap of the Trumpian GOP.

      • He is already part of Rethug Party of assholes & liars. A (D) after his name means nothing, zero!
        You can tell so much more by a person’s words, attitude & behavior – not to mention who his friends are & how he spends his free time. Manchin is as phony as they come! (1 of his many Rethug traits.)
        And he has just been stringing the Pres. & Congressional Dems along, playing them & wasting precious time;; playing them for fools. He has no intention of ever agreeing to pass Biden’s BBB bill that would help so many millions of Americans in need!
        Biden & Dems are so desperate to get it passed that they allowed Manchin to call the shots – stupid politics in any case, but Manchin showed his game all along by “moving goalposts” the whole time. He knows just how his opponent thinks & did exactly as he planned. He stalled & kept them trying to please him, but it was never going to happen! He has achieved his goal & his Rethug friends are quite happy with him! Lot of back-slapping & congrats going on there.
        Traitor to Dem Party, that 1 is. Selfish, greedy, oily pig! As he heads home to his $1,000,000+ yacht, in a State with some of the worst poverty in nation, having said, “ha-ha…f–k you!”, to the people who voted him into Senate again & again, he will feast like a king, drink like a fish, surrounded by all those constituents who can barely put a Christmas dinner on the table. And it won’t bother him 1 bit!
        That’s what a disgusting, cold & slimy little slug of a man he is!
        The WV people he screwed out of hope for the new year should make themselves heard – be very loud – do whatever they can to show him how much they despise him for what he’s done! He should not enjoy a moment’s peace & joy. May God strike his yacht with lightening, or a big tornado that only touches down on his yacht. (My Christmas wish for Joe Manchin!)
        Only question left is, if Dems so blindly stupid to continue playing his game? Giving up even more for no reason? Or stand-up & place blame where it belongs – call a vote & make Manchin & Sinema too, defend themselves back home for voting NOT to help their fellow Americans & dashing the hope of millions for a Happy New Year!
        If their voters are smart, they will call “bullshit!” & put serious fire under their butt, remove them ASAP! . Everyone with a mouth better speak out – especially those in Congress who he’s been playing for fools & still laughing at, all the way to the donor parties back home!
        “Merry Christmas!”
        Manchin isn’t even giving out coal scraps for Christmas. Santa won’t leave coal in Joe’s stocking, Joe doesn’t deserve it. Santa should take a big stinky dump in Manchin’s stocking — perfectly fitting!

    • Rethugs did not even support the minimal voting rights bill that Manchin authored & he believed his Rethug pals would support.
      Manchin’s friends are all Rethugs, so guess whose opinions he hears on weekends?! Immersed in Rethug assholery, it’s no surprise that he supports them, not his own Party, or the American People! His fortune & Senate seat are safe, so he doesn’t care about voting rights, or anything else that we do.
      “Dump that chump!”

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