Trump Whines To Fox News that ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ While He’s Suing to Hide Everything

Poor Donald Trump is scared silly that he might pay a price for his treasonous, failed coup attempt. He’s lashing out incoherently at his political foes. His former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who already turned over damning records to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection, is now retreating to the shelter of the 5th Amendment to avoid incriminating himself – and Trump.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

It may be too little to late for Meadows whose defiance of a congressional subpoena will likely result in a charge of criminal contempt. What’s more, among the records he provided is a PowerPoint presentation detailing Trump’s plans to undermine democracy and install himself as dictator. All of this malarkey is rooted in his “Big Lie” about the 2020 Presidential election that he is afraid to debate.

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Adding to Trump’s woes is the D.C. Court of Appeals ruling rejecting his bid to suppress the release of his communications with the insurrection plotters. In a desperate play to spin this bad news in his favor, Trump fled to his personal media panic room, Fox News, to pump out some positive propaganda. He called into Laura Ingraham’s program where he knew he would be greeted with slobbering sympathy and unfettered freedom to lie.

Trump wasn’t disappointed. Ingraham allowed him to reframe the deadly riots in the Capitol on January 6th by violent StormTrumpers as merely a protest. Instead, Trump maligned the millions of Americans who honored democratic ideals by voting on Election Day as the “real” insurrection. Then Trump unleashed this morsel of mendacity (video below):

Ingraham: Do you think your nominees to the Court are going to uphold your claims of executive privilege in this case?
Trump: Well, I hope they do. I’ll tell you, the biggest loser would be Biden because if it ever changes, and I think it will, then he won’t be able to use it with respect to Hunter and all of the things that are going on that are so terrible. So I would think he’d want to see this upheld, frankly. I think it’s very important for him. Honestly, I have nothing to hide. I wasn’t involved in that. And if you look at my words and what I said in the speech, they were extremely calming, actually. But I would think that the Democrats would like to see it, and I think secretly they would like to see it upheld.

Of course Trump hopes that the Justices he placed on the Court obey his divine will. That’s why he put them there. But legal experts are predicting that they might show some measure of independence and allow the D.C. Appeals Court ruling to stand.

More to the point, Trump inexplicably declares that “I have nothing to hide.” Which is a peculiar stance for someone who is suing Congress to keep his White House records hidden. An innocent person would be anxious to release documents that he thought would exonerate him. But Trump wants people to believe that he is appealing the Court decision to the Supreme Court because he has nothing to hide.

And if that weren’t preposterous enough, Trump is claiming that the sermon he delivered to his cult disciples prior to the Capitol riots was “extremely calming.” Which part of that speech do you suppose he was referring to? Here are some excerpts that he might regard as calmative:

  • “All of us here today do not want to see our election victory stolen by emboldened radical-left Democrats, which is what they’re doing. And stolen by the fake news media.”
  • “We will never give up, we will never concede.”
  • “Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore.”
  • “We will not let them silence your voices.”
  • “We’re going to have to fight much harder.”
  • “You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength.”
  • “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

Indeed, those words could be seen as – let’s say tranquilizing. They would have the effect of putting his devotees into a stupor sufficient to persuade them to attack Congress, threaten its members and staff, break through windows and doors, vandalize historic property, and assault police officers.

Finally, Trump bizarrely pretends that he’s actually pursuing his legal path to help President Biden. But instead, he’s He making the oddly argued case that Biden doesn’t face any legal jeopardy. He suggests that Biden should favor a ruling that suppressed such disclosures because he would benefit from it. Therefore, since Biden is supportive of the Appeals Court ruling, he clearly isn’t afraid of some future records being released that might incriminate him. Unlike Trump, who is shaking in his elevator boots. Because he has nothing to hide. Right?

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7 thoughts on “Trump Whines To Fox News that ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ While He’s Suing to Hide Everything

  1. If only Trump could give that same speech to Dem leadership….“You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength.” (true)
    “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” (also true) Wait! Trump actually said 2 true things — on same day, in same speech?!? Yeah, too bad he was saying it to the wrong people, for all the wrong reasons! Those things are true ~ they’re true right now…Dem leadership (Biden too) needs to hear that & understand it; act on it – now! Weakness will never win against such evil scum as GOP has become! Weakness only emboldens the GOP traitors among us. They’ve pushed the limits, getting more brazen everytime they get wimpy-ass, or no, response back. Now, they’re openly, brazenly, stating their plans for revenge against Dems – for what??! They are still roaming free, lying their asses off, stealing the 2022 elections ~ before, during & after ~ they have it all covered. And nothing is being done to stop it! They should be sending ‘thank you’ notes to all the Dem leadership, including Biden, for not being obstacles in their path to tyranny, dictatorial rule & the END OF our rights, freedoms & democratic elections!
    When we needed those in power to protect us against the enemy hellbent on destroying the USA… 1 Party was the enemy & the other Party’s leaders merely watched it happen, too meek, inept, or scared, to put on appropriate level of defense, using original thinking, bravery & the tools at their disposal. (Executive Orders, Pres. Biden!) Or, perhaps they were hoodwinked?
    Lessons are many, but here are 2 more:
    Democracy with only 2 major Parties will not stand, 1 against the other. &…Aging leadership must step aside & let younger, stronger members take the lead. “Wisdom with age” does not apply to politicians; but energy, strength & fresh ideas of younger leaders, sure does.

  2. Forceful Executive Orders are the only way ANYTHING can be done. That’s the power given Executive Branch against other branches out-of-control & behaving badly.
    “Use the power given thee, Pres. Biden. Use the power for “GOOD” ~ the good of our Country, democratic elections & majority of the American People! And use it now!”

  3. How do you hide things when you have nothing to hide?

  4. Apparently, with threats & lawsuits a’plenty. Hateful SOB!!

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