WHUT? Trump Lies That He Wants the People He Told Not to Testify to Tell the Truth

There may never have a person in American political life that has been such a sizzling mess of raw contradictions and dishonesty as Donald Trump. As president he managed to accumulate a record of more than 30,000 lies that will likely never be challenged. And losing the election last year to Joe Biden hasn’t slowed him down. In fact, his “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” has risen to the top of his (bulls)hit parade.

Donald Trump WTF

However, Trump is feeling the pressure from the newly impaneled House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. The Committee has already taken testimony from more than 300 people. Some of Trump’s closest confederates (i.e. Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, John Eastman, Mark Meadows) have been subpoenaed. And should they refuse to comply, they will likely be referred to the Justice Department for contempt of Congress charges. Additionally, Trump’s most zealous backers in Congress (i.e. Jim Jordan, Scott Perry) have been asked to come before the Committee to disclose what they know about Trump’s criminal activities before, during, and after the Capitol riots.

In the meantime, Trump is venting his anxieties via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill. In a bizarre tweet he said that…

“The people being persecuted by the January 6th Unselect Committee should simply tell the truth, that they are angry about the RIGGED Presidential Election of 2020. People are entitled to Freedom of Speech, and perhaps there has been no time in our Country’s history where Freedom of Speech has been so totally violated. They don’t want to talk about election results because they know they can’t win.”

One has to wonder how Trump expects his “persecuted” pals to tell the truth to the Committee when he has directed them not to show up at all. He is asserting executive privilege, to which he doesn’t have any legal claim. Trump is simultaneously insisting that he has nothing to hide while he’s suing to hide everything.

Trump is right that people are entitled to freedom of speech, So why isn’t he permitting his flunkies to exercise it? He is the only one prohibiting anyone from speaking freely. The Committee would welcome his accomplices to appear and say what they will. The Committee would likewise welcome Trump himself to testify. And if he weren’t such a coward, that’s what he would do voluntarily.

Instead, Trump unleashes this psychotic rant supposedly advocating that his people “simply tell the truth.” Now that he has publicly ordered them to come clean, will they agree to testify and reveal what they know? Don’t count on it. Because they also know that Trump is an unstable heap of hysterics and fear. Even his most loyal sycophants know better than to trust anything that he says.

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8 thoughts on “WHUT? Trump Lies That He Wants the People He Told Not to Testify to Tell the Truth

  1. Jim Jordan has never told the truth ever in his life. If the committee thinks by him testifying will be any different you all have another think coming. The guy will lie under oath, under any- one’s bed, under the genitals of a collegiate wrestler, under a stream of hot water where college male classmates are getting butt phu*ked by their coach. JORDAN IS SECOND TO TRUMP IN HOW MANY DAILY LIES HE HAS ACCRUED!

    • Lying is a prerequisite to be Republican, especially the Trumpian variant.

  2. Trump needs to do the country and the world a favor and drop dead!

  3. It does seem somewhat suspicious that he’s spending tens of thousands on lawsuits to hide his actions when he has nothing to hide. Normally that would be considered a waste of money.

    • Yeah, but it’s never Trump money. It’s the tons of money that his wealthy idiot donors provide him with whenever he comes up with a “pity party plea” for more bucks he can grift & waste on his crap.
      That’s how he makes a living, ya’ know. 😉

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