Trump Celebrates Martin Luther King Day By Calling MSNBC’s Joy Reid a Stupid Racist

On the federal holiday commemorating the birth of civil rights icon Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, the nation is called upon to reflect on King’s message of love, economic justice, and the nonviolent pursuit of equality. King’s legacy is one that inspires most Americans to join the crusade for moral enrichment and unity.

Donald Trump, Martin Luther King

Sadly, there is still a small but significant minority that fails to grasp the merit of the movement that King inspired. And the leader of that rabble of regressives is Donald Trump. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Trump stained this memorial day with the sort of rancid rhetoric that is his hallmark. Trump posted a statement (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill) that read…

“Will Morning Joe be canceled? He and Mika’s ratings are very low—they are having an extremely hard time finding an audience to listen to the Fake News they spurn. Losing them would be very sad—hope it doesn’t happen!”

Trump’s attack on MSNBC’s Morning Joe is typical Trumpian media bashing driven by vengeance and jealousy. He continues to demonstrate that he is obsessed with ratings as a measure of quality, as well as his ignorance on the subject. What’s more, his illiteracy is revealed again in his misuse of the word “spurn.” Trump’s assertion that the Morning Joe folks “spurn” fake news literally means that they reject it. So… thank you? And of course he appends a passive aggressive “hope” to confirm his enduring immaturity. But he was just getting started. And here is where Trump couldn’t contain his seething bigotry as he went after MSNBC host Joy Reid:

“On another front, looks like Unjoy Reid, the racist commentator on MSDNC (MSNBC), is toast. Her stupidity is only surpassed by her absolute lack of television persona. She never had it, and never will. The only thing she’s good at is spewing racist hate but obviously, no one is listening!”

The raging hatred in Trump’s statement is blatant and nauseating. And it isn’t the first time that he’s maligned Reid. For this tirade Trump began by childishly mocking Reid’s first name. And he couldn’t even think of an original epithet. So he recycled the one he’s been using against the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection, which he, as the emotionally stunted adult that he is, calls the “unselect” Committee. Then he devolved further into bitter and baseless insults, attacking Reid as “racist” and “stupid.” Ironically, those are words that are far better descriptors of Trump.

It is unclear what triggered this attack on Reid, one of the few African-American women hosting television news programs. But it seems unlikely that it is just a coincidence that Trump lashed out at her on MLK Day without any discernible provocation. Perhaps he’s still upset that his favorite propaganda dispenser, OAN, is going to be dropped by DirecTV, their biggest distributor.

So maybe Trump is just swinging wildly at a cable news network that he regards as enemy (although he’s revealing that he watches it an awful lot). Or maybe he’s just a racist pig who gets off on spreading hate and denigrating women (as Fox News does) every chance he gets. Either way, his noxious attitude and insensitivity toward this solemn holiday is precisely what one would expect of Trump. So at least he is consistent.

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11 thoughts on “Trump Celebrates Martin Luther King Day By Calling MSNBC’s Joy Reid a Stupid Racist

  1. Like all misogynist bullies, Trump is terrified of women, especially the smart, confident, beautiful ones. Joy Reid’s all those plus she’s black, so Trump’s fear and loathing will shift into overdrive automatically.

    • You’d think it;d be exhausting, all that hate and fear but he seems to thrive on it. What a miserable git. Since I got blocked by that poor little delicate flower Lyin’ Liz Harrington on Twitter, I was reading his arsing ‘proclamations’ on a couple of different news station threads, but they seem to have stopped broadcasting his bollocks. I go to his website now and have a good laugh. The best one recently was the Arizona rally ‘was the biggest crowd ever’. Ye Gods, what universe is he actually in????

      • “Biggest crowd ever.” He always says that to puff up his own self-image & it’s never true.
        Turns out, from his & O’Reilly’s public speaking venture, that if people have to pay $$ to hear him vomit hatred & lies, instead of getting freebies to the party/rally & group transport for some, they won’t bother going at all. The last loserfest rhose 2 had, hardly any seats were taken & they (like have before) moved the people up in the cheap seats uo front, where there were plenty of empty seats. How pathetic!

        RE: Joy Reid
        “Or maybe he’s just a racist pig who gets off on spreading hate and denigrating women (as Fox News does) every chance he gets.”
        “Bingo!” Describes Trump to a “T”!

        • Loserfest! Classic! ?? Saw that on Twitter, Drumpf even caused a stage wait at one place for an hour hoping for some to come in off the street. There’s still a few in the Twitterverse claiming they were ‘there’ and it was packed to the gunwhales, but there were several freelance journos, I think, at each venue, taking live footage with time AND 100s of empty seats clearly displayed. ?? I was thinking the same – if it’s a free show they’ll go – maybe – but if they’ve got to pay, they stay home. At one place they were selling prime seats for as little as $3.00, I understand. No doubt Drumpf will blame it on O’Reilly.

        • And those who DO attend Trump’s ridiculous rallies are most likely getting bored with the SAME repetitions, “What a ‘disgrace’! I won the 2020 election!” Also, Joy Reid, as readers of Mark’s News Corpse have posted, is Afro-American so her “rhose” ways have definitely insulted Trump’s “White Supremacists” beliefs. Of course , Reid has gotten personal with him. She wrote the book, “The Man Who Sold America: Trump and the Unraveling of the American Story”. While Trump’s reading (and speaking) abilities are limited, he probably got the point, which causes him to increase his hated (if that is possible).

  2. I shall have to get a copy of that book!
    Ya’ know…if Trump-a-chump feels HATE toward everyone who is smarter, better, more articulate, nicer, polite, stronger, braver, better golfer, well-liked, good person, writes a book, reads a book, or speaks the truth…(breathe!)… …Trump must HATE the entire world! No wonder he’s the ugly, nasty, little man & wannabe dictator that he is!

    Recipe for a Maniacal Dictator:
    Big Loser. Short stature. Huge ego. Chock-full of hatred & anger. Dreams of revenge. Thirst for Power. A Bully. Lacks social skills. NO boundaries or limits. A God-complex/Delusions of Grandeur. {+”tiny hands”} ;¬)
    *Final touch*~ he is Sadistic — actually feels great pleasure in causing pain & suffering!

    “Uh-oh!” ?

    • So will I. Check out bookseller forum, it’s for sale there in new and used. And, yes, Sunny B, he DOES hate the entire world. All his wives have proven smarter than he is, which must hurt like hell. A fiver sez Melania’s on her way out the door, what with her auctioning off her gear, and I don’t think she’s socking it away for his defence fund. She’s making sure her arse is covered since she knows there’s no money and she know he’s going down.

      And in your most excellent ‘Recipe for a Maniacal Dictator’ you described Hitler to a T.

      • Thank you Jo. And I agree, Melania will be hightailing it out of that mess; putting away a few bucks 1st. Good idea, since narcissists handle rejection extremely poorly ~ she has her son to consider also.
        I guess even “golddiggers” have limits & she reached hers a while back. (Understandably.) They’re both kinda’ cold & cruel — no compassion. They both got what they wanted from it & she will get what she can when she goes. She’s “high maintenance” & can’t be expected to get….omg! …a job. I hope, but doubt, that Trump will be behind bars – likely die of natural causes, or choke on a chicken bone 1st. Justice is only swift for those with no $$$!!
        “Capital Punishment ~ those without the capital, get the punishment!”
        I wonder if Trump took the gold toilets/fixtures that they had put in WH, with them when they left?! Bet they did! And plenty more too! No doubt, Biden found a disaster when he got there ~ no way that Trump’s people did not leave chaos & destruction! Knowing Biden wouldn’t say anything about it. 1st sign of weakness. And, considering that taxpayers pay for it all + presidents don’t get to “take whatever they want” when they leave…I’m upset that Biden is covering Trump’s butt. Why?!? Shouldn’t people know who they want to vote back in office? All of it?! I saw live footage of numerous staff taking MANY boxes out the back door — a stream of people with far more than would be “clearing out your desk”!! All loaded up with boxes of stuff. A photo crew just happened to be outside back door & filmed it. Thought for sure it would be on news ~ not a peep! I saw a bust sticking out of 1 box, for sure. No one spoke, just streaming out like many ants, pulling or carrying boxes out back door. If I wasn’t watching live, wouldn’t know & no one will tell. Am certain Biden was left chaos & had to start from scratch on things of importance. Shredding party? Or Trump & Co. just took it all to screw Biden up & our Country too!
        We must REmove the REthugs from U.S. Gov’t!! Traitors cannot remain on payroll, or in positions of power! That’s stupid & just asking for more!
        I hope to God that Biden steps aside in 2024 & we run someone much tougher & up for the fight REthugs are giving us, since bipartisanship & reconciliation, as we can plainly see, is not even a possibility – not with the UNAmerican, anti-democracy, Seditionist Party still destroying all they can with their lies & sh*t!

      • But also, Jo, when it comes to Melania, you might recall how journalists scrambled to film D.J. Trump’s attempt to take her hand followed by her shaking him off. Then, all of a sudden, she began holding hands. Could it be they reached a financial agreement?

        • Could be! Maybe he’s paying her to be ‘nice’ in public. It was about 6 weeks ago, I think (?) Strumpf was taking bows at a sporting match he claimed he’d been invited to (it was later discovered he’d rung and asked for free tickets, FFS) and someone took mobi-footage of him posing and her smiling for a cult member’s pic but as soon as the pic was taken the smile vanished and her eyes were rolling! She’s been caught a few times doing that.

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