Fox Nation Exists Solely To Bash Obama

Fox Nation, the Internet community of Fox News, has completed its transition into a nearly 100% Obama Bashing Internet destination. Visit the site at any random time and you are likely to see something like this:

Fox Nation Obama Bashing

That’s 19 separate articles, all from just this morning, disparaging the President. They consume nearly all of the space on the site’s home page. Despite the fact that the Fox Nationalists assert that they aspire to fairness and balance, it is clear that they are engaged in non-stop propaganda to effect the political outcome they desire. It makes a mockery of their claim that…

“The Fox Nation is committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news.”

How brain damaged does one need to be to believe that BS? And if your stomach is strong enough to venture into the community comments, you will be repulsed by a collection of racists and advocates of violence and even assassination.

Obviously the folks at Fox are escalating their campaign of hate. With the election season heating up they are redoubling their efforts to malign the President and every other Democrat. Perhaps their desperation is due to the pathetic field of candidates they are saddled with promoting. They are in the embarrassing position of having to support Tea Bagger Bachmann, Perp Walk Perry, and Corporate Mate Mitt.

What’s more, the conservative/Tea Party wing of the GOP is suffering a dizzying decline in popularity.

“[T]he Tea Party ranks lower than any of the 23 other groups we asked about — lower than both Republicans and Democrats. It is even less popular than much maligned groups like ‘atheists’ and ‘Muslims.'”

No wonder Fox Nation is ramping up their war effort. They have a steep hill to climb and they are convinced that their only prayer for victory is to smear the enemy and to do so harshly and repeatedly. Steady your nerves – there is going to be much more of this to come. It will include accusations of socialism and treason, as well as naked fear mongering. It will probably backlash against them completely, but it will still be an ugly spectacle.


13 thoughts on “Fox Nation Exists Solely To Bash Obama

  1. Fox will not be happy until someone tries to assassinate President Obama of a Democratic member of the House or Senate. And when (if) it happens, they will hide behind the First Amnedment and say that they are not responsible for what their veiwers do.

    Rmember Dr. George Tiller. Murdered by Bill O’Reilly.

  2. “The Fox Nation is committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news.”

    Not really false – you’ve just got to speak Teabagger Newspeak.

    “Tolerance”: banhammers for anybody to the left of Grover Norquist

    “Open Debate”: you’re free to post as much inflammatory crap as you want, as long as we agree with it

    “Civil Discourse”: not reminding fellow teatards how badly they spell

    I think we’re already familiar with the last one…

  3. This current President has shown his agenda loud and clear. Create a United States with more illegals and non-law abiding citizens. He, along with his pals in Washington, have no worries. After we’re left to fight for our property, our rights, our long standing beliefs and freedoms, they can rest secure in their tightly guarded estates either here or in some other country that our tax paying legal AMERICANS have bought and paid for. For so much education and so called wisdom in this country. We sure act like a “bunch” of pure brain idiots totally LOST in the deceptive circus of politics. It will take YEARS, and I mean YEARS, to undo what this “president” has done to this country. The sooner he can be sent back to his “birth place”, where-ever that was, the sooner we can to rebuild AMERICA AS IT SHOULD BE AND ONCE WAS.

    • I just love it when the demented wing comes here and leaves comments that speak for themselves.

    • Clifton, by all means please continue to watch Fox only, it glows on you.

    • White boy, this ain’t YOUR land, anyway. The immigrants are welcome; we ARE immigrants. Your kind, however, hates democracy, really doesn’t believe in racial or social equality and when you say “religious freedom,” you mean for you and you alone. You are a traitor, troll-bait. The Latinos should come and stay; your ass needs to leave. They ain’t the problem—YOU are!
      Slan leat, scummy.

  4. We certainly can’t depend on Washington to speak of us ! I’ve personally never been “polled”; but, I very often hear about their results. So, I will speak but in case you’re not paying attention, there are millions who are speaking the same thing.
    No comments are meant to offend anyone! (at least on my part) They are my fews and feelings and everyone has the right to their own.(for what good they’re doing) PEACE !

  5. I meant to say “views and feelings” and NOT “fews”. Sorry !

  6. This site is a hoot. What a bunch of liberal malarkey. I guess you guys really are unhinged.

  7. I renamed Fox Nation “statement of purpose” to “our lie” and noticed all the negative stories on Obama


    Have you noticed all the positive Rick Perry articles? It seems FN has a favorite candidate.

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