Fiona Hill: There’s No Team America for Trump. Not Once Did I See Him Do Anything to Put America First

Among the best examples of flagrant gaslighting by the Trumpian Republican right is that Donald Trump is patriot who puts America first. That has never been true. From the five phony draft deferments he got to avoid serving in Vietnam, to his sabotaging of President Biden on the eve of his summit with Vladimir Putin, to his frequent praise and concessions to Putin, Trump has demonstrated where his allegiance lies, and it isn’t to America first or otherwise.

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Trump has been a willing and anxious adversary of America for years. That includes his being the first former president ever to refuse to participate in the peaceful transfer of power after he lost to Biden in 2020. To the contrary, in the intervening year Trump has done his best to undermine the nation’s faith in democracy, even attempting to stage a violent coup in order to cling to power.

Now, Fiona Hill, the Trump administration White House national security aide who advised Trump on Russia and Ukraine, is speaking out about the crisis in Ukraine, a subject in which she is extraordinarily well versed. And the critical message that she has stepped forward to make from her unique vantage point is that…

“There’s no Team America for Trump. Not once did I see him do anything to put America first. Not once. Not for a single second.”

As reported by CNN, Hill elaborated saying that…

“Trump treated NATO as what Hill called a ‘protection racket.’ Most notoriously, it showed in Trump’s attempt to squeeze Ukraine’s President for manufactured dirt on Biden to help his 2020 election campaign. He held up American military aid as a political lever as Ukraine faced the long-running Russian military threat that now has the entire world on edge.” […]

“At home, Trump softened Republicans’ once-hawkish approach to Russia. Today, the leading Fox News hosts and other conservative voices — ‘the ultimate stooges,’ as Hill calls them — buttress Russian arguments as armed conflict looms.”

The pro-Russia right-wing politicians and pundits have been propping up Trump’s approach to foreign policy by asserting that he was successful in keeping Putin from invading Ukraine. But what they are missing – or more accurately purposefully suppressing – is the fact that Putin didn’t need to make such threats when his ally Trump was occupying the White House.

The evidence is that the one thing that Putin has been adamant about in the current conflict is his determination to extract a promise that Ukraine will never join NATO. His goal all along has been to weaken NATO and the European Union. But Putin didn’t need to take military action to achieve that goal during the Trump administration because Trump was doing that for him.

Trump even granted another Putin wish by withholding military funds from Ukraine in an attempt to blackmail Ukrainian President Zelensky into digging up dirt on Biden. Trump was impeached, the first time, for that anti-American thuggery.

Now that Biden is President and is restoring the NATO alliance, Putin is resorting to military measures to get his way. The reason that Putin is threatening Ukraine now, but wasn’t when Trump was in office, is because Biden isn’t the sort of servile stooge that Trump was. Fiona Hill could not have been more right. And her words bear repeating: “There’s no Team America for Trump. Not once did I see him do anything to put America first. Not once. Not for a single second.”

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7 thoughts on “Fiona Hill: There’s No Team America for Trump. Not Once Did I See Him Do Anything to Put America First

  1. And most of us are likely older than Fiona Hill and well familiar with The Lord God Moronikus and his unwillingness to do ANYTHING for anyone’s benefit throughout his entire sorry life!

    And he can’t succeed in doing anything for his OWN benefit!!

  2. That’s the thing ~ those, such as Putin & China, Corporate America (their greed is causing high inflation) & of course, Rethugs & right-winger media ~ all those & maybe others, all want Biden to fail, big time! They’re working against him in every way at their disposal. They all have so much to gain if Trump gets back in (God Forbid!) & are doing all they can to make that happen!
    Switching gears a bit…Between 4yrs of ripped up documents, “burn bags”, deleted memos & calls + at least 15 boxes of documents Trump took with him… I have to wonder what was left for Biden to take over presidency with. No peaceful transition, but also wealth of necessary info GONE! Hard to take over & run things with condudtency when the prior prez destroyed, or took all the info the new Prez & (therefore the Country) would need?!!

  3. Trump is always on whatever team provides him with financing. It’s the same as a drug addict is on whoever’s team supplies the drugs.

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