CNN: The Colbert News Network? ‘Late Show’ Exec Producer, Chris Licht, Hired to Helm CNN

CNN recently announced that its CEO, Jeff Zucker, had resigned due to his not having disclosed a personal relationship with one of the network’s executives. He was leaving soon anyway in the wake of the pending merger between CNN’s parent company, WarnerMedia, and Discovery Networks. But Trump got a cheap thrill from the news of Zucker’s departure and released a typically infantile statement calling him “a world-class sleazebag” and offering “congratulations to all!”

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Stephen Colbert & Trump Baby

However, describing Zucker as a “sleazebag” is just another example of projection by Trump, who is best known for being a twice impeached, thrice married, pussy grabbing, porn star boinking, charity scamming, business bankrupting, insurrection inciting, pathologically lying, racist, and Putin loving traitor.

Trump may have been excited by the news of Zucker stepping aside, but he’s going to be somewhat less enthused when he finds out who is replacing him. According to CNN

“Chris Licht, the producer who created ‘Morning Joe,’ revamped ‘CBS This Morning’ and revitalized ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ has been selected to run CNN once Discovery merges with WarnerMedia this spring, according to three sources with knowledge of the plan.”

That’s right. Licht, who is currently the executive producer and showrunner of “The Late Show,” will soon be running CNN. Now, some people may think that Stephen Colbert’s producer is an odd choice to run a news network. However, prior to joining Colbert’s program Licht had worked in television news for more than twenty years. His experience in journalism was evident as Colbert’s producer. There is plenty of politics and other news incorporated into the show, both in its comedy bits and its guest bookings. CNN’s announcement included Licht’s impressive media resume:

“Licht’s journalism roots are in local news. He worked at KNBC, the powerhouse NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, during the O.J. Simpson trial. He later worked for NBC’s affiliate in San Francisco. In 2005 he joined MSNBC as the executive producer for MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country,” hosted by Joe Scarborough. Then he built a morning show around Scarborough and colleagues, occasionally even appearing on-air from the control room. In 2011 Licht leapt to CBS and engineered “CBS This Morning,” a brand new production of CBS News. He moved to “The Late Show” in 2016 and has worked closely with Colbert ever since.”

The selection of Licht is something of a relief. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who will run the merged Warner and Discovery combo, is considered to be more conservative, and there was speculation that he would steer CNN to the right. But the selection of Licht is a pretty good sign that that isn’t the case.

Even more fun is the thought of how Licht’s appointment will impact Trump and the media hating GOP. Imagine the horror that will envelop Trump when he gets wind of this. There is something eerily timely about a producer of a comedy program becoming the head of a news network that will be covering a former comedian, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is the head of state in Ukraine. Then again, what could be more appropriate than a comedy professional covering a joke like Donald Trump?

Just for fun, here is a clip of Colbert appearing as a guest on a Russian talk show in 2017:

UPDATE: On Monday night Stephen Colbert paid tribute to his soon to be former Executive Producer in a touching and hilarious segment. He even used the same line I did about CNN becoming “Colbert News Network.” Maybe that joke was ripe for the taking, but I’m still taking credit for it. ?

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  1. This is potentially very good news indeed. David Zaslav isn’t merely “more conservative,” he seems to lean pretty definitely hard right, judging by his comments about CNN lacking “real journalists.” I suspect the excellent journos working at CNN would have been fairly unimpressed by that opinion of them. CNN, with MSNBC, has enormous depth of talent and integrity, and Zaslav’s further mention of admiring aspects of Fox’s philosophy were somewhat alarming.

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