In Flaming Fox News Fiasco Trump Proves He Has No Friggin’ Idea What To Do About Ukraine

On the morning after President Biden delivered the first State of the Union address in years that was intelligent, coherent, compassionate, and free of maniacal rage, Donald Trump staged another of his pajama-clad call-ins to Fox News from his Mar-a-Lago bedroom. This time his (my)pillow talk was with the Senior Fox News Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business Network.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

The Interview was filled with Trump’s typical spasms of self-exaltation and infantile insults directed at anyone who hasn’t been sufficiently worshipful. And considering the prominence of Russia’s horrendous invasion of Ukraine in the news, Bartiromo sought to give Trump an opportunity to express his “insights.” Although she never bothered to acknowledge his prior tributes to his hero, Vladimir Putin, she did ask about the conflict and the consequences for the NATO alliance.

Trump’s first thought on the subject was to lie that “There wouldn’t have been a NATO if I hadn’t been president.” Which is peculiar considering that he frequently disparaged it as “obsolete” and sought to withdraw from it. His efforts to weaken NATO were actually the fuel for Putin’s imperialistic aggression against Ukraine. But he then went even farther down the rabid hole in this exchange (video below):

Bartiromo: President Zelenskyy is being hailed as the modern Winston Churchill. I know you’ve met him. What does Zelenskyy need to do right now – and you say we’ve gone wrong on Ukraine – what is the most important move that this administration needs to be making to stop this fighting in Ukraine?
Trump: Well, I like President Zelenskyy for another reason, cause he was very honest.

Whereupon, Trump, totally ignoring the question, embarked on an extended rant, lying about Zelenskyy absolving him of any wrongdoing during the infamous “perfect” phone call. The call where Trump tried to extort Zelenskyy into fabricating dirt on then-candidate Joe Biden. The call that was the basis for Trump being impeached the first time.

The truth, contrary to Trump’s contention, is that Zelenskyy never said that Trump did nothing wrong. But he had to be careful not to upset Trump at the risk of losing U.S. military aid. You can’t ask a hostage if he’s under pressure and expect a candid answer. However, Zelenskyy did tell an interviewer at the time that he didn’t “want us to look like beggars.” Then went he on to say that “If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us.”

Trump, however, did block military aid to Ukraine at a critical time. That’s something else that Bartiromo neglected to mention. Eventually, Bartiromo tried to steer the wildly off track Trump back to the question:

Bartiromo: But what about Joe Biden? What does Joe Biden need to do now to stop the fighting in Ukraine? You said that they’ve gone wrong. How? What should he do?
Trump: They’ve got to get them the weapons that he needs and he’s got to open up the oil.

Really? Trump’s insightful analysis of Ukraine’s dilemma as Russian forces are advancing is that Biden needs to do what he is already doing with regard to arming the Ukrainians? Thanks, Donnie. And as for his advice to “open the oil,” what does that even mean? Does he want the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline brought back online? And how would that “stop the fighting,” which is what Bartiromo had asked?

It is simply mind boggling how anyone can take Trump seriously as a leader in governing, or diplomacy, or even in managing a Wendy’s in Boca Raton. If he can go on Fox News and make this big an ass of himself, imagine how he would fare if he were interviewed by an actual journalist. And yet his cult following continues to revere him as their messiah.

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11 thoughts on “In Flaming Fox News Fiasco Trump Proves He Has No Friggin’ Idea What To Do About Ukraine

  1. Just the idea of Trump running for president again and winning because of all the voter suppression laws enacted scares the hell out of me. I don’t know how he can be held accountable for all his wrongdoing and corruption so he isn’t allowed anywhere near any kind of public position again, but I sure hope someone finds a way.

  2. He’s scared the hell out of me for years, but I’m even more frightened by the thousands of republicans who agree with him even when they can’t really figure out what he’s saying.

  3. Merrill, I think for now, the someone who will find a way to keep Trump away from “any kind of public position again” especially from the Oval office, is Liz Cheney, who is working hard on the Jan. 6 Committee. I can remember the behavior of one of Trump’s cult members when I saw who appeared to be a glassy eyed mother holding her baby up to him apparently for a kiss ( from that orange monster). I almost barfed at that photograph. I wouldn’t allow my 2yr. two month grandchild within 10 miles of Trump. I was watching a fund raising dinner for Trump with someone whose politics are different from mine. Trump also thinks he’s still an entertainer. Talking about his physician from the White House. “Where are you? Hey, we need you to stand up.” (Chuckles) What a shame.

  4. Bartiromo and Trump are a clown show to anyone with a half a brain! When did this country start revering ignorance? They literally make my brain hurt!

  5. Of course, Moronikus had no friggin’ clue what to do about anything. That is why he had to declare bankruptcy multiple times. That is why he is the only “President” to get impeached TWICE in a single term. That is why enough people voted for Joe Biden to prevent him from getting a second term. That is why he keeps embarrassing himself on every Twitter clone he can find since Twitter finally banned his ass (which means nothing since all of his worshipers are willing and able to pass on his tweets).

    And THAT is why Moronikus is going to be indicted for crimes against humanity. Good riddance, you miserable cretin!

  6. Trumpler’s followers don’t take him seriously as a leader in the international sense, but in the much more restricted cult sense. I saw a middle-aged normal-looking man interviewed en route to a MAGA hillbilly rally, who said that he didn’t care what Trump said … he loved hearing him because “he talks just like I do.”

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