Fox News is STILL Pushing the Deadly Lie that COVID Vaccines Don’t Work

After more than two years of accumulated scientific research and field studies on literally billions of subjects worldwide – and more than 200,000,000 in the U.S. – Fox News is continuing to put the lives of their gullible viewers at risk by lying to them about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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This has been their mission from the onset of the pandemic. Fox News has persistently promulgated flagrant falsehoods about the coronavirus. They have said that it would simply go away on its own. They have peddled quack “cures” like Ivermectin. They have obediently regurgitated the asinine blathering of Donald Trump who advocated bleach injections.

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All of this was in complete contradiction to what the epidemiologists and health experts have said. In fact, Fox News wasn’t just disagreeing with the experts, they were maligning them as liars engaged in conspiracies to exploit vaccines as some sort of mind control program. They even compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to the sadistic Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele.

The whole world now has documented evidence that vaccines save lives. But Fox News is still stuck in their manufactured narrative that it’s all a hoax contrived by Big Pharma and evil Democrats. And they said so explicitly on Friday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends:

Brian Kilmeade: You tell us the vaccines works, then you stop talking about it. And everybody that’s testing positive for it, like Jen Psaki, four shots. So you wonder why people are having doubts about this whole two year torture, the condescending talk that we’ve been experiencing from that White House.
Ainsley Earhardt: Nancy Pelosi – vaccinated and boosted – and we do wish her well. I hope she’s okay. I wonder if she’s gonna get the monoclonals.
Kilmeade: I heard she’s asymptomatic. Most people are asymptomatic.

Right out of the gate Kilmeade is fictionalizing his rant. While health professionals are indeed telling people, correctly, that the vaccines work, no one has stopped talking about them. To the contrary, most doctors are ardently advising everyone to get vaccinated and boosted.

Kilmeade’s reference to White House Press secretary Jen Psaki exposes another of the black holes in his knowledge base. He thinks that because Psaki tested positive that the vaccines don’t work. Ditto Nancy Pelosi. And it isn’t coincidental that the examples they put forward are Democrats. Because all of this is just more partisan bullpucky aimed at disparaging their political foes.

However, anyone who has been paying attention knows that the vaccines are not a guarantee that the virus will not be transmitted. They are intended to prevent severe outcomes including hospitalization and death. That’s especially true with the newer variants of the virus. And they work extremely well in that regard.

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What’s more, contrary to Kilmeade’s curiosity about “why people are having doubts,” no one is wondering about that. It’s crystal clear that any such doubts have been planted and nourished by people like Kilmeade on Fox News. It’s Fox News that has been been condescending by characterizing vaccines – a quick and easy way to stay healthy – as “torture.” And despite his acknowledgement that many people who test positive these days are asymptomatic, he still doesn’t get that that is because they’ve been vaccinated. The vast majority of fatalities – greater than 90% – are among the unvaccinated.

So if you are wondering why Fox News viewers and Trump followers are the biggest group of Americans suffering and dying from COVID, wonder no more. It is directly due to the knowingly dishonest and purposefully concocted disinformation that Fox News buries their audience under.

And despite all of the evidence that this is true, the callous cretins at Fox stubbornly pursue this deadly course of action without conscience or sympathy. To them it’s just another opportunity to attack Democrats for some fabricated fallacy. They couldn’t care less who it hurts.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News is STILL Pushing the Deadly Lie that COVID Vaccines Don’t Work

  1. The white-wing voices in media & in gov’t that have been talkin’ all that trash about the Covid vaccine, discouraging people from getting vaccinated & spreading mis/disinformation every chance they get, know they’re full of shit. They ARE vaccinated!
    They’re spreading illness & death to those who listen to them & who believe what they say, while they & their families have been fully vaccinated against worst of Covid’s effects. Now, that’s hypocrisy at its deadliest! Protecting themselves & their loved ones ~ while deceiving the rest of ya’ll who listen & trust them. Why? Politics, of course! It’s the reason they do & say everything these days. It’s ALL white-wing cares about.
    In Congress, they refused to fund anymore Covid testing, vaccines, or treatments ~ which means, only those who can afford it can have it. Politics.
    If every voter they’ve screwed-over got out there & voted, they’d be tossed out on their keester! I say, “Let’s do it!”

  2. We need to get each vaccination that the scientists call for, N95 masks when we go out into closed facilities, baths or showers when we come back home. Then, we wouldn’t have to face the consequences of those who listen to the mis/disinformation,of those who follow faux or the extreme right. That is-death- if they come down with any of the variants of covid. An exception may be Omicron. Still, all they are doing is decreasing their numbers.

  3. When I saw that “two year torture” comment in the transcript, I went to “oh, the masking, the distancing, the being careful” and then, when I re-read it, I added “and then there’s the White House treating Fox like they aren’t the most important network EVER, and there’s Psaki pushing back when they ask something especially stupid…”
    So, I don’t think he’s calling the vaccines “torture”, but he’s probably including the call to common sense precautions and the calls to get vaccinated in the “torture” basket.

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