BUSTED! Donald Trump Jr Texted Mark Meadows With Illegal Schemes to Overturn the Election

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection continues to accumulate incriminating evidence against Donald Trump and his criminal cabal. The latest disclosure is one that snares Donnie Jr, as well as several of the coup plotters who tried to steal the election and subvert the American democracy.

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Donald Trump Jr

CNN is reporting that Don Jr sent text messages to his father’s White House Chief of Staff on November 5, 2020, two days after election day. The votes had not yet been counted in full and no network had called the election for Joe Biden.

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Nevertheless, the Trump gang – including such familiar names as lawyers Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, and Fox News host Mark Levin – was already hard at work to deny voters the president of their choice. What follows are some excerpts from the CNN story:

“Two days after the 2020 presidential election, as votes were still being tallied, Donald Trump’s eldest son texted then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that ‘we have operational control’ to ensure his father would get a second term, with Republican majorities in the US Senate and swing state legislatures, CNN has learned.

“In the text, which has not been previously reported, Donald Trump Jr. lays out ideas for keeping his father in power by subverting the Electoral College process, according to the message reviewed by CNN. The text is among records obtained by the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021.”

“The November 5 text message outlines a strategy that is nearly identical to what allies of the former President attempted to carry out in the months that followed. Trump Jr. makes specific reference to filing lawsuits and advocating recounts to prevent certain swing states from certifying their results, as well as having a handful of Republican state houses put forward slates of fake ‘Trump electors.'”

“If all that failed, according to the Trump Jr. text, GOP lawmakers in Congress could simply vote to reinstall Trump as President on January 6.

“We have operational control Total leverage,” the message reads. “Moral High Ground POTUS must start 2nd term now.”

“‘We either have a vote WE control and WE win OR it gets kicked to Congress 6 January 2021,’ he texts Meadows.”

The schemes put forth by Trump Jr way back on November 5, 2020, were all carried out – unsuccessfully – by Trump and his co-conspirators in the weeks and months that followed. His text provides more proof that the illegal attempts at staging a coup were contrived even before the votes were all tallied or the election results were officially determined.

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That, however, didn’t stop these wannabe authoritarian conspirators. And as the Committee continues to do its investigation, there will surely be further revelations about how desperate and dastardly these traitors were – and are.

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3 thoughts on “BUSTED! Donald Trump Jr Texted Mark Meadows With Illegal Schemes to Overturn the Election

  1. I agree that the Committee will likely continue to uncover proof of more dastardly deeds & entanglement in the vast web of deceit that keeps growing as more details are learned.
    I truly believe that this thing is proving to be bigger than the Committee expected to unravel when they began.
    I also think that, considering the seriousness, it came from the top & involves so many people & plans to overturn our democratically elected gov’t…that getting it all out & exposed is very important. (A Herculean task, but necessary.)
    And I am certain that, should the Insurrectionist Party gain control in ’22 elections due to all the schemes they’ve put in place to do just that, they will immediately put an end to any investigation ~ especially since they were/are involved! Likely to order destruction of docs of what Committee has found out already & just “erase” the whole thing! I can see that being Rethugs’ “opening act”.
    This whole thing is taking longer & much more involved than anticipated at the start.

    I think the smartest thing they can do now is to break it into 2 parts, for the informing of the public ~ that cannot wait, with elections drawing near. We need to hear the 1st part NOW, before more time passes. Also, it looks to be just too big for general public to take it ALL in at once. Too much involved! A “Volume 1” & “Volume 2” later would be much better way to have the people be able to hear, understand & absorb it all. Wonder if they’d agree to that?!?

  2. DTjr will never be charged with anything! They get away with everything. It is so depressing.

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