SRSLY? Trump’s TRUTH Social Boss, Devin Nunes, Tells Fox News that ‘Twitter is a Ghost Town’

What do wingnut Republican scam artists do when their much ballyhooed business ventures go bust? Well, if you’re Devin Nunes, the former congressman and fake farmer who is now the CEO of Donald Trump’s pathetic Twitter clone, TRUTH Social, you go on Fox News and tell flagrant lies about how successful you are.

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Donald Trump, Devin Nunes

Trump’s TRUTH(less) (Anti)Social ME-dia platform is proving to be the biggest bomb on his wretched resume that already includes shuttered operations for his self-branded casinos, steaks, vodka, airlines, and universities. Nunes was unable to deliver on his promise that the site would be fully open for business by the end of March. Losers -er- users have been unable to log on. It has seen its signups decline by 93% since its “soft” launch..

Trump doesn’t even use the site. He posted a single “truth” a month ago and hasn’t been back to tend to his flock since. Therefore, Nunes (or perhaps Trump) determined that it was time to hit Fox News with some Grade A BS. He visited with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer Maria Bartiromo (fresh off of fretting that Obama is secretly running the country) and unloaded these whoppers:

Bartiromo: What is your reaction to Elon Musk taking a 9% stake in one of your competitors, certainly, Twitter.
Nunes: I think it’s very interesting because the goal that president Trump has, and I have, and our team here at TRUTH Social, is to open the Internet back up so that the American people can get their voice back. So it’s clear that Twitter is kind of a ghost town. They desperately need Elon Musk to be there, so it’s probably something that Elon wants to do. He probably believes in free speech like we do. But at the same time there’s not very much activity over at Twitter right now, especially when you compare it to sites like ours where we’re just in our beginning stages as we continue to test and bring people on day by day. Our interactions are already beating twitter.'”

So according to Nunes “Twitter is kind of a ghost town,” where there is “not very much activity.” Those lies are demonstrably untrue. But they weren’t enough for Nunes. He had to elaborate with the ludicrous assertion that TRUTH Social’s “interactions are already beating twitter.” Which should make one wonder what fumes he has been inhaling.

Even Trump has noticed the stink that TRUTH Social is emitting. He is said to be furious about the site’s failure, berating his aides and demanding to know “What the f*ck is going on?” Meanwhile, anyone who invested in Trump’s boondoggle has probably lost a bundle. News Corpse reported recently that the stock of the sham that was set up as a holding company for the business had dropped by some 37% in the first two weeks of March. It’s now down more than 50%. And according to Reuters, key personnel are abandoning ship. They also reported that…

“Another open question is how TMTG is funding its current growth. The company is planning to go public through a merger with blank-check firm Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) . The deal is under scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission and is likely months away from being finalized. […] Investors have pledged $1 billion to TMTG but they won’t hand over that money until the DWAC deal closes.”

This could be the worst part of all for Trump, and an explanation for his fury. It means that he may not be able to extract his share of the ill-gotten loot. Which, in all likelihood, was the only reason he got involved in it to begin with. And if Trump gets skunked, look for Nunes to be back in the fields with the cows he tried to sue.

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