Fox News Ignores Bombshell Recordings of McCarthy Urging Trump to Resign and Lying About It

Fox News continues to be the best source for unassailable evidence that it is not a news network at all. They do this by airing brazenly biased stories that invariably disparage President Biden and other Democrats, and/or fawn over Donald Trump and his puppetized Republicans. Their reporting is rife with flagrant falsehoods and open animus toward anyone who isn’t aligned with their ultra-rightist agenda.

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However, what Fox declines to report is just as revealing as their outright lies. And this week they provided a stark example of how they purposefully turn their political coverage into pure propaganda.

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On Thursday MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow aired a segment exposing Republican House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, discussing with GOP Rep. Liz Cheney their dismay with Trump following his inciting the January 6th insurrection. They pondered the possibility of removing Trump from office via impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or resignation.

When asked about this report, McCarthy adamantly denied that he had said any such thing, insisting that it was “totally false and wrong,” and that “It comes as no surprise that the corporate media is obsessed with doing everything it can to further a liberal agenda.” Unfortunately for him, there were recordings…

And as if that weren’t bad enough, the recordings also captured McCarthy saying that Trump had acknowledged to him that he “bears responsibility” for the violent storming of the Capitol by his supporters:

The significance of these recordings goes beyond McCarthy having been caught in a lie as to what he was saying after the insurrection. It also exposes his candid thoughts in real time about the riots and Trump’s moral and legal liability. It shows that McCarthy’s first instincts were were actually rooted in principle and that Trump needed to be held accountable. It also shows that McCarthy was willing to abandon his “principles” and subjugate himself to Dear Leader Trump.

The McCarthy tapes were covered by most of the media in a manner befitting the explosive nature of their content. This was unarguably newsworthy material that shook the political landscape and warranted detailed coverage. So naturally Fox News ignored it entirely.

Throughout the morning on Friday, Fox News did not mention the McCarthy mess a single time on the air. There was, however, one story about it on the Fox News website, but that story only mentioned the original reporting and McCarthy’s denial. Even though the article was published at 11:22 AM on Friday – long after the tapes showed that he was lying – Fox’s story made no mention that the tapes existed.

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This is how Fox News manages to keep their audience ignorant and devoted to the Cult of Trump. When they aren’t maligning Democrats, they are suppressing news that reflects badly on Republicans. It is the deliberate and relentless promulgation of propaganda that would make the Putin’s Kremlin blush. And it also why Biden said correctly that Fox News is one of the most destructive forces in the United States.”

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11 thoughts on “Fox News Ignores Bombshell Recordings of McCarthy Urging Trump to Resign and Lying About It

  1. Oh, Lordy! There WERE tapes! But don’t blame Faux News for not covering it. They had really important news to cover, like deSantis’ mythical CRT math textbooks. 😉

    • LMAO at DeSantis’ CRT math textbooks comment…
      Just when you think those idiots can’t get any more stupid in their never-ending assholery, 1 of them opens their ‘spewhole’ & their people trip & fall in.

  2. Of course they ignored it. It does not fit into their narrative of keeping their knuckle dragging viewers riled up and frightened.

  3. On top of the recording presented in this blog during which Kevin McCarthy was presenting his true feelings against Trump, I heard McCarthy’s actual voice talking to Trump during the insurrection begging him to “call them off”. Then we have this back and forth, back and forth propaganda of the RNC. McCarthy and Cruz went on separate occasions went to Mir-a-Lago. Cruz says meekly, well they believe the election was stolen. Trump calls McCarthy, “My Kevin.” What a confused bunch of, for lack of better words, “t–ds”.

  4. Not only is Fox spews suppressing the horrible things the Orange turd spews, it seems like the whole MSM is suppressing bad news about him. The MSM seems to NEVER say anything good the Democrats do, but they tell lies and make up things the Dems say or do with vigorous enthusiasm. I personally don’t watch ANY news. I get my news from News Corpse and DK. it really infuriates me to hear the MSM tell lies about Dems. I don’t dare watch and have never watched Fox spews, i would be throwing everything is site at my TV if i did, that Carlson Tucker is the very worst and so is that Sean Hannity or whatever his name is. Those 2 should go on a HATE tour across the United States to promote the cult that some call the GOP.

    • Sad thing is, if they did a tour, it would be to sold-out crowds! Could call it the “Idiocity Tour”. Make a fortune!

      Sponsored by the “Morons And Grifters Ass.” ~ ~ If that freakshow ride ever does end, the cult is gonna’ have serious “withdrawal” problems! Is there a MAGAt methadone for that?

  5. You are so right, i never, ever thought there were so many dumb, deluded idiots here in the United States. It’s just like Germany was during Adolf Hitler’s rise to the top, they bought into his relentless lies and never ending propaganda, I suppose those gullible, ignorant, idiots that supported his nonsense had a very rude awakening when their nation was bombed to ashes in World War 2 and many of them were dead or left homeless and hungry in the end. But, i have personally tried to explain this to these dumb, gullible, hard headed neighbors of mine and it goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t even speak to them now. That goes to prove, ” you can’t fix stupid!!!!

    • True ~ I think this is much like Hitler’s rise in Germany & MANY Germans felt horrible as truth became evident of Hitler’s true plans & his actions. And, like then, many Getmans were not fooled by him ~ but not enuff of them at that time. I doubt our idiots will ever acknowledge the truth of Trump & how they were played for fools tho. And GOP, who knew all along it was a big lie, but chose to join in for personal gain – money & power – they will pretend it never happened like that…already setting up to rewrite history!
      Since Dems & DOJ seem unwilling, or unable to take a bold stand for our democracy & deal out harsh consequences worthy of THE WORST thing a Party in our gov’t can do to undermine & topple the whole thing, in order to take the power they cannot win fairly — we can count on more of the same! And it seems there’s little we can do about it EXCEPT show up in HUGE numbers & vote GOP out each election (+ 2 phony Dems) until we get rid of all those willing to lie, cheat & steal…& who backed the lying grifter conman + helped him lie to the nation. They chose Trump over Country & the American People! They betrayed us all & cannot be trusted ever again! They are fighting against us even now, taking away your right to vote & have it be counted! Only when all liars, wimps & traitors are GONE, can we begin to fix what’s really broken, inherently flawed in our system! Changes need to be made & cannot do that with Party of UNAmerican liars & insurrectionists still slinking around the halls of gov’t like snakes.
      “BUT 1ST, VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT!”


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