Fox News Attempts (and Hysterically Fails) to Contrive a Fake Biden Scandal

Ever since the presidential election last November, Fox News has been at its wits end (admittedly not a long walk) trying to tarnish Joe Biden. They have attacked his marriage, slandered his dogs, accused him of plotting to “take down America,” and crowned him as the King of “Cancel Culture” (a role that more accurately describes Donald Trump). In the meantime, the GOP has hitched it’s wobbly wagon to America’s Biggest Loser.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Baby, Fake News

However, despite the evidence of the untimely demise of Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head (they have their priorities), Fox News has been utterly incapable of concocting any tales of impropriety that can stick to the wily Biden. Their impotent schemes just keep serving up more humiliation for Fox than for their would-be target. And an outstanding example of Fox’s failure to launch came Saturday evening in the form of a tweet by Trump’s former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Dan Scavino:

Oh My! The necessity for immediate ethics investigations is rarely advocated by anyone associated with Trump. And for good reason. Trump presided over an administration that was an ethics black hole. But Scavino’s outrage was so intense that he had speak up. His tweet linked to a Fox News article that revealed the sordid circumstances surrounding a Biden website mishap:

“The White House said Thursday that a link to a page on the Biden campaign website in the fact sheet for the president’s $2 trillion-plus spending plan was put there in error. The link was included on the words ‘more likely’ deep in the body of the 25-page document. The line where it was included said, ‘People of color and low-income people are more likely to live in areas most vulnerable to flooding and other climate change-related weather events.’ The link was eventually taken down.”

Good Lord! The horror of this malfeasance truly needs to be explored in more detail. Fox News reported that a Republican congresswoman, Victoria Spartz, uncovered the travesty. She posted her own tweet excoriating the Biden White House and announcing her letter of disapproval dispatched to the Office of the Special Counsel:

You’ll notice that Biden’s White House Director of Digital Strategy, Rob Flaherty, responded promptly with an acknowledgement of the error and its correction. That’s something that the Trump White House never would have considered, no matter how depraved the offense.

This whole affair, however, requires a closer look. The video provided by Spartz shows that the errant link to a Biden campaign donation page was buried deeply on the White House website’s page that detailed his American Jobs Plan.” It would take a committed reader to peruse the page all the way down to the naughty link (which has, indeed, been removed).

But that’s not the end of this tawdry tale. Had anyone clicked on the link that Scavino and Spartz were so offended by, they would have been taken to a page on the old Biden campaign website that had information about his climate agenda. While that was not a donation page itself, it did have links to a page where donations could have been made. There was just one one problem. When arriving at that page there was a message that said…

“You have attempted to make a contribution to a fundraising page that has no active recipients: either the page’s owner has removed all committees or organizations from the page, or we have concluded processing contributions for these committees or organizations.”

So to recap, 1) Scavino was appalled by a Fox News story about… 2) …an irate GOP representative who… 3) …complained about an allegedly improper link that… 4) …lead to nowhere. Somebody call the Dead Link Police! Why isn’t the FBI all over this criminal conspiracy?

As an addendum to this melodrama, the Fox News article that started it all also segued into an attack on Biden’s jobs/infrastructure initiative. They wrote that…

“Biden’s spending plan, formally titled the American Jobs Plan, is being sold as an infrastructure proposal and has broad support from most Democrats in Congress, though there are some that appear reluctant to back it as one massive bill. Republicans uniformly oppose the plan and say most of it is not actually spending on infrastructure but instead designed to bolster assorted liberal priorities.”

For the record, the Biden plan (like his COVID relief/stimulus plan before it) is broadly popular among the American people, including Republicans, despite being “uniformly opposed” by the knee-jerk obstructionist GOP members of Congress.

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11 thoughts on “Fox News Attempts (and Hysterically Fails) to Contrive a Fake Biden Scandal

  1. If the WH were to invite each Senator to submit applications for what infrastructure money their State needed, and offered Biden to stand with the Senator when it was announced, the WH would have their attention. Then a gentile reminder that the senator’s vote is crucial in getting that project started.

    If the Republicans are not in favor of infrastructure, their States don’t need to get any.

    • That’s a great idea!

      And any State whose Senators vote against it SHOULDN’T be getting any of the infrastructure money ~ let those States fund their own infrastructure then!
      And let voters in said States ~ if they’re upset over not getting $$ for their projects cuz’ their Senators voted against ~ contact their Senators & tell ’em what they think about condition of infrastructure needs (including child care) in State & voice their dismay, disgust, disappointment, etc. to their Senators who are so against investing in U.S. infrastructure that their State will not be getting $$ benefit of it.
      If against something that’d fund projects & it manages to pass despite your opposition… to then expect $$ from it to go to your State anyway is not right! Everyone needs to “have a pony in the race” & vote accordingly. NOT playing political games whilst governing this nation!
      If you want/need that funding in your State then should be voting “Yes” & helping pass it.

      • We all know, of course, that every single Republican who votes against this bill (and that’ll probably be all of them) will be lining up to take credit for their “part” in passing it. The only thing they’re passing these days is flatulence.

        • It’s unreal how they and Faux News get away with this shite time and time again…ah, might not be flatulence after all…. or if it is, it might be flatulence with extras…..

      • And another excellent idea from Sunny B. Vote against it, don’t get the funding. Raise your own wadge of cash, and spend it how you like, and good luck with that one! And for def’, let the voters know their alleged representatives, in a little childish hissy fit reminiscent of Trumpet, voted against the reform so voters can make an informed choice.

    • Big upvote for that idea, Mr. Fusion! Not in favour? Cool, don’t have it, then. I really enjoyed posting this on Dan Scavenger – sorry, Dan Scavino’s Twitter feed.

      Most of the Rethuglians are just about as good entertainment value for money as TrumpetArse was – they come out with the most utterly outrageous shite that’s sooooooo easy to prove wrong.

  2. Wondered what that horrible smell is! LMAO

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