Biden Slams the ‘Extreme MAGA Crowd’ After Roe v Wade Leak. Fox News and Newsmax Prove He’s Right

The reprehensible roll back of constitutional rights by the conservative faction of the Supreme Court has triggered some interesting and asinine responses. By overturning Roe v Wade the Court has put the lives of millions of women at risk and set back civil liberties half a century at least. And the rightist activists on the Court, in Congress, and in the media, are just getting started.

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Monday morning President Biden weighed in on the draft opinion that was leaked to the press. He didn’t mince words as he speculated about the possible ramifications of the impending ruling. Biden asked…

“What happens if you have states change the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children? Is that legit under the way the decision is written? What are the next things that are gonna be attacked? Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history.”

Biden’s assessment of the extremist MAGAts was precisely on target. And although it was well known long before this Court ruling, the anti-choice zealots (three of whom were appointed by Donald Trump) reinforced their bona fides as radical regressives who don’t care about legal principles or precedents. And unsurprisingly, their devolutionary opinions were echoed in the wingnut media.

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Laura Ingraham at Fox News imposed her hallmark hysteria in a harangue that made little sense outside of her warped imagination. She ranted…

“Imagine if the case was reversed and we had heard through release, egregiously, that the court was coming down the other way. And imagine if mobs of people descended at the Court, screaming what could be described as threatening language toward some of the Justices, or very derogatory language. Oh, you’d have Nancy Pelosi and the whole crowd up there today saying we need to wall off the city again. We need to put the fences back up. And those are the insurrectionists trying to undermine the legitimacy of the Court. That’s what they would be saying today and tonight.”

HUH? Ingraham is saying that if Roe was upheld and conservatives stormed the Supreme Court like they did Congress during the January 6, 2021 insurrection, that Nancy Pelosi and others would condemn that violent and lawless behavior. Well, of course they would. As should everyone. Ingraham seems to be implying that liberals and/or Democrats did that after the Roe opinion was leaked. But, directing Ingraham back to the world, they didn’t. That sort of seditious cretinism is unique to the right-wing StormTrumpers.

Not to be left out, Grant Stinchfield at Newsmax was intent on laying blame for the leak on an innocent liberal, despite having no evidence of who provided the draft document to the press. Stinchfield babbled that…

“I find it suspect that the first leak coming out of the Supreme Court in history comes shortly after Judge [Ketanji Brown] Jackson is confirmed. I want to know if her law clerks, who I am sure have already been hired – possibly even working at the high court already, before her swearing in – have access to these draft decisions. She would be my first suspect when it comes to the leak. Because Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical, left-wing activist, more radical than any other Justice in the history of the Supreme Court. I believe she is capable of undermining the Court this way.”

WHUT? As someone who is not presently a member of the Court, Judge Jackson obviously has no access to documents. Nor do her, as yet nonexistent, law clerks. And the notion that she is “more radical than any other Justice in the history’ can only come from the delusions of a depraved partisan propagandist. Which is a description that fits Stinchfield like an exceedingly tight straight-jacket. He is, after all, the guy who contrived the infamous “Dandelion-Gate” scandal wherein White House staffers planted flowers so that Biden could pick some and give them to his wife, Jill.

These are the sort of inanities that pass for political discourse among the uber-conservative politicos and pundits. It does nothing to advance any substantive discussion of critical issues such as reproductive rights. But it does affirm, as Biden said, that the MAGA Crowd remains the most extreme – and more worrisome – dangerous political group in recent American history.

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2 thoughts on “Biden Slams the ‘Extreme MAGA Crowd’ After Roe v Wade Leak. Fox News and Newsmax Prove He’s Right

  1. “…inanities that pass for political discourse among the uber-conservative politicos and pundits. It does nothing to advance any substantive discussion of critical issues such as reproductive rights.”

    Typical white-wingers’ technique to divert attention away from what actually matters, to some stupid little diversion. And off go their brain-mushed followers, skipping right behind them…”la-la-la-lalala”!

  2. Words are inadequate to describe the disgusting ethical mess SCOTUS has become — in essence, a political tool of the extreme right ungoverned by rules everyone else must live by….

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